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  1. hunslet

    Lexus Touch up Set

    I think that video has just summed up me life: if I don't understand something just blag it
  2. hunslet


    Thanks Jonathan, I was beginning to think that I was going to have to reply to my own post! I will have to try and prise a phone off someone
  3. hunslet


    Does anyone have a problem with the bluetooth dropping all the time? I know I should borrow someone's phone and see if it still happens but the connection can last 20 minutes, all day or not connect at all. The usual problem is that it won't connect at all. When i check the bluetooth on the phone it says that it is connected to the car but the car says otherwise. The phone is a Nokia Lumia 735 (windows 10). Any ideas?
  4. Hi Colin Barber answered this query 6 months ago: "This is normally because the hybrid energy recovery is providing most of the braking resistance so the mechanical brakes are just lightly scraping the discs. As a result the mechanical brakes may not be used that much and they rust/glaze making the noise worse. Try braking hard from speed a few times to really use the mechanical pads to help clear them up to see if that helps." This worked for me
  5. hunslet

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    I have to disagree with something that Valkirk says regarding Eco mode. My understanding is that even the dealers are telling Lexus owners not to rely on Eco mode as a lot of the time you are having to push the engine. In many situations you are better off using sport mode. I have just been to the Lake District and found the hills there to be quite pleasant in Sport mode but a pain in Normal. I am back home in sunny staffordshire now and since my last visit to the petrol station i have been getting 45 mpg
  6. Hi Sorry i haven't replied before and i suppose you have sorted it by now but using a FAT 32 file is only half the issue: the memory stick must be no bigger than 8GB. It's a common issue. I fixed by brother's Ford something or other and he had even sent it back to the garage and they couldn't fix it. I got him an 8 GB memory stick and he was a happy bunny - you can buy your own! Good luck
  7. hunslet

    Just Ordered A Luxury 300h

    Congratulations on your purchase Alec.Still a bit of a lead in time on these babies then if you have to wait till september. I have done nearly 6000 miles and get about 40 mpg so that's okay.
  8. hunslet

    Strange Noise On Braking

    Is Colin Barber a genius or what? I tried a few emergency stops and all is peace and quiet. Thank you
  9. hunslet

    Strange Noise On Braking

    Thanks for all the advice. i shall try a few emergency stops and see if that helps
  10. Happy Birthday hunslet!

  11. My NX 300h is 6 months old now and has done 5,000 miles. Everything is fine. I like the car except for one thing - noise on braking. For some time now I have been hearing grinding/screeching noise(not always) whenever I hit brake at low speed. It only happens when I hit it pretty hard and the noise actually seem to happen as i start to release the brake pedal. It is a strange noise to describe but i was just wondering if anyone else had a greater command of the english language especially to do with onomatopoeia to deescibe the sound. More importantly, has anyone had this problem and had it fixed? I may be imagining it but is it a hybrid issue?
  12. hunslet

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    I have taken this advice from the IS forum on driving a hybrid and thought it might be useful to share: "I was encouraged me to get up to speed quickly, and maintain momentum through junctions and roundabouts. That doesn’t mean driving like a nutter, rather reducing how much you accelerate and how hard you brake: the sooner you reach your desired speed, the sooner you can back off the throttle, then the e-motor can maintain that speed. With the petrol engine off that’s where the biggest mpg gains come from and if you brake early and gently, you’re off the throttle sooner, and the batteries can better recover the regenerative energy."
  13. hunslet

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    I totally agree about the adaptive cruise control. I tend to use it more around town than anywhere else although you do have to be on your guard at a roundabout as you can be sucked round in front of traffic coming from the right before you know it!
  14. hunslet

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Well done Danny. I don't know how you did that. Everytime i go on the motorway my MPG sinks to the high 20's - low 30's
  15. hunslet

    Iphone 6 And Ml Navi

    Here you go = page 368 of the e-manual I tried to do a cut and paste but it wouldn't let me