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  1. Yes, that's really helpful, thanks Eddie! I bought some 685s from a couple of weeks ago based on their wheel size calculator's recommendation, but haven't tried fitting them yet because the label doesn't show that tyre size. I'll give it a go. Feel silly for not ordering some front ones at the same time... it seems AutoSock themselves are out of stock now. Andy [edit: yes, they do fit - very easily it turns out. Thanks for the reassurance!]
  2. Which size AutoSock did you use on the rear? 255/40-R18 is apparently a "no fit" size: thanks, Andy
  3. Headlights Staying On

    I took mine to Lexus Reading and one of the workshop staff had seen the problem before - he just had to clean the contacts on one of the plugs connecting to the fuse box in the driver's side foot well - I think it was the middle one (of five). Touch wood the problem has gone away! If you can turn the lights on and off when the ignition is on, it means the relay is working fine and doesn't need replacing. Andy
  4. Headlights Staying On

    hi, My '99 IS200 has just developed this fault too - a neighbour came round (twice - good man!) to tell me my lights were on... The behaviour is rather intermittent - sometimes it all works as usual, but more often the headlights can only be turned off when the ignition key is in, and they come back on when I take the key out. And even when it appears to have worked fine, the lights might come back on a few minutes later! I've pulled out the light blue relay with 'Light Control Relay' printed on the side, so now the headlights won't come on at all (the sidelights still work). I've a nasty feeling though that the fault doesn't lie with the relay itself - with the ignition key in, the relay still works. Does this sound like the same behaviour anyone else has seen? Is it the fuse box in the driver's-side foot well I should be inspecting next? I've had more than my fair share of new windscreens over the last few years... thanks, Andy
  5. Boot Release Lever Not Working

    Thanks again - amazing it took me nearly two years to discover this! I'd seen the bit in the manual about the valet key, but it didn't seem to make sense having a key that won't open the boot if all you have to do is pull the lever... cheers, Andy
  6. Boot Release Lever Not Working

    Aha! Thanks everyone - that sounds most likely as I sometimes put the key in the boot lock when it's open to make sure I don't slam the boot and lock myself out... - this also explains the utility of the key without the remote boot release button! cheers, Andy
  7. The boot release lever (by the driver's seat) in my '99 IS200SE has stopped working - it feels like the cable has detached. Is this likely to be something I can fix myself? Is one end or the other more prone to this problem? thanks, Andy
  8. Knocking Front

    hello (first post!), Just had my 60k service done, the dealer says the ball joints will need looking at soon (I can hear them starting to get a bit noisy at low speeds) - anyone know how much this is likely to cost me...? Andy