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  1. my lexus dealer is 70 miles away , hence my local toyota is 10 ,who i have used for 10yrs with my uk spec supra. when i asked them to quote on a 40 k service took them nearly a week to come back with a £200 odd cheaper . because the time was spent asking lexus for the relevant info/ data for servicing.apparently they were very un helpful, now if they were more competitive , there would be no reason for me or anyone else not to use lexus. hence why asked lexus warranty if they would have any issues, which they said no problem.
  2. by taking your car to toyota for a cheaper service, if they tell you something needs attention . all you have to do is take your car to lexus tell them the fault if it's with in the warranty they will put right free of charge. your service book would have been stamped by toyota as a condition of your warranty, so there should be no issues. you will find toyota are fine it's lexus who are the ones don't cooperate
  3. your lexus warranty will not be affected by your car been serviced by toyota, all parts supplied by lexus and toyota are boxed with the toyota logo
  4. Hi Glenn You don't state where you live, but as other posters herein have stated, email a few of your local dealers and do quote comparisons. There can be significant variations. I have the same vehicle as yourself on a 56-plate, but a manual, but has only covered 14k miles. I did exactly the same email trawl and have recently taken out a 3-year service plan with Lexus Sidcup (Ask for Samantha Artlett, 01322 611106 - mention my name and maybe I'll get a referrer's fee !) to cover the 40k, 50k and 60k services for £1094.76 (the dealer knocked off £191.07 to gain my business). Payments are being made over 20 months on interest free credit (are there any three sweeter words in the language, other, of course, than those you always want to hear from your girlfriend - "I'm not pregnant"). I've not had the first service yet, but it's imminent. Oh, the price also includes free MOTs for the duration of the service plan, free puncture repair and 10% discount on additional work. Let us know how you get on, and I shall do likewise with my experience with Lexus Sidcup. Hi,Glynbo. I am in cornwall, my nearest Lexus dealer would be a 160 mile round trip for me,where as my local toyota dealer is a 15 mile trip, who i have used for all work and servicing over the last 10 yrs on my toyota supra tt, firstly they had trouble getting servicing schedule from lexus ,and then to come in over £200 cheaper and remember all parts are stamped & boxed as toyota,also my extended lexus warranty are happy for toyota to service to maintain warranty. as i see it ,i'll have £200 odd pounds towards next years lexus warranty, hopefully teach lexus to be more competitive in the future. i guess it's different if you live in the city= more choice of lexus dealers, so they have to be more competitive
  5. my local toyota dealer just knocked £225 off lexus price.looks like toyota will be doing next service,
  6. Hi, Guys.i've just been quoted £560 for my next service in the new year, for a 6yr/40k service on my 06 sel. from my lexus dealer, is this the going rate. Iam getting a price from my local toyota dealer, but i feel lexus are holding me to ransom a bit as the car has to be serviced to validate the lexus warranty. and when there charging £20 to change batteries in the fobs,[ichanged my self which cost me £3.00 for 2 and 5 mins to change].so can anybody confirm this quote one way or other. thanks in advance
  7. had the rear's replaced under warranty a couple off months ago, when i replaced rear pads passenger side siezed solid. apparrently these are £ 340 ago. extended warranty money well spent
  8. well guy's, had mad last week end . and carbon coverd all the wood trim inside the car, and must admit looks good .so much so i would like to do the front grill, i know theirs a few that have done this , so my question is how easy to remove, i assume once the front engine cover is removed it's top fixings are on show.there appears then to be clipped at bottom ? don't want to go pushing and pulling and break when theres a easy souloution. so any help would be much appretiated. then once this is done i can get some pic's up for all to see. thanks in advance
  9. well the time has come to , whether to spend out and renew Lexus warranty, as the car has be good for the last 12 month should i renew or spend out on stainless tanabe exhaust and afew other bits . the is250 auto seems to be bulit proof or am i tempting feit. what do you think
  10. just been through getting tyres, got a couple of friends who own their own garages/tyre centre's and as your all aware of . the prices are varied, for example-can purchace on line made in china @£45 upto bridgestone re 005a for £ 150, it really depends what you want -plenty of grip, but are soft and will wear quickly. hard wearing and noise trying to find a happy medium seems to be a bit of a task, i to inquired about Falken's 452's and 922 new pattern But apparently Falken's are now thought of as just above BUGET tyres, as the tyre structure moves around and causes uneven wear.even dunlop @£160 arn't rated. i've gone for Goodyear- grip/ fairly quiet/and wears quite well @ £125 each [rear] £100 [front]
  11. my lexus warranty comes to an end in april , they have contacted me to say if i want to renew it will cost £760 for 1 year,and funny enough and quite how they got my details WARRANTY DIRECT gave me a call they could give me as good a warranty which any work that may occure could be done by lexus or a garage of my choice for £450.SO HAS ANYBODY have any advise on Warranty Direct as appossed to lexus apart from the obviouse in price.regarding how promt in getting you back on the road ect, if a claim is long winded ect. ect. thanks in advance
  12. Hi, guys. don't know if this is me having a moment or wheather this is how the gear box goes- when in sports mode ie flappy paddle/ stick shift indicator showes gears 1-6, on this occassion , on the computor screen -had on gear one would think they would both show the same gear ie flappy gear 6 . gear position 6 but no,it showes 5. it would appear the auto box still dictates when it wants to change even thou you have shifted to top gear via flappy padle. also notice ,for instance coming to say a junction and forgetting to down shift gears so stop in 6th the gear position on the computor screen showes 1st . as i say the gear box over rides sports mode.[ hope this make sence] anybody else notice this.or is just me having a moment. the car is an 06 model
  13. this makes me laugh , how can a main dealer have different tarifs for a service. surely they have a set service plan for, 20k,30k,40k,60k etc. with set parts etc, yes maybe the labour rates may fluctuate slightly ,dependant on the aerea. but what they do service wise should be the same at whatever lexus dealer you go to in the uk.
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