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  1. GROM is definitely the way to go, direct digital connection wins for quality every time.
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-IS200-IS300-TTE-TRD-Sport-Front-and-Back-Bumper-incl-Front-Grill-/161138702779
  3. Relisted on eBay with a £5 price drop... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281194900143 £40 including postage to forum members if you buy it on here though.
  4. Yer it was a shame to have to sell it, but it just wasn't practical to keep it with the amount of miles I was doing and I just didn't have time to do the things I wanted to it either.
  5. I made the mistake of saying I was in urgent need of one, so they obviously thought they would try to take advantage. Jog on!
  6. Panic over (I think), I have FINALLY managed to find a guy on eBay willing to sell me the lid without paying £50 for a whole centre console! Should be here Saturday morning hopefully!
  7. They have one...but they want £30 +VAT and delivery just for the cover!
  8. Yer they do have an IS200/Altezza engine in stock at the moment, so fingers crossed.
  9. Just sent them an email, although they appear to be mainly engines and engine spares so they might not have the interiors still. Although if they do have the interior it might mean they are willing to sell me the cover without the whole flipping centre console.
  10. I've found a buyer for my IS200, but he wants to collect it this weekend! So I really need to find a arm rest cover ASAP. My question is, is there anyone on here with an IS200 that would be willing to just give me their cover to sell with the car. And then I will locate another one to give you back as soon as one becomes available? I'd be willing to pay a small deposit until I returned the item, and would cover postage fees. But I really need it posted out today or early tomorrow at the latest!
  11. Right guys I've got the radiator cap now thanks to liammantony and IanS200, still need the arm rest cover as the car will be going within a week if all goes to plan!
  12. I've always thought of them as a BMW thing too, but we can't let them keep them forever because they look too good! lol
  13. If you were going to go for aftermarket lights I'd think this style is much more suited to the IS...