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  1. Both my front calipers had the inboard pads stuck in them, as I found when working on them today. Pistons are ok luckily. Both rear caliper slide pins were seized too. I've never known a car like if for brake issues.
  2. That's just the thing, it isn't easier to fit a new caliper.
  3. My wife took her GS450h into Lexus for the fuel pipe recall. Nicely, they did a once over of the car and picked up on a NSR seized caliper. They also quoted £325 if we wanted it sorted. Skip forward a few weeks and I managed to take a look at it today. For the princely sum of £0.25 we now have a caliper that slides sumptuously. Wheel off. Pads out. 19mm slide bolt out. Wiggle the caliper back and forth and knock it off the fixed slide pin. Clean up. Emery cloth on the bottom slide pin. Grease it all up. Put it all back together. 1 hour later (max) and all is sorted. So, before you let Lexus fit a new caliper for you, try to sort it yourself.
  4. The Enhancement Detail was £140 and the CQuartz treatment was an additional £90. An extra £90 is a fair whack, bu the Lexus paint is so soft, I wanted something to avoid the paintwork getting into the state it was in prior to the detailing. Also, maintenance cleaning is very easy, and there's no need to polish or treat the paintwork for 2 years.
  5. The work was done by OCDclean Detailing in Connah's Quay, North Wales. It was an Enhancement Detail with ceramic treatment using Carpro CQuartz (additional cost and time) for protection and ease of maintenance over the next two years. Leigh from OCD worked on it from 8am to 7pm, so a fair bit of work went into it, and all the work was on the outside. The Enhancement detail means: First up the wheels are cleaned inside and out (where accessible) using a safe non acidic wheel cleaner, various brushes and wheel woollies Wheel arches and tyres are scrubbed with an all purpose cleaner/degreaser The vehicle is treated to a thick layer of snow foam including the wheels and wheel arches All door shuts, hinges, petrol cap, badges, gaps and rubbers are agitated with a soft detailing brush and an all purpose cleaner The vehicle is then safe washed with a soft mitt using a PH neutral shampoo and the two bucket method The lower half of the car is sprayed with a specialist cleaner to aid in removing of tar spots safely and effectively A fall out remover is applied to the vehicle The whole vehicle is then treated to a specialist clay bar to remove bonded contaminates leaving a perfectly clean surface ready for polishing After a full inspection and the right pad and polish combination has been chosen to maximise cut and gloss in the time restraints of the package all painted surfaces then receive a single stage machine polish using either a flex rotary or rupes dual action machine which will remove very light scratches, light swirling, holograms and wash marring this massively improves the gloss and clarity to the paintwork giving your vehicle that well cared for new lease of life All painted surfaces are then given a thorough wipe down with an IPA solution to remove any left over polishing oils and then the finish is inspected. This stage will also ensure the surface is perfectly clean to aid in the correct bonding of the wax or sealant maximising the durability of the product A high grade carnauba wax or synthetic sealant is then applied for long last protection in the forth coming months A specific wheel sealant is then applied to all four faces of the wheels which will prevent the build up of brake dust and make future maintenance a breeze All exterior brightwork is hand polished and sealed including the exhaust tips All exterior plastic trim, tyres, arches and bumpers are dressed and brought back to life Finally the car has a complete wipe down using a luxury quick detailer and inspected, once I am happy with the results of the detail the car will then be ready for collection Here are some before and after shots: Before After The paintwork was ****** up by the previous owner and the dealership "washing and polishing" the car.
  6. I was in the GS450h trying to taunt you into a rolling acceleration test. :arrrggg-matey: Cracking cars chaps.
  7. Mine is raw sounding for a very brief moment (not even a second) on startup too.
  8. Yes, sorry didn't really look at it. However you've assumed the 400h has an AUX input I have, you're right. It's an utter disgrace if Lexus didn't fit one.
  9. It doesn't, not in a 400h. It doesn't have bluetooth audio or iPod awareness. So quick to poo poo it without looking into it properly. So, if you go to Youtube and watch the video, and read the description, it tells you how to play music from your bluetooth enabled device, via an A2DP Bluetooth bridge (in this case a unit made by RIM/Blackberry), to allow MP3 to be played through the AUX socket, wirelessly.