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  1. Hi thanks for you help with this. I did try asking a mechanic to plug a diagnostic tool in, assuming it was an OBD and he said it didn't seem to work with my 2003 GS 300.
  2. Hi, My Lexus GS 300 has its engine light stuck on. Was told it might be an issue with fuel I got from Morrisons supermarket. But 2 tanks later it is still on. The only thing that has changed recently is the battery went flat and I bought a new one from Halfords. The car runs perfectly ok. Tried this: https://www.lexusofatlanticcity.com/blog/how-do-i-reset-the-maintenance-449910 but no luck. Thanks,
  3. Hi, Sorry for the sloooow reply. Had to leave the car on my drive for a couple of months as my money was already spoken for on other things. Working from home it was not much of a problem though. Ended up using this place: https://customautofabrications.co.uk who are at the south end of Blackpool about 39 minutes from where I live. They made a stainless steel exhause from scratch for £650. Looks and sounds the part. So thanks to your advice I'm sorted :)
  4. Hi, My middle and back section of exhaust need replacing and I'm struggling to find anywhere other the Toyota to buy one from. I live in the north west of England does anyone have any suggestions of anywhere to buy these parts from please? Thanks, Dave.
  5. Used the link on Ebay Sorcerer provided, came in less than a day and worked perfect. Highly recommend :) Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks for the reply's. That's the issue I can get the case, but no one will cut the key, so I've been getting the case and fudging it and forcing the old key in there. But I'll give the link on eBay Sorcerer recommended a go :)
  7. Hi, My main ignition key casing is splitting. Bought a cheap replacement but hasn't lasted long. Asked Timpson's to cut the key to the new case but they refused to take the casing and insisted I pay them to provide the casing for over £200. Couldn't find many other places nearby that cut this key. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave.
  8. Hi, I want to buy some roofs bars for my lovely 2003 Lexus GS300 in the UK and I am struggling to find anywhere to buy them. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave.
  9. I ordered this:http://www.gearbest.com/car-lights/pp_202971.html looks like a cheap enough thing to fix
  10. Embarrassingly closer inspection the car was not in park, almost but not quite so sorry
  11. Hi, Just got back from work, went to turn the car off and when i tried to take the key out of the ignition it broke into pieces. Thing is I can't get it out of the ignition it turns as far as the 2nd to last position ACC and won't go any further. I tried putting the fob next to it whilst doing this but it makes no difference and it also won't start. I have a spare key so if I could mange to get this out I could use the spare and order a new casing then I should be alright. Please help if you can :( Thanks, Dave.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=201033307107&ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:GB:3160
  13. Hi, I've replaced most of my interior bulbs with LED bulbs which are a whiter light which I prefer. I want to replace the tiny little bulbs, I have one in my glovebox and one in each footwell. Does anyone know where I can get these from? Thanks, Dave.
  14. The glue seems to have done the trick for the time being. When I get the kit I'll wait for it to start rattling before I fit it.
  15. Followed the excellent instructions here http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/2933-gs300-sub-replacement/ and the foam on the cone is splitting on the outside edge is 2 places. I'll order this kit http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2000-2005-Lexus-GS300-Subwoofer-Speaker-Foam-Surround-Repair-Kit-86160-0W210-/141308048334?pt=US_Speaker_Parts_Components&hash=item20e69db3ce. In the mean time I might trying putting a little glue over the cracks to see if that stops the rattling.