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  1. And, for new users to ali express there are often money off vouchers? It's just the Chinese Ebay. Quite reliable.
  2. ooops, forgot to attach link, this is one, there are others.
  3. I bought these for my 2010 RX450 from Ali Express, the Chinese E Bay. Arrived in 10 days and fitted perfectly. I see they are available for the RX400 too. Not hard cheap plastic, quite 'rubbery' and flexible. They were excellent value IMHO.
  4. I'd certainly be very interested in updating at this price, not sure how easy it is to remove the equipment though.
  5. If anyone is running 18" wheels, I am, there is on Ebay 4 cross climates 235 65 18 XL for £405 delivered, there's a 10% discount code. Should arrive for me next week. At £101 a tyre that's excellent. I know most will be running 19", i had bought a set of wheels and tyres from an RX200T owner who 'upgraded' to 20" wheels. Have Dunlop Sport Maxx on them but fancy a bit more snow capability.
  6. Hmm, it's going in to Glasgow Lexus, on Friday 13th.....Wish me luck guys.. Well, in the better weather we had yesteday I removed the back wheel, took a wire brush to all the rusty parts and cleaned out the brakes and the dustguard was not rotten, just a film of surface rust. Whatever I did I managed to fix the issue, may have been the dust guard rubbing the disc, or dirt or gravel trapped, I'll never know. What I do know however it is a paifully slow process to raise the car with the supplied jack! If i had the space I would use a trolley jack for sure. Hopefully that's my adventures over for another year. Ed.
  7. Hmm, it's going in to Glasgow Lexus, on Friday 13th.....Wish me luck guys..
  8. Hello Guys, I suspect my backing plates may be on the way out, I have a Lexus Extended warranty till December, what do you guys think, would this be covered? Thanks for any input. Ed
  9. Just back from 800 miles in Sutherland and thereabouts, pretty hilly area and fully laden for fishing, managed 36.2 average. Since May my overall average has been 36.3, definitely better in the warmer weather, winter will bring it down to the early 30s. Would definitely be better if i lived somewhere flatter, and warmer....
  10. Nipped down to Lexus Glasgow this morning, brilliant service, they supplied and fitted, free of charge, my fuse box is in the engine compartment, spent ages looking around under the dash, as the manual said... Top marks to Glasgow Lexus
  11. Quick question, i was changing a footwell bulb and the interior lights have stopped working, think I've blown a fuse. It's a 2010 RX450, the fuses seem tiny, I see there are mini blade fuses and micro blade fuses, anyone know which the Lexus uses? Can't get them out as I'm not dextrous enough so need a fuse puller as well. If anyone knows the type I can order on line I guess. TIA Ed in Glasgow
  12. I think our disappearing fly and insect life is down to environmental reasons, I reckon the air in some parents of the country is more toxic than it was 60 or more years ago. Filters will be working much harder
  13. Could a coach trimmer remove some 'padding and rebuild the seat? Wouldn't have thought that would be overly difficult. Sorry, not the reply you wanted but possibly a solution
  14. Hi, I have Dunlop Sportmaxx on my CT, fitted 30 months ago and there are cracks between the treads! Mine passed the MOT last time with them, coming up for a new MOT on Monday, I'll let you know if it passes again!
  15. Too late, I'm as stuffed as the day's bird....