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  1. Hi Thanks looks like i have to get the dmf and the clutch changed at some point but is there any light weight dmf for the is250? Thanks
  2. Hi Any updates? I think i have the door knocking sound only mines is250 Thanks
  3. Hi and thanks for the input Yeh i did read some horror stories about the manual box but then again the is200 box also had alot horror stories too thanks
  4. Hi and thanks yeh i remember the is200 having same kind of judder i just changed the clutch on it and it was fine for about 6 years On the is250 its only when its cold or if I'm not giving it any revs Thanks
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself in this part of the section of the Lexus owners club. Just bought a Lexus IS250 SE-L with full m.o.t full service history and 61k on the clock. Very happy with the car apart from the first gear judder .
  6. hi mate try this first TO LOCK CAR open drivers side door and remove key from ignition switch insert key to be programmed into ignition switch then remove it Within 40 seconds 1. Press lock and unlock on the vehicle door control switch at 1 second intervals 5 times 2. Close and reopen drivers door Within 40 seconds 1. Press lock and unlock on the vehicle door control switch at 1 second intervals 5 times 2. Insert key into ignition switch 3.Switch ignition ON and OFF once to program new key code whilst retaining the original codes or twice to program a new key code whilst erasing the original codes. 4. Remove key from ignition switch. System should now lock and unlock car once or twice depending which mode has been selected Within 40 seconds 1.Simultaneously press and hold key lock and unlock buttons for a maximum of 1.5 seconds. 2.Within 3 seconds press any key button for a minimum of 1 second. System should now lock and unlock car once Note:if system locks and unlocks car twice,progranmming procedure has not been completed.Repeat programming procedure and get the car start TO PROGRAMME IMMOBILIZER Insert programmed black key into ignition switch Within 15 seconds 1. Press and release accelerator pedal 5 times Within 20 seconds 1. Press and release brake pedal 6 times 2. Remove black key Within 10 seconds Insert black key to be programmed into ignition switch Within 10 seconds Press and release accelerator pedal once. Immobilizer warning light will flash After 1 minute Immobilizer warning light will extinquish. To exit programming mode:remove ignition key and press brake pedal atleast once with 10 seconds or wait 10 seconds if not i think you have the wrong key/trasmitter? it should be like this Wahid
  7. hi all update it was working alright today? could this be my problem? believe it or not i totally forgot about this lol
  8. Thanks for the reply mate I did ask the guy who worked on the car for the timing belt he did say the new thermostat would sort it out? it does warm up quickly and If i don't put the heaters full it would stay in the middle so I just put the heaters on auto and leave the temp set to about 22 The fans do work when it overheats Thanks
  9. Hi all update I've got the thermostat changed and water pump and timing belt done but it warms up ok but when put the heaters on it slowly goes down? Fans are working too can anyone shed some light on this
  10. Hi mate thanks for reply how could I check for thermostat
  11. Hi all Has anyone experienced the temperature gauge taking long to warm up I mean its not that cold here in Birmingham there's no problems with the car the heaters work fine its just that the temperature needle sits at the 3rd or 4th mark for a long time and when it does get to the middle if I put the heaters full it slowly comes down again Is this normal or am i going nuts lol Thanks guys
  12. Hi guys thanks for replys on the is am getting 28-30 on a long run on the motorway in town around 20-25 mark still looking more in the mk2 market Thanks guys
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