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  1. silly things like this? I am sure a lot of people who use cruise control for the first time don't get it exactly right. So does everyone who uses cruise control turn it off when on a motorway as they approach bends? Maybe they do, but maybe there are very few bends that would cause that to happen anyway. There are some very nice people on this site who do try to help rather than criticize and try to belittle someone. Your first comment was bad enough, the second was unnecessary and rude. I won't post here again.
  2. It'd been nearly three months now since I had Michelin Cross Climates fitted. Since then I have driven in a lot of snow, ice and very wet conditions and I am very happy with them. They are a lot quieter, a bit smoother, and the grip is superb. I highly recommend these tyres as an alternative to having to change from summer to winter tyres each winter. The cost was more than replacing my Yokohama's, but only by about £100 in total, and worth every penny.
  3. Yes, thanks for the input, all duly noted. I only use it on motorways. I will just have to make sure I switch it off when I get near that bend.
  4. I have noticed a fault with my cruise control. It has happened twice now. Last week I was driving on the M3 but left that motorway to join the M27 at Junction 14. It is quite a sharp bend, and so the traffic slows, bunches up and the speed drops to about 50mph. When the car in front proceeded around the bend my car sped up alarmingly fast and then when the radar picked up the car again braked quite sharply. My wife was not impressed and had a right go at me for using CC, as she hates it. I suppose in future I will have to turn it of before I reach that bend in the road. anyone else noticed this?
  5. I use a lambswool mitten stuck onto a long handled brush. It works a treat. I have a panoramic roof so no need to polish. :)
  6. I agree, Hankook Winter Icept Evo2s are excellent winter tyres. If you have them and good summer tyres then you have all the seasons well and truly covered. I think all seasons come into their own if you don't want to have two sets of wheels, or if you live somewhere were snow is rare.
  7. Heavy snow here today. I had to take my wife to work so gave the cross climates a good run. Brilliant, the grip is amazing. I was still very careful as other cars on the road were sliding all over the place, but I was fine, not once did I lose grip and it took hills without effort. There are come mad drivers out there. As I followed a car down a dual carriageway at 20-25 mph another car overtook us at about 40 mph. At a roundabout he pull his brakes on and slid to a stop half way across it. Luckily nothing was coming, but what an idiot. So although I now feel very safe and confident driving in the snow, I will still be wary of other idiots who appear to either be oblivious of the conditions or have a death wish.
  8. First day of snow driving on my Cross Climates. I live on a fairly steep hill, so it was a good test. No problems at all, the car drove up the hill on impacted snow/ice with ease. I didn't have a long journey, but at no point did the car lose traction. My wife drove the car later and she was very happy how the car drove .
  9. Interesting link that. I have also learnt a lot I didn't know. Thanks.
  10. I agree, they are quieter, quite a bit too. I did not expect to notice it that much but it was obvious straight away. Although it us early days I also feel the car is more compliant, it seems to be easier to steer where you want it to go (so opposite to what you found martin) . The car seems to be better planted on the road too. There is a sharp bend near where I live which slopes away as you turn, which I was always very cautious of as I felt the car lose grip several times before, but it takes it with ease now, so I am feeling much more confident. It may be slightly less firm too, not by very much, but just enough to be noticeable. No heavy rain or snow yