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  1. How To: Change Differential Oil

    Looks simple enough, Hardest part is to break the tight nut, They can be real hard, I see the metal shards so this answes my question why change the diff oil ??? Do tell how ofetn should we change the diff oil. I thinl it should be at 90.000 miles ? Lexuspcl8811
  2. Gs300 1995/6 Coolant Flush

    Come on guys lets hear something on this , How ofetn should I change my coolant ? cheap one or expensive one. I live in Trinidad and Tobago warm climate, lexuspcl8811
  3. I have a GS 300 Year 2005. Runs great, I wonder if I should install asupercharger or a double turbo ? The car I had b4 was GS 300 year 1997, with double turbo, that was a fast pick up. But I ask does it use more gas ? Nice to drive, Can I install one in my present GS 300 ? How do I go about it ? lexuspcl8811
  4. Gs300 1995/6 Coolant Flush

    Shocks and struts,,, I know that sometimes different types of oil will coagulate, get lumpy but never thought that coolant will coagulate if mixed. Gotta be careful these cars cost. Lot and cooling is et important. What's the difference between coolant and anti freeze so are they he same ? Lexuspcl8811
  5. This sure sounds very helpful. Ism sure to try and experiment with it, Good to know. I don't think hat ufid any wrongby sharing this info which in any case is known to many. Can't see why Toyota objects yo that n d first place, it good for them, Lexuspcl8811 I livein Trinidad nd Tobago.
  6. Searching For Tte Grand Prix 18" Wheels

    My car a Lexus gs300 year 2005. Started pulling to the left. This was annoying. I balanced the wheels a d aligned the car, but it still Kept pulling to the left. I changed all the tires. I had 245x 45x18 I got some Dunlop Japan , 275x40x18 and changed all four, even tho I noticed the left front tire may have been thebaddie. Car runs nice now. Are these sizes good ? Or should I put smaller tires in front ? Lexuspcl8811
  7. My experience is ,,, I went with my wife o the Medco . She was driving, she hopped out .i jumped in the drivers seat and drive away, I went around he kroner and parked. The car ran beautifully. Showed no signs of shutting down, I parked and switched off.The baby will not start, Shucks I finthave the key, my eifehadit. Eifehadit it my wife had it,I gatheredthatthe year needs thekeytostart, but once startedit will run even if u take the key away. It will run all the time parioasu.L Lexuspcl8811' Later she amend found,e and the key in herbal the car started, I gatheredthatthe car
  8. My dear friend, tight is rite. Yiuhave to replace it soon do if outright away.Like don't wait until your tires show the threadbefireyiuchsnge them, U already have the battery do change themasap. Lexuspcl8811
  9. Merry Christmas Fellas. I send greetings from Chicago USA. I live in Trinidad and own a nice Lexus GS 300 over there. It appears as if I have lost one of my Transistor keys, battery No.1632 Shwing off. an I buy a key in the USA for it ?m and then can Toyota programme it there. We have no Lexus shop as such. What is the cost in UK ? Lexuspcl8811
  10. Hello so secterly Scynthia, I knw all U r agirl 28 yrs old, Birthday 23 June.

    U r clever and in agood well paid job,

    U live in Manchester But not necesarily,


  11. Hi Alex sorry to say the part Number u gave me for the Light 4 Low tyre Pressure was wrong,

    1. lexus8811


      Hi Alex, I was happy to find your name and contact, I lost out on u and the forum for some time,

      I am still bearing with the Low Pressure Light staying ON.

      I want to believe that you know what u were talking about, I got part No, from Toyota here but u said they wrer wrong.

      Are u still around can u tell me more about the cause of the light staying On and its remedy,

      Thanks. and hope to haer from U.


  12. Mery Christmas mate, I live way out in Trinidad and tobago. Do u live in the UK ?

    I have some questions about the new Lexus GS 300 I bought Yesr 2005, I got it last year supposed to have been new,

    Put up some details about yourself * About me*

    Have fun with your car, et all,

    Lexus 8811

  13. Hello Merry Christmas, Nice handle.

    i live in Trinidad and tobago.

    I guess that you live in UK???

    I want to talk to you about my car a LexusGS 300 Yr of m. 2005,

    you ready let me know Thanks.


    1. lexus8811


      Dear Babygurl.

      its beena long time since I wrote to you,

      Hey I am interesed in getting a new Transmitter or key fob for my Lexus GS 300 2005.

      any advice?


  14. Hellhe English Christmas.o Dennis 99

    Merry Christmas.

    I am in Trinida

  15. I own a Lexus GS 300 Yr of manu 2005.

    It was bought in the Uk, likely London, and shipped to me in The west Indies.

    I will like the history of the cat say the First dealer, The first buyer if any, ot if it was a new vcar, As The seller told me, anddelivered to me as the first owner, He told me it was a 2008 but I discovered that it is a 2005.

    There is asmall break on the friont w...