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  1. The original subject stated it would be his last car, I'm not sure just how long he can wait.............
  2. Fiddly things, check the polarity, perhaps turning battery around? Not being patronising, just seems an easy oversight. Hope that's all it is, can't imagine anything worse. Ed
  3. I'll bet given the lockdown effect on car's batteries there'll be no deals from ECP and the like on replacement batteries for a while!
  4. I have a2010 RX, no TPMS fitted. I think it was fitted from 2012?
  5. Yup, even at full height the wheel isn't easy to remove. A block of wood is a good idea to give you some extra purchase. I suppose long travel suspension doesn't help on big 4 x 4s.
  6. Thanks Ray, problem is the supplied jack barely lifts the wheel off the gound. Project for another day. Did however spot a possible soultion using strong tape you put over the existing cap, let it bind to the cap and after ten minutes pull it back quickly and hopefully it takes the cap off with it? I need to get a life....
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to pop off the centre caps of wheels without removing the wheels? Tried a small screwdriver but looks easy to scratch the wheel lacqeur. Is there a knack? Clearly bored to tears...
  8. Hello Jonathan, whilst my own RX is thus far dry my daughter who has a 2007 Honda Jazz has water ingress problems in the boot. Youtube pointed out the weld seams as the likely culprit. I sprayed on some sealant around the seams but she still has the problm. I noticed the issue raised in Honest John.He referred to a cabin vent flap? I havent seen her car but perhaps most cars have such a feature. I took a snapshot of the letter and am enclosing it. Just a thought? I'm very sympathetic to your cause, it would drive me crazier than 3 weeks isolation....
  9. Just like to add the service at Lexus Glasgow was as superb as ever despite the Covid procedures they are carrying out. Car was fully sanitised before and after work, clean as ever and their charge for an hours labour and a regas at £114 excellent. Brilliant garage, really helpful and pleasant people to deal with.
  10. Just picked up car from Lexus, they spent a bit of time on it and no codes at all apparently. Decided it was just a regas issue, last done 2 years ago December 2017.. I've to bring it back if any more issues. Fan has gone quiet! Like a nagging tooth at the dentist.
  11. Will definitely try the clay bar treatment on my glass followed by polish, I can't abide smeared glass. Thanks for that tip
  12. A chauffeur once told me the most important thing was clean glass and clean wheels, the rest wasn't as important. True
  13. Hello Graham, I have booked my RX450 (2010) in to have a look at the aircon. A few weeks ago i noticed an escape of vapour from the central air vent. Put it down to atmospherics but have noticed interior misting up. Now suspect it was the R134 AC gas possibly escaping. I'll update you when I hear back, it goes in on the 23rd March.
  14. Hello Graham, I have a 2010 RX450 and occasionally, when the engine is fully warmed up, the fan seems a bit wheezy. I've managed to extend the warranty till December 2021 and will keep an eye on it. Also, noticed the misting problem in recent poor weather. From what I can gather the warranty company prefer the item to fail completely, wearing out would appear to be fair wear and tear. Hoping it's resolved before December 21! I'll watch this thread with interest.
  15. I quite like it I think..... If I could justify it I would love to have mine reprayed in that gorgeous khaki colour the new UX comes in.