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  1. I'm sure everyone knows about new ulez tax is coming soon in April. I check my Is250 and it's exempt from it but diesel owners b aware of driving into London as it's gonna b 24/7. Government is really ripping consumers off.
  2. Got to shop around as my previous insurance quote me 450 got for 422 it's on wifes name I'm only 2nd driver. This price is after I declared a delivery driver hitting my taxi which I opened my door so bloody insurance company automatically said your at 'FAULT'. Insurance companies are crooks
  3. 🤣 had mine 2 yrs too was wondering why no light in boot thought was blown bulb guess what it was switched off.😂😂😂😂
  4. on my car driver side seem to lifted up so any way to fix or just replace it was thinking to use sealant???? As you can see in pic it's lifted quite a bit
  5. I got denso ones cheap to from euro car parts, didn't really need yet but was good price.
  6. Oh God will never use them my sister got bmw was thinking of using them did tell her it's too cheap and it's a con, 2016 grand tourer 2.0 petrol only 20k on clock quote her 200.when put my Reg in came up 125 plus any special oil 30. Was thinking how can be possible at that price. So I think Dagenham motors charge right amount £283 including vat.
  7. Mine 2009 got 55k passed every mot except Feb 2018 headlights not aligned both sides
  8. My boot bulb blown 2 just didn't bother about it but this will help me 2.
  9. Shouldn't lexus send video of inspection had couple of services done no videos plus charge me more for essential service.
  10. As far as I know all service parts except plugs and sent video of health check too
  11. Put number plate on Servicingstop.co.uk gives you 125 for service. Pick up and drop off 2.i got Dagenham motors to do mine
  12. Company called Servicingstop quote 125 plus 30 special oils Ford charge 283
  13. Company called Servicestop quote 125 plus 30 special oils Ford charge 283
  14. Just picked up car all good even send video of health check and give gift.