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  1. I had a similar issue, perversely I had to turn OFF summer daytime savings from the Set up menu on my 2010 RX450. Good luck, it really annoyed me too.
  2. Is it safe to leave waxing until tomorrow?

    Did the poorboys Black Hole work well, it get good reviews, just ordered some myself. Hope it's easy to apply. Looking forward to see the results of your back breaking labours John Ed
  3. I changed my 2010 discs and pads last year at 75000 miles, the mechanic said they weren't even half worn!
  4. Is it safe to leave waxing until tomorrow?

    2 Coats of wax, Dear God, are you trying to kill the man!
  5. Is it safe to leave waxing until tomorrow?

    Evening John, I'd be tempted to give it a quick hose down and dry, the Autoglym HD wax is actually very easy to apply, it's not like the old days of Simoniz which was a hell of a chore. This is the biggest drawback of an RX, it's so damn big! Take a couple of ibruproffen and have a hot bath, you'll feel better tomorrow! You'll be amazed at how much better it looks. Rayaans put me on to a brilliant product, Sonax BSD, i wax my car twice a year, actually I have it done now, and in between I use Sonax BSD using a wet microfibre and it looks stunning. Great product
  6. My 2010 RX450SEi has the hill hold facility, you just press down firmly on the brake pedal and you get a couple of seconds grace to allow yourself to move from the brake to the accelerator. Not the same as the electronic handbrake on more modern cars, my son has a GTI and I hate that system though I'm sure you get used to it in time. I remember the first time i encountered it on a golf 2 years ago on a VERY steep hill in Lausanne and someone had parked very close to me. I was terrified getting to grips with it, thought I was going to burn out the clutch to avoid hitting him.
  7. To further the transmission discussion, the Lexus RX range use CVT transmission, that would surely negate the need to choose neutral?
  8. Hi John, delighted you are so enthused with your new RX. It will take some time to get the hang off all the stuff in your RX, took me ages to get the hang of it all. Re leaving it in Drive, yes, that's what you do, counter intuitive I know, and i feel sorry for those behind me but I've never had anyone comment, suppose it's all so normal now. Just do it. Hill Start Assist. - When on a hill, just stamp hard on the brake, too gentle and it won't operate but it will, im sure there's nothing wrong with it. Just go out and try it in your driveway, it'll be fine. A yellow lamp flashes for a couple of seconds, it's really clever. I've never sat for any extended period of time but I'm sure the engine will kick in if you're sitting in it for too long. I used to drive around in eco mode but now don't bother, seems to be very little difference in fuel consumption and the faster response is nice. It took me a while to love it, i had an IS300 Sportcross which I loved but wouldn't go back now. Great cars.
  9. Fraid not John, it's not the end of the world at least. Hope you're still enjoying your new ride, I still love mine to bits. Ed
  10. Has anyone else noticed they have to sign in every time they load the site, a real PITA
  11. I've had my 2010 RX450h , came with a 1 year warranty which I extended to 3 with an additional 24 months for £900. I returned the car because of a fair few squeaks and groans and they did a great job, one fault popped up was the electric steering column which they replaced (apparently a £4k job!). Not a cheep in the last 15 months and passed latest MOT with no advisories. I reckon it's been a relatively cheap car to run, hybrid technology reduces a lot of the wear items like belts, brakes etc. I have standard suspension and have seen people worry about air suspension but in this model (3RX) no reports. I'd say go for it, the Premier does have all the toys, a sunroof is the icing on the cake, my only regret. Good luck, a good price to I think for a Premier.
  12. I got locked out for an hour or so, don't think I like the new look John.
  13. So Whats Your Profession?

    Ed, Beekeeper for a few years now, previous life was a Licensing Official with Glasgow City Council till early retirement deal 7 years ago allowing me to work with the bees
  14. HID Xenon Bulb Change

    Hi Rayaan, yes, i took the shroud off and there was quite clear access to the bulbs, no different to replacing a halogen bulb, in fact much easier, none of those fiddly spring mechanisms that hold in H7 and H4 bulbs. Nitrile gloves are an essential, don't want to drop those expensive babies.
  15. HID Xenon Bulb Change

    Replaced the bulbs yesterday, quite a stunning improvement, difficult to know if the bulbs are better or if the old ones were just dimming with age. Actually a very easy job.