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  1. Any roof rails for sale to fit 2013 RX450h? RX look so much better with them
  2. Missing PCS front grill embleme. Looking to buy one. At the moment I'm driving around with none PCS lexus embleme which deactivates cruise contol and shows fault message on the screen as the sensors are not working with none PCS embleme Thanks
  3. As suggested here I bought few of those battery cells from Belarus with intention to fix mine, but now I own another 2010 GS450h and can sell these cells to someone else if needed
  4. Does anybody know where could I get one of those? Not going to pay dealer £££££. Currently I'm driving around with none PCS emblem, but want to get this solved and start enjoying this feature.
  5. Further help needed. Took your advice and after I bought 2 batteries from Belarus (eBay) I stripped the Hybrid pack following your step by step guide. Now I've check every cell and they all show in region of 7.9-8.0 Volts. There is only one with 7.6, so the drop is only 0.3, not like you had 2.0. Where else can the problem be? Thanks
  6. I hope that's the case, because there is 0 chance finding second hand face lift bonnet
  7. that is very very bad news then :( can you check how they list 2008 hood?
  8. Does anybody know if the bonnet of 2006 fit 2010 facelift? Obviously the headlights and the grill and the bumper is different, but what about the bonnet? I can not source a second hand one, but there are few for 2006 onwards Thanks
  9. Adrian, Where about in Essex you are based? Could you help me to get my steering wheel straight? Thanks
  10. Just bought 2 cells from the same guy in Belarus just in case mine fail again same as last week.
  11. Can not find if this was covered before. Did anybody have experience or know if the 2006 model headlights and bonnet would fit the 2010 facelift model? It looks like its only the front bumper and some chrome are pretruding forwards, but everything else seems to be same? Or am I wrong? I'm looking to buy some parts, but there is second hand parts for facelift
  12. funny enough, it fixed it self and lights are off. I guess not for long (until one of the cells shortens the system again)