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  1. Seeing as I must be having a very dumb day & am incapable of using PM, I'd just like to say that I work for a sign company, we do a lot of car graphics & stickers for ex/interiors, including selgcling so you don't gung up your windows with glue. If I can be of any help let me know......sorry for posting here Red
  2. SO what do we think the score will be for this w'ends 6nations game? England v's Scotland? 20-70 me thinks(to scotland tehe)
  3. Hi, before I get started I think that the majority of pub/club bounbers do a fantastic job & certainly not one that most people would consider risking, so all respect to you for that! :zee: I got beaten up 2yrs ago on Christmas eve at my local club by a guy I had never seen before, I was talking to a friend & he waled up to me & grapped my drink, I didn't let go and I ended up a bit of a mess. 2 of the bouncers were stood less than 2metres away & can't have seen what was happening, but after a few well placed hits & with the help óf one of my mates we managed to get to them, the guy was told to go home & the bouncers never spoke to me, I was too scared to leave & was too messed up to stay. When I did go outside I found a policeman who, when I tried to report it askd me how much I had had to drink & what had I done to start it... at the time I was also house sharing with a bouncer who had just recived gis licence but had only been out of hospital 6mths after being sectioned for serious aggrivated assault & mulitpersonality disorder... so my question is....who regulates who gets a license & do you have regular 'refresher' courses?
  4. Hellooo! It was a lack of pc...but now I have a nice desk.....comfy chair & radiator to rest my feet on, all I need now is a fridge in the office. I spent yesterday working as a keeper in the orangutang enclosure at chester zoo ( what a great christmas pressie!!) but today I feel like i was beaten up by one of them
  5. yeah from what I have gathered we haven't been met with as must hostility...and it hasn't escalated as much
  6. Hi....thanks erm....He is an aircraft technician (REME) currently with 4th Squadron, going to be based in Basra.
  7. Hey everyone :D .wonder if any of you could give me a little helping hand..... My ickle brother has just told me he is off to Iraq in a few weeks to do his bit and seeing as I still see him as a 7y old playing with thundercat toys I'm finding a little tough. Do any of you know of any support group type things?
  8. shame he wasn't a better shot
  9. please please please did anyone tape last nights final episode of spooks?!?!?!
  10. yeah it was nice at first but it dragged on......& on... I wanted my wine!!!!!!!
  11. yep 26 & ASDA refused to sell me a bottle of wine last month because I wasn't old enough......
  12. DIY cocktail party sat night.......Baildon will never be the same! oooooooooooooooooooooh so its true then?!
  13. Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! join the party! :D