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  1. Mines se-i 2009 got air cool seats and got windscreen defroster should be a button on right hand side and steering column adjustment is Manuel only comes on se-l model as had automatic steering adjustment one on my is220d 2006 se-l and se-i don't come with rear blind I got normal stereo v good sound
  2. Mine same even though updated with 2017 disc last yr only thing notice was more roads post code search still same. Mine is 2009. It's works quite good once u know how to use it as at first bit tricky to put Road or post code
  3. In older cars used to have a transistor on alternator which stopped interference so wondering if there is something similar on new cars. Funny thing is my taxi radio is fine with dash cam Perhaps aerial in windscreen is damaged some where. Never used to happen just recently started. It's so annoying have to turn it off.
  4. I'm sure it's been covered before but not sure My radio getting lot of interference lbc,kiss what could that be and anyone else have same problem
  5. Mine same too it's 1 Sept 2009 registered, I got dvd installed. could it be that previous owner had it updated????? 🤔
  6. Had similar issue with my Mercedes-Benz e320cdi many yrs ago. Had to have cluster replaced under warranty. Normally are controlled by a chip if chip start playing up then have to replace cluster. Just get it diagnosed or try resetting by disconnecting battery that might work. Good luck
  7. Well explained 🤣🤣You sound like a chemist
  8. removing dpf is also illegal and would fail mot especially after 20 may got tougher with people who remove dpf
  9. I had is220d 2006 just wouldn't waste time and money luckily didn't have problems as mentioned but did replace gearbox soon after picking the car up under warranty and done front calipers at my expense and dpf blocked 2 .Go for Is250 auto as you won't be doing lot of miles.if I knew what I know now wouldn't of bought Is250. Diesels only good if doing lots of motor way miles.you won't be disappointed with Is250.
  10. Have to check it as still got battery.once was told that battery can be repaired by filling with distilled battery water and left to charge overnight as that will repair dead cells. If this true or just a story as I know repair it properly has to b stripped and cells replaced in factory. Has anyone repair their old battery?????
  11. It had factory battery Panasonic one Toyota made in Czech Republic On my is220d had to reset windows to auto open and shut after changing battery but this time no resetting required. Only thing it reset is sat nav disc
  12. Thanks already checked it but I got Toyota for 91.19 was 102 gave me discount plus can't really wait a week. They give 3 yrs warranty unlike bosch give 4 yrs
  13. Did search for Panasonic battery only available in usa approx $179 and Hong Kong, nothing available in uk
  14. Lexus doing for 101 including vat Halford 99 rac 136-144 bosch eBay 90 . What a rip off might as well go with original one. Where you purchase for 78 good price
  15. Will see price difference from original one and bosh one