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  1. is200jim


    you'd be better removing the pre cats and leaving the main cat...the pre cats are more restrictive than the main cat... (i removed mine and noticed a diff straight away) how do i go about removing the pre cats?? would that mean replacing the standard manifold?!
  2. is200jim


    is it noticable gain though? have got cat back system already on the car and tht is rather free flowing, dont want to risk loosing power?
  3. is200jim


    hey guys, has anyone had any problems with decats?? engine warning lights etc? ius there much of a power gain? if it makes any difference my car is 02 plate please advise regards jim
  4. afternoon everybody, this maybe simple but i just dont know how to fit an aftermarket grille, can any one please shed some light on the area please regards is200jim
  5. is200jim

    Tyre Size

    running 8x18's et35 rota d1 drifts. already put the stiffness up on the coilovers. its a nice tuck as low as it is but the 225 40's are catching, not sure whether to go 215/40' or 215/35's i want a bit of stretch, its not catching on the inner arch its the actual arch is catchin on, regards jim
  6. is200jim

    Tyre Size

    Evening guys, just slammed the is on hsd coilovers, front is dropped about 50-60mm and rear 60-70mm however running 225/40/18's at the mo, i need to go skinnier so they dont catch the arch on lock.. the choice is: 215/40/18's or 215/35/18's any ideas guys please??? regards jim
  7. i take it there is no limit on passengers? for insurance purposes what does this class as?? road rally or something of that nature?
  8. is200jim

    Chassis Code

    whats the difference between gxe-10 and sxe-10 or are they the same thing?? looking at coilovers and they say sxe-10 yet cant find anything listed for gxe-10???
  9. is200jim

    Heater Matrix Flush.

    When you've got the A/C on is it real cold out of the passenger side? got a similar prob with mine and lexus said the dash needed to come out, but all the motors work etc??
  10. is200jim

    Diy Alloy Refurb

    I did my wheels myself, they were in a ***** state with bare metal being exposed, i used nitromorse to strip all the paint off and take it down to bare metal, simply used a wire wheel on a drill to help with taking it off, once down to bear metal, rubbed them down and then used an etch primer before using a normal primer, the etch primer sticks to the alloy and allows the primer to stick to that. It took me a while to build the layers of primer up, with rubbing them down each time. i painted mine with a spray gun not a rattle can and was really pleased with the finish, considering my standard wheels are now my winter wheels grown quite attached to them!!!
  11. If i can get the car fixed by then i'll be up for it, how miles is the run?
  12. is200jim

    Hsd Coilovers

    i'm too looking at the hsd coilovers, they look good and nice to know some of u have them and have had no problems, what sort of drop can you go on the front, i've got 18's with an et 35 bit concerned tht i'll have problems? any of you running similar et's and dropped on coilovers??
  13. is200jim

    Aristo Double Din Nav System

    hi i want to tart up my gs300 by putting the aristo double din screen into mine, dont suppose anyone has the pin outs of the unit????
  14. is200jim

    Longlife Exhaust

    what grade stainless steel comes on a lexus as standard then? because i bet it isnt t304 and no my lex has been maintained with a full lexus service history, which i am continuing!!!! tip: to tell the difference between stainless steel and stainless steel t304 grade: t304 is not magnetic where as less grades are! ok so i cant garantee its given more performance however it is more responsive and sounds nice which hey does it for me. the fact that i will never have to pay to replace that cat back system becuause it is garuanteed for life and future owners wont have to pay to have it replaced, truely is lifetime warantee. at the end of the day i didnt want this to turn to an argument or a slaggin match of my knowledge! at the end of the day i was putting a post to say what i had done was good and i was happy with but if thats not your cup of tea then fine....
  15. is200jim

    Longlife Exhaust

    i thought if any of you lot were located in my area then as a fellow member would look after you on an exhaust system, sorry if tht isnt acceptable by your standards the lexus comes with a mild steel system, therefore a stainless steel system that is garanteed for life, gives a performance increase and you can choose what sound you want may be of some use to you all!