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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday smw!

  2. Ah top man - I'll get on it
  3. Oh right, I will leave steering wheel alone then ! ! Are you saying that when I come back in 2000 miles you can get the steering wheel straight ? BTW - had a long drive in it today - feels so much better - thanks again.
  4. Tony Now I know that the car is straight (thanks to you) could I just sort the cosmetic steering wheel not being straight issue by simply getting it removed and refitted 1 spline on (hope this makes sense)
  5. All sorted by Tony @ STS Watford yesterday. Thanks. Car drives superb now ! Still got the niggle that I popped back with so will need to have a think on that one ! Anyone needing alignment would def recommend Tony - top bloke and knows his stuff :D
  6. Update: As predicted not a warranty item. Dealer geometry quoted at £175 plus £302 for 2 new Bridgestone on front. Declined both. Have sourced tyres to be fitted locally on Friday, I will end up with my new Bridgestone spare on the front matched with a new fitted Bridgestone E040 on the same axle then downgrading a bit to 2 new Pirelli P7 on rear with the best of my current part worn 3mm Bridges to become the spare (set up sound OK?). Then I'm off to STS Watford for the adjustments. Lex service was OK (got a courtesy RX) and they sort of cleaned my car. Got me stamp in the book and nothing
  7. Is that the one I see parked near Long Island sometimes? bit of a ricky collection going on here! now, can any of you read chinese? Very very random............ yep thats me - I work about 100 yards from Long Island. The chinese bit is lost on me :duh:
  8. I'm in Ricky most days in a granite 54 plate 200
  10. Hi everyone I am a Moderator over on TOC but I need some quick advice on my wifes Lexus. It's 18 months old, 54 plate, manual IS200 SE and has done 19 700 miles. Both front tyres (Bridgestone) have worn heavily on the inside, rest of tread and rears are fine. Wife drives it very gently daily and I push it a bit at weekends. It's going in to Lexus Hatfield tomorrow for 20 000 mile service. Are they likely to correct the fault causing the tyre scrub (which I guess is camber adjustment) under warranty or will it be chargeable ? Anyone care to ball park a figure for the work ? I have sourced n
  11. Have to say I don't like it. Looks boring (and wood . . OMG). I like the current 'tacho' dials and the bonnet power bulge, both lost on the new 'un. If I was a senior sales rep looking for my next fleet car I might look at it more seriously . . . but when it's your own hard earnt I think it will be heavily passed by. I stand to be knocked down on this but I think it's a mistake. They have mis read the IS driver - IMO they are not after a luxury car they want a practical saloon with an agressive and sporty look and a little something which makes it unusual and stand out a bit. Oh well if
  12. Guys - don't forget that with a PCP you pay interest on the deferred amount as well.
  13. hmmmm . . it wouldn't take much to just put the right amount of thread on it so that it ends up straight would it ? And don't get me started on the PAS fluid cap . . . . . . .
  14. Will the official TRD oil cap end up straight i.e. with the logo neatly lined up to read left to right when looking in the engine bay ? Anyone put one on their IS and can confirm it's 'final' position ? I find it annoying that the standard plastic one ends up at a wonky angle. The cap I am talking about
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