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  1. Thanks for the replies. Jenny from Lexus contacted me today and has completely turned around her email, basically now stating that it's down to tyre choice and poor wheel geometry set up, I have the laser alignment print outs which confirm Lexus factory set up and all of my receipts for various named brands of tyre, so I have now escalated this saga for another pencil neck from Lexus to respond at a higher level. i'll post up the email response when I get a moment. certainly poor aftercare from Lexus and they are chasing me to buy a new car from them too. it was their initial contact that got me asking this searching question. does anyone know where I could go to in West of Scotland to have my settings confirmed, I've been using McCnechy's in Glasgow for my laser set up until now, just to get a second opinion and confirmation that my car is all set up properly. cheers
  2. Noise on Braking?

    Good chance tha one of thet the sliders on the brake caliper is seized, take the caliper off and check if you have uneven wear on the pad, that will confirm if that's your problem.
  3. To all IS200 owners I post my reply to my question of excessive tyre wear I have had on my Lexus which I bought at 1 year old from my main Lexus dealer it had 5k miles when I bought it, it's now done 65k miles I have to replace a set of front tyres every 6k miles. Dear David Thank you for your further email regarding your Lexus IS 200. I appreciate you are a careful driver. The inner edge wear is the way the suspension is designed and there is no way of altering it I'm afraid. the correct suspension set up will minimise the wear and maximise the lifespan of your tyres. Kind regards Jenny Shipley Lexus Customer Relations Case Manager Toyota (GB) PLC - Lexus Division Distributor of vehicles, parts and accessories for the UK to my knowledge this has never been admitted by Lexus before i have spent a fortune over the years replacing suspension parts, I even got the WIM settings adjusted once but sadly it didn't work for me, or the garage up here didn't do it correctly. My cars at factory settings, and I've just spent another £1k on new front suspension and another set of tyres. But after seeing an advert on Facebook I got in touch with Lexus and that was the reply. I'm now seriously annoyed, because for all the 11 years I've had this car I've been told by Lexus it's the wrong tyres or other rubbish. I've asked for my £17.5k money back, as this wasn't mentioned by the salesman at Lexus when I bought the car.
  4. Wheel Alignment

    Hi Guy's, I've just had the most excellent service from Tony at WIM re the geometry settings on my is200, he suggested alignmycar.com then spoke to my garage of choice and talked them through the job, what a fantastic way to do business, i'd reccommend WIM to anyone who is suffering from the dreaded front wheel surubbing problem on the inside of the front tyres on their is200. A true gent!! ;) For all the Scottish owners McConechy's in Thornliebank, South Glasgow are now able to resolve your problems, thanks to Tony from WIM. B)