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  1. I'd say best bet is take it into your nearest kwik fit and get a brake insprction done. It's free and they will competely strip down and clean the brakes. And ask them to clean up the sliders. Depending which one you go to they may try selling you some brakes. If they do just ask why it needs them and ask them to show you.
  2. I have a set of Subaru wheels on mine which needed spacers as they have a different bore size (subaru wheels offset is +53 and I believe standard lexus wheels are +50 so no big difference). The spacers I have on mine are 13mm all round and my wheels now sit perfectly flush to the body. So for standard lex ones I'd say 15mm should sit perfect, you'll also notice a little difference in handling around corners :).. Will try and get a pic up at some point
  3. Admittedly yes I was only given basic training in the garage and havn't been sent on any courses for it yet. And as mentioned the only reason Iknow for adjusting the front and rear toe is for better tyre life and fuel economy. Unfortunately this is all I get taught in centre then I get signed off, hopefully when I eventually get to go on the course I will learn more about the subject. Maybe even next time I go down to see my girlfriends dad I will have to pop in and see you :) Also I don't fully understand the castor angle, I know obviously that the camber is the angle that the tyre hits the road and the toe is the angle the wheel is when the steering wheel is straight and as far as I've been told castor is something to do with the wheels self centring ability. If I understand correctly from your last paragraph then the problem with the IS200 is that the castor allows to much camber when cornering which in turn affects the tyre wear? Thanks for your input, very interesting to hear how it all works from a pro :)
  4. Hey guys, So I've recently noticed a smell of fuel getting into my cabin whilst sat idle at traffic lights ect. had a quick inspection whilst it was quiet at work this afternoon and cant see any of the injectors leaking and the exhaust isn't blowing. The strange thing is the smell seems to be coming from just behind the cambelt (see picture). The smell disappears as soon as you turn the engine off and comes back as soon as the engine starts up. I've had no problems with my MPG and everything seems to be running fine just can't figure out what could be causing the smell. Just hoping someone might be able to help me out. Thanks in advance :)
  5. You would have to buy a hub with studs already in otherwise you would still need a press for them but i suppose you could overcome that with a hammer. I dont think you need any special tools for the job
  6. As noby said everyone has different tastes for tyres. My preference is GoodYear eagle F1 Assymetric 2s..Crazy amount of grip and lasting me well. Done about 6k in the with 6mm tread left on them even with a heavy right foot :)
  7. No one got any advice? :( Does anyone have the full wiring diagram of the IS200 or know where I could get it? Thanks
  8. Hey guys looking at startinga little project for my car soon and wandering if anyone has a wiring diagram for the sat nav in the IS200? Am going to try and put a computer in for my muaic and updated sat nav ect and was hoping i might be able to use the power and possibly audio cables from the old sat nav. The reason i say audio as well is because I noticed when i unplugged the satnav and left in the cables for tilt and open/close buttons i get a beep now when I turn the car on. Thanks
  9. Does the aux in kit work ok with sat nav models? Thanks
  10. Like I said as far as I'm aware we will sort out any alignment issues we can to the manufacturers specs so I have no idea what this guy in Bath was gabbering on about.. Like I said I would like to get it done by WIM but the cost of it is holding me back and distance. Lance: The tyre weld stuff doesn't make the tyre scrap the only problem is to repair tyres with tyre weld inside is they have to be cleaned out completely of the tyre weld including off the rim cause if you get a puncture repaired with any trace of the stuff in it then it can ruin the repair causing you to just get another puncture which would then be unrepairable. the reason we don't do them (so I've been told) is because the cleaning process of the tyre takes ages as like I said all of it needs to come out. Sounds like the centre you went to the people just worry about their bonuses at the end of the month rather then the actual customer and their car. Whereas the centres I've worked in its always customers happiness first as hey work on the theory of a happy customer will return.
  11. That's alright bud.. Which kwik fit did you go to?.. sounds like the idiot didn't know what he was doing.. in the centres I've been in the supervisors had to watch me to make sure I was doing it all correctly and then had to get it checked by them.. Hopefully I'll be getting signed off on it soon :). The process I've been taught is: 1) sort the computer out 2) mount sensors 3) push car onto plates 4) install brake depressor 5) turn wheels as indicated 6) make sure steering wheel is straight then lock into place 7) computer will pop up with all the angles 8) adjust as needed 9) tighten up and printout the before and afters So I don't know how this guy was taught but sounds horribly wrong But I can see your in Somerset so if you need any tyres fitting or other things then drop me a message as I work in Bridgwater/Taunton :)
  12. Tbh I didnt't realise there was different types of hunter alignment I just knew there was laser for the front (we use in tyre plus centres) and hunter (which is used in most kwik fits now).. Looking at the hunter site looks like we have the hawk eye elite looks exactly the same as the one in work just different colours. Which kwik fit did you go to? As Ive only just started there about a month ago and during my induction they were very insistant on customer service and such so surprised you hot that sort of treatment :/.. Either way Im not saying kwik fit does a better job was purely wandering.. Was actually thinking of getting my front alignment checked by WIM when i need new front tyres
  13. I work in kwik-fit buddy and we use the hunter everyday.. Free alignment and stuff :D.. The tyre pluss centres (owned by the same people) only have the laser tracking
  14. I'd recommend GoodYear Eagle F1 Assymetric 2s.. Got them on the rears and they have amazing wet grip, good fuel eff and quiet.. Also not too bad on the wallet... I struggle to get the rear end out in heavy rain even when im trying xD