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  1. Hi guys I am after a set of late multispoke wheels to put on my IS300 as the new owner would prefer a smoother ride. A set of 5 with decent tyres and in very good condition would be perfect. If anyone is interested in the Aero wheels, please let me know (there is one the needs a full refurb). Thanks guys Whitey
  2. Right, an update ! My first day shift, 6am, I clipped a lorry - to keep the story short. Same damage as when my neighbour hit, but on the other side, doh. Going to get it all fixed up, so atleast the bumper will be fresh again ! Sod's Law hey ?
  3. Looking sharp ! So is mine an Aero or styling kit ? Confused now !
  4. Good to know. If it doesn't go well come and see mine and you can take mine for £6900 B) Whitey
  5. Well, this morning repositioned the bumper with success. Chipsaway came to give a quote and got rid of 99% damage by hand. In neogotitons with next door now. Happy now :)
  6. By 2005 all problems ironed out. Timing belt @ 100k miles on the 300. Real world MPG ~280 to a tank. £75 to fill up with V power. How much did you get her for ? Welcome to the club ! Whitey
  7. Let me have a closer look - I've been working nights, so not had a chance. If nothing is bent behind the liner, I am sure we can settle this without insurance. Whitey
  8. Yes, I agree. You know how it is, when you start thinking about something it get exagerrated in your mind. But when I've had another look at it, there's not much damage. If I hadn't of seen him do it, it would probably have taken my till next time I washed the car to notice it. White
  9. That sounds a bit extreme, maybe when I get my own drive. Me being me, I am worried about letting my car go to a repairer - will it come back with doors dings etc ? I can easily remount the bumper and polish out the scratches. There are no deep scuffs on it. What do you think ?
  10. He admitted it after I asked him; he didn't come out with it straight away. I said I would look into getting a dent repairer to fix it, but in the morning I am going to get his insurance details and get it all done properly. Why waste my time for something he tried to get away with ?
  11. Space next to it. He just wasn't looking I guess. His car is a wreck, I will post a pic one day.
  12. Do you think I left enough room ? I was going to move the car as soon as a spot became available.
  13. It does make me mad; hence the reason I'm always tempted just to let it go. I'm kicking myself now that I just didn't park it on the road. :tsktsk:
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