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  1. Thanks for all your help. It was solved once the fuel injector on cylinder 1 replaced. The mechanic still cannot understand why the fault only occurred after a journey was paused and restarted. I am just happy it is solved.
  2. Owned the car for 9 years. Today went 5 miles nice and smooth. Stopped for 10 minutes. When restarted the car was lumpy and the EMS light flashing all the way back home. So if the car is started from a long rest no problem, fault will not occur during the continued journey. If the car is started after a short break the problem occurs and will not cure itself during the journey.
  3. Hi All, If the car (an automatic IS200 2003 that has done 150,000+miles) has been parked you get in and drive for miles and have no problem, then when you stop for two to thirty minutes and get in and drive you get the flashing light and the car is lumpy. The diagnostic tells you that Cylinder 1 has a misfire. So far the Spark plugs have been changed, the petrol pump has been changed, the ignition pack has been changed. It is definite that the stopping of the car for a short period is the trigger. Any thoughts? From now one I am replacing nothing, I will get things swapped to see if the fault moves to other cylinders.
  4. Just doing this mod!!!! HELP The wires looking at the plug at the back of the Console are:- Top Right -- Lilac/silver Bottom right -- Grey/silver Bottom left -- Brown/silver Anyone know if I should be okay just by using the positions? Thanks
  5. My brother took us out in his IS300, it felt very nice. We had had a windfall and decided to change our car. He had told us of the really good dealers at CHESTER and on a Saturday they clean his car so we went to have a look. We prefer automatics, as my wife is short and manuals are often nearly behind her once she puts the seat forward as far as possible. However when she sat in the 300 she felt it was too big and as she does most of the driving in it that ruled out the 300. (I drive a classic mini as my daily driver.) So the choice for us was the 200, the 250 was too new and out of our price bracket. It was not easy to buy an automatic IS200 when we found one it was always sold; felt that this was a good sign so carried on looking. Eventually Lexus Lincoln shipped a car from Lexus Wolverhampton for us to look at. My wife is really enjoying it and I at 67 do not need fast acceleration or high top speeds, I find the automatic so calm compared to previous cars - volvo, puegot, volkswagen. Even when we were young we were careful drivers with our right foot, we had a Lancia HPE and got 27mpg which nobody believed. So the consumption issue people have with the 200 does not grate with me.