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  1. Happy Birthday N2KHL!

  2. Mines just called sexy lexi Cars are female as when you look after them all is well but you take your eye off the ball for a second and she'll wanna kill ya !!!
  3. Ive been driving for a good few days now and I got to say this is the first time since i bought my Lexus that i have been happy with the way it drives!!! I think it feels like it just left the factory !! As Tony had mentioned to me when i was at WIM the braking forces are changed when he does his WIM settings. I do feel a stronger braking force when I wanna stop which can only be a good thing!!! One other thing I never knew was that when you get new tires they have what I can decribe as chalk marks on the middles of the tires. This is supposed to show the tire fitter how much tire wander there is in a tire and which direction its going. Its a shame i didnt get my tires from blackboots or just had them fitted by WIM as this would also eliminate any other pulling issues....although Im quite happy that my Lex drives perfect now. :D :winky: Thanks again Tony for schooling me in the mechanics of tires and suspension geometry!!
  4. We may be going national lol now thats a good idea !!
  5. Lol nothing strange about me ! That pic for my avatar was one of the first i ever put on loc. It actually had my original plate not my private on.
  6. Thanks to Tony for the superb job he did on my Lexus he sorted out a pulling to the left problem and now have the WIM settings to prevent wear on the fronts!! My car feels nice and tight almost like new again !!! Well worth the 200 mile round trip !! And now on to the pics !! My car @ WIM On the ramp A different angle Tonys HawkEye calibration do da on my rear wheel Tony doing the magic that he does!! The OTHER brains of the operation What a lovely waiting room!!! I want that plasma lol !! My final Geo settings Wheel info I must admit its the cleanest workshop I have ever been too!! All the facilities are top notch!!! I deffo recommend this for any one thats still wondering if they should do it !!! And i did manage to get a sticker !!!
  7. Im here finally ! The traffic was bad but hey the place looks top quality ! Cant wait for the ride home !
  8. LOL without you Tony there wouldnt be much point !!! Thank god you could book me in !! Had to take the gf to the zoo today and my cars all over the oche !!! LOL hope u got a sticker or 2 for me lol !!
  9. Do you mean 8th July which was yesterday or tomorrow, Friday which is 10th July ? TG Woops !!! looks like i wasnt looking at the right date lol ive changed it in the first post now cheers Tony!
  10. I take it everyone is busy !
  11. Im booked in with Dr Bones for tommorow 3pm Friday 10th July. Any one gonna be about ?
  12. lol thanks ormi but just to clear something up ive got 45 profile on the front with 215 and i gonna be ok with 45 profile on the 225 or should it be 40 profile ?? if ya know that is ??
  13. hey guys just a quick bit of advice needed. Just had some falken 452s fitted on the front wheels 215/45/17 just wanted to make sure that i can pair this up with some 225/45/17 on the rears. Just wanna make sure i dont need to reduce the profile or the tire on the rears? After i had a bit of tail action and a visit to the bodyshop a while back i just wanted to make sure im firmly planted on the road with the widest i can get in the stock rims.
  14. RIP MJ he was a musical legend........