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  1. I was after offers really... The Scuff plates are a piece of Pi*% to fit, all of 20 seconds.... The mats are Genuine Lexus ones brought with the car. Scuff plates new were £60 (I only have the front ones) Mat's were circa £75 with the car Both are in VGC I'm in Reading, Brackley(northants) and Kent (nr Hythe)...Omni Present ! steve
  2. Following the write off of my beloved IS 200, I'm selling the Sport metal scuff plates and the Lexus black car mats if anyone's interested? Offers Steve
  3. ???? Sorry don't understand, I was in that ! The engine dosen't run as no electrics..... change of underwear, not required :winky: old day job was more scary (Ex Bomb Squad !) and yes it was all in slow motion, yesterday I spent the whole day high as a kite today I ache !, boss sent me home at 10:00 this morning via the doc's! Bonnet was V-flat it had just had a 44ton iron on it ! the front screen turned to a powder and I've been itching like I've been rolling in loft insulation? Steve Lexus Reading are saying a 3 week lead time for a replacement, after the insurance agrees to replace it?????
  4. Not good, I hate the new alloys and the full leather dosn't appeal either. Also as the price is nearly £4K more now I might not get a new one Steve
  5. Bum ! You just don't know how much crap you accumulate in your car till you have 15 minutes to empty it! No, but I did take the matts and the chrome sill trims off ! Steve
  6. Yes, all four doors opened AND shut again, the steering and brakes still worked too! I jumped out of the car and ran over and pulled the lorry driver out of his overturned lorry! (not to hit him though !) Insurance are supplying a rental car (Jag X-Class) and lexus Assistance were just unbelivably good. Car recovered in 20 minutes, taxi to oxford and loan car waiting, plus rental of a loan from Lexus for three days, they also picked up the tab for the recovery.... Simply awsome.... Anyone from Lexus GB want to do a feature just ask, I'll write the Lexus Hymm ! Steve
  7. Already got the ticket ! However may have worn out the rabbits foot for this week !!! Steve
  8. OK works from home, photos in the last page of the IS200/300 gallery:- Squashed IS200 Apparently as I have GAP insurance I can get a new one ! Yippie Steve PS don't worry guys, your car is bullet proof !, well 40 ton artic proof anyway ! Bit punch drunk today !!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  9. Feeling very lucky right now, last night on the way home a 40ft 44 ton artic rolled over and squashed my IS200 SE flat ! I was in it at the time, stationary and walked out without a scratch! Trying to upload pictures to the gallery, however It wont let me log in..... Steve
  10. Not sure about Mike being the service manager? He's the guy I brought the car from so I suppose he's a salesman/sales manager Steve
  11. Mine's booked next week for the 20K service Lexus Reading have quoted £268 inc VAT and usual service parts if you go GOLD on your membership, you'll save more than your membership fee on your first service alone ! Steve
  12. Hi All I had my 02 SE fitted with a Nokia car kit through Lexus Reading (I actually paid the guy direct) Mike (@ Lexus Reading) uses the same guy for all of the car kits to the cars they sell AND my stereo mutes when a call comes in or I make an out going call ! I was advised not to have the output through the stereo speakers though as the volume is controlled by the phone. Cost was £199 inc fitting and VAT Oh and he did an outstanding job too! Regards Steve
  13. "I'll wash this one every week" (Ok so that one's not true!) Oh! isn't it?
  14. Spooky! did the fronts today rears tomorrow ! Hammerite somooth gold on a Plat Ice.