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  1. @rayaans yes it came as an approved used from a Lexus dealer; I didn't think 4 wheel alignment is something that would be checked by the dealer so wasn't surprised it's out. TBF, I had an IS200 and from the factory and even Lexus didn't get the geometry right on that, all of the owners recommend a profile as supplied by Tony from WIM/Blackboots. I know kwik fit get a bad rep, but, I've honestly always been happy with my local (Sunderland). The guys I went to on Friday down in Middlesborough seemed a decent enough bunch. The tyres on the front were new from the service so no time for them to show wear yet. I either had an issue and it cost £50 to put right (hopefully) or I didn't have a one and I wasted £50. At least I have peace of mind, if not a full wallet :) Andrew
  2. Thanks for the reply; I think you may have hit the nail on the head. The only reference I can find to that part number is in fact for an RX450h 2015+ edition. I didn't notice the difference in the picture, but, I can see it now that you've called it out. I'm not sure why the dealer didn't flag that, but, it would make sense as to why it doesn't fit correctly, it's not designed to go with part number PZ483K212000 which is definitely for a series 3. It's installed too high up the rear divider. I've managed to bodge an install by removing the supporting post, that was the cause of the rattle. I've zip-tied the divider at the bottom to give it a smidgin more support, although it's pretty solid without it. There's no annoying rattle any more. It's going in to my local dealer on Saturday so I'll quiz them about it. They were added by the supplying dealer at my request to sweeten the deal for me. If I'd known that the divider was for the newer model, I would have been OK with it, as, the rear guard fits perfectly so I wouldn't want to have gone without that, and, you can't get a third-party divider which would install to the OE guard. I'm just pleased that there's a reason it doesn't fit together very well and it's not just a poor design by lexus. It definitely wouldn't be protect the dog if the car rolled, but, then not much would other than something like a Trans K9 box and they take up too much room in an already small boot. Thanks to everyone who replied, and, hopefully this thread will help any future Rx450h owner with queries about said accessories. Andrew
  3. I wouldn't usually come so late to the party but I didn't want to start a new thread when this one already had such good response. Got my 2015 RX450 last weekend (new owners post coming once I've had the dealer sort a few things out that are currently coloring my review) and it came with cross climate on the front and Dunlop SP270 on the rear. The cross climates were new and the dunlops had about 5-6mm on them. Set off on our Good Friday away day and the TPMS immediately pinged. When I checked there was a 1" screw straight in the middle of one of the Dunlops. I knew I'd have to fit in a pair on the rear but thanks for my reading on here prior to getting the car I knew that I'd prefer to have the same tyres all around and the already front fitted cross climates were probably a stellar choice. I started phoning around and really struggled to find any one with stock for same day fitting. Fortunately the screw was holding the pressure so I cautiously limped it down to a garage about 40 miles from us in Teeside. Kwik fit wanted £186 a corner fitted which was pretty competitive for a same day fit and I've always been pleased with their service on tyres. The difference from the dunlops is night and day in terms of comfort and noise level. I'm particularly sensitive to road noise and although the Lexus was quiet, since picking it up I'd felt the road noise was more than I was expecting in the rear but put it down to my expectations being unrealistic. It was quieter than my girlfriends Audi and she felt it was very quiet so I just turned the radio up :) Now on the michellins all round, on the right road it's near silent and it's so smooth. I'm not one for fast corners and massive acceleration but these do feel very content on the road. It was a £400 surprise I didn't want on a Good Friday (especially after buying the car just 7 days earlier) but I'm definitely pleased with the choice. At the time of the fit I got them to put it on the hunter and they recorded alignment out at the front, no damage but he did comment that it was pretty far out. Another £50 to put right but I'm a bit of a tyre / geom geek so money well spent :) Andrew
  4. I could do but, as they fitted it with a supposed 3 hour labour cost, I'm reluctant to try and explain and get further help without them seeing it. I was hoping that someone who has one would give a perspective but perhaps they're so frighteningly expensive that nobody bothered. The rear guard is really nice but the divider is a really poor design. Andrew
