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  1. I phoned lexus as I said they could not help but thank you for you help
  2. In past experience with Toyota they don’t want anything to do with lexus 😤
  3. Hi and thank you I been on there it don’t help I’ve even phone lexus as the car I’m looking at is March 08 and the that page states 95 to sep 07, lexus could not give me a answer as the 08 as the same engine as the 07 so at mo I can’t get a honest answer
  4. No I haven’t mate yet as it’s been a couple of years since I been in here and it all changed to what I was used to need to get used to this new page
  5. I am thinking of up grading my car to lexus gs300 2008 model can you run e10 fuel ok on it ?
  6. Thanks Mike I will have a look at that if I can find it, anyway update is as you know I put new plugs and HT leads on then I fitted coil packs and then a diagnostic which said bank 1 and bank 2 co2 sensors so I got new ones bank 1 and 2 and the one underneath drivers side on y section exhurst and guess what the exhurst is fractured around the sensor and also the flange letting in air? Which is the course and I got the exhurst done on Friday and the car now is running fine
  7. I think it is to do with fuel related and I have used the same fuel station for 40 years so I don't think it's that and I wouldn't trust it on motorway the way it is, when it happens it feels like a plug or 2 down that's why I went right to the plug and HT lead change and then the coil packs ? It ran fine upto 2 weeks ago and just started to judder as if it was going to stall, I have got a problem with ABS on back and LEXUS have told me that could be the problem, I Can't take to them as I can't trust the car getting there so I am having someone come out on Friday to do a diagnostic as the plugs leads and coils cost me £300 to buy so I have to stop guessing what it may be, it could be fuel pump and filter but as I said need to stop spending on maybe
  8. update, well I did fit new coil packs and still the same having a diagnostic done on Friday morning now hopefully they can find the fault
  9. thanks you, I got MAF cleaned still the same the coil packs looked ok but you never no, I ant got no lights on dashboard had a chap out yesterday it was ticking over for over an hour on my drive and didn't miss once put is diagnostic on and no faults found, but its like I said to him it only happens when driving and hitting normal temp then it start to miss fire, I didn't want to get coil packs but I think I will have to
  10. cheers mike, so could it make that happen when hitting normal temp and is there anything else I should look at ?
  11. Hi I am looking for help, last week my car started to miss fire when engine got to normal temp, which to me felt like a plug down so I changed the plugs and HT leads but still does the same some time it clears other time it don't, but it engine runs fine was it is cold, I didn't change the coil packs as they cost £160 each unless I go for after market which I don't fancy and I think anyway if it was one of those it would be miss firing even when cold, could it be the MAF sensor any help or advice welcome. many thank Don
  12. well my Lexus gs300 passed MOT with only 3 minor problems, number plate bulb, head light adjust and hand brake adjust so very pleased
  13. back seats didn't need doing just a good clean and touch up, I had the 2 front seats done and you cant even see were the hole he repaired, the wheel and transmission stick and the centre consul (arm rest) and it was all done on my own drive so you can see what he is doing
  14. Yes no problem, its Mint repairs and he is on facebook as Mint repairs. he worked all day on mine well worth every penny I seen him do my sons car so I decided to have mine done the work he did on mine was £250
  15. Just thought I would share this with you, had my leathers reconditioned and now they look new, the wheel and transmission stick had seen better day and was down to bare leather in places and the drivers seat had a small hole, and now its all like show room condition
  16. its a bit quite on here these days? anyway just thought I would fill you in, the sill skirts are just screws and plastic plugs and the doors skirts are a couple of bolts and plastic clips not long to change,the damage was I scrapped a ballard
  17. Hi, I damaged my plastic sill skirt can anyone tell me how they are bolted or clipped on please as cant see any topics on the skirts. cheers Don
  18. yes £20 just to fit, as the part cost £60 he didn't want to brake the new one fitting it him self
  19. just thought I would up date you all, he finished up going to LEXUS for the part which cost him £60 just for the one and £20 to fit
  20. thanks for the replies, and I think his bars are silver not sure which one is missing, I will let you all know if does get one and how much but it is looking unlikely to get them cheep
  21. Hi I am asking a question for a friend who as a RX300 on 04 plate, he as lost one of the plastic bolt covers on is roof bars? the question is can you buy these on there own or will it only be a breakers,? Cheers Don
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