  5. Hi, I've just picked up my car (there'll be a longer post coming once I've got a few issues rectified) and the dealer supplied and fitted the rear dog guard (PZ483K212000) and the dog divider (PW2550E002). The divider splits the boot in half so the dog can occupy one side and the luggage the other. It attaches to PZ483K212000 which is the RX450h Full Height Dog Guard. You can see the divider in the image I've uploaded from Lexus. I was wondering if anyone had this installed already and could give me some feedback, mine appears to be too high up the rear guard, as a result, when I go over any kind of bump in the road, it rattles on the bottom supporting post. The supporting post doesn't screw in at all, it's just sitting on top of it and loose in the 'hole'. There's an adjustment collar that moves up and down the thread, but, this doesn't attach to the divider at all. I've tried moving the entire divider further down the rear guard, but, at it's lowest point the brackets that fit to the rear guard can't be used due to the contour of the guard and the dividing bar. Very hard to describe, but, anyone who has one of these should be able to point me in the right direction. I'm not local to the supplying dealer or my preferred dealer and I'd like to get this resolved prior to the weekend when I need it for a camping trip. I've managed to find instructions for the rear dog guard on the tech portal, but, no fitting instructions for the divider which appears to be the issue. Thanks Andrew
  6. Yes probably, I insure for 8000 miles p/a although I probably won't do that unless we take a few long trips in the summer. I also don't need commuting/business insurance. To be honest, if I did start going back in to an office, I'd look to commute on my bike or on public transport. That would be more about the cost of fuel and increased servicing demands on the RX rather than the insurance cost. This whole saga is now getting beyond a joke. Got my admiral policy through, no mention of my additional driver. I've phoned them and they've told me that for the last few days they've had a fault on the system which is not adding an additional driver even though the details have been entered. The new quote with my girlfriend added is £200 more, or, £100 more than the policy cancelled with Aviva. I'm actually on the phone now and they're trying to tell me that it's £20 charge for cancelling the policy (which was taken an hour ago and doesn't start until Friday) !! Irate is not the word.
  7. I work for a very large IT services company and I do technical support for cloud services. Mainly Amazon Web services. This job is fully at home, my last job was similar for a similar company. Was flexi at home to suit me. I really enjoy it, I would definitely try and get WFH in my next role.
  8. Hi So this thread has been extremely enlightening. Things I've learned 1. Lexus insurance is bonkers, it's like as PP stated, they just don't want the business. They're a broker so it's not really much hassle to them to quote high. They can miss out on 10 normal policies and still make enough on the 11th quote 2. IT workers and Lexus seems a common pairing. Perhaps we're all sick of troubleshooting in our day jobs and like a bit of reliability in our private lives. 3. Admiral is a good choice for insurance. I've actually just had a quote at £470 so I've cancelled my aviva policy and took their hand off. 4. For bonus points I got a quote from admiral without my girlfriend on the policy. She has a company car so no NCD, she also had a fault claim and three speeding points last year. It made absolutely no difference. It was exactly the same price.
  9. No not at all, I work in IT. Very mundane. The biggest risk in my life is that sometimes I'll re-heat something twice :) I think it's probably a combination of a lot of factors. It's a relatively high cost vehicle, and we're in the north east which is probably higher than average on car crime. It's a big engine and they're probably easier than most to steal (keyless entry). My last car was an Toyota auris estate, insurance with business cover was around £260 pa. i was expecting around £450 for the RX but I've not insured something at this cost before so I may have been a little naive. I would never have dreamed that £1000 was even possible and if I'm honest when I saw £3000 I initially misread as £300 then I assumed that I filled something in wrong! I keep telling myself it will all be worth it! Andrew
  10. I've had both a 2004 IS200 and a 2008 (in 2008) 220d. I would have another IS200 in a heartbeat but I couldn't bring myself to drive the 220d. Aside from the list of known issues, it just wasn't very lexus. It rattled a lot and the 6th gear ratio was unusable. I also usually managed about 30mpg which is just awful. I'd definitely try a newer V6 as I strongly believe the diesel lump is the source of a lot of the badness. I think when you weigh in the risks of the DPF and price in fuel difference (and whatever is coming from the UK government) diesel isn't as safe a bet as it once was. If you have to do a lot of miles, and you're set on a diesel, my advice, buy something cheap and just don't like it :) I did have the smaller 150bhp 200d as a courtesy car once and it was a bit more usable but I still wouldn't fancy the risk. Andrew - I forgot hills, the only saving grace was overtaking *everything* up large hills.
  11. Hi, Just thought I'd share my insurance quote with the board so you may get a laugh. After a couple of false starts I've managed to do the deal on a 2015 RX450h, picking up this week. My insurance quote from Lexus Insurance was £3K. I'll be 38 next month, driving nearly 20 years. I've got 10 years NCD and no accidents or convictions in the last 10. My girlfriend has a fault claim and an SP30 from last year but it didn't seem to affect the quote that much, she drives a company car which I also drive. 8000 miles a year as I work from home and don't need to commute. We live in a reasonably good area with low crime (although it's NE which I realise puts the prices up a little). I wish I'd not bothered with the Lexus and gone for an Audi S8 instead :) :) :) :) :) I've managed to get a much more reasonable (if not somewhat more expensive than I expected) policy from Aviva for £600. I tried Adrian Flux for the Gold Members discount but they came back at nearly £1K and were pretty rude on the phone. Hopefully it's all worth it!!! Andrew
  12. So after further research and finding the parts sticky at the top of the forum, it turns out that PZ483K212000 is not the correct part for the 400h. I need the following, my local dealer has GBNGA-4G146-01 at a price which is not beyond criminal. I just need to try and find used or old stock for the divider. I'm not fussed on colour but would prefer black. Obviously I need to get the divider before the guard as if I can't get a divider I'll have to go for a third-party system (which I'd prefer not to). My other option is having something modified to fit. Back in my IS days, someone found some mats for me in a warehouse in NL. Here's hoping! I've got an eBay search setup but if anyone has any contacts, I would be very grateful. Thanks Andrew Dog Guard (Ivory)......................................................GBNGA-4G146-05 Divider (Ivory)............................................................GBNGA-4G147-05 Dog guard (Black)......................................................GBNGA-4G146-01 Divider (Black)............................................................GBNGA-4G147-01
  13. Hi all. I've been away from the owners club for a little while, after selling my beloved is200 against my will, I couldn't face the pain and jealousy :) I've just pulled the trigger on a low mileage 2007 RX400h, I've got my eyes on a dog guard (part number PZ483K212000) but I'm struggling to find the other accessory which splits the bootspace down the middle. I'd like to keep the dog seperate from the rest of the luggage (mainly the weekly food shop!) I can find the equivalent part for a 450 and the NX. I'm hoping such an accessory was available for the 400 also. Can anyone confirm such a thing exists, photos or a part number would be even better. It won't be an is200 but if I can keep my dog safe and travel from place to place in reliable Japanese luxury it's the next best thing :) Many thanks Andrew
  14. Thanks very much; it's a lovely car but that's partly why I'm selling. I haven't got the room to garage it at the moment as I'm currently living with my parents whilst we find a house, I've parked it in the staff car park so I'm not really going to be able to drive it much this summer and I don't run it in the winter. For 3K I could just run it in to the ground but it deserves more than that; there's oodles of life left in it yet and it's in too good nick to be a cheap run-around. Thanks again, I hope I get a bite. I think it's a fair ask at 3K. I'm currently running an Avensis estate as a daily driver as I have a hairy dog that was never allowed in the IS. I'll be back to Lexus as soon as I can get a second car or I can afford to run an RX. If they come out with a Hybrid IS sportcross I'd be all over that as I really need the space for the dog in my primary cary. I used to have an awful 220d so I won't be bitten by the Lexus diesel mistake again :) Andrew
  15. I'm moving house and I need to sell my car. I've owned this since buying it on here in 2010. It's always been a second car and has been garaged for most of my time owning it. It's 2004 / 04 LE Automatic Kodiak sky. 54100 miles, full service history, I've always had it serviced at Lexus Teeside, the previous owner has a couple of non-Lexus stamps in the book. I've maintained it without concern for expense, when I got a stone chip in the window I had the glass replaced at Lexus with an OE screen. That's how much I love this car, my insurance wouldn't cover it so I paid the full amount myself! It's recently had 4 new Falken 452s and a 4 wheel alignment done. It's also got a new Bosch battery. The Disks and Pads have been done (I think about 4000 miles ago, I can't find the receipt). I've also had the HID sensor replaced and 4 alloys have been refurb'd (one has a new scuff which is quite bad up close, but hard to spot) It's totally standard except for the addition of a Grom Audio iPod kit. Standard LE spec includes: Full leather Electric heated seats Electric windows / sunroof Climate control It has the usual stone chips commensurate with age and there's a little bit of paint needed on the front bumper (see photos). I've never had any problems with it aside from the HID sensor getting damaged in the bad floods we had (this is pretty common but replaced with OE parts by Lexus Teeside). All it's ever needed is tyres, pads and an annual service. MOT / Service / Tax is due September. I don't need to wax lyrical about how good these cars are, it's awesome to drive, I'm only selling because I need to move house and it's a second car so has to go. Engine doesn't feel like it's got 15K on it, never mind 50+K. £3000. Andrew Album of photos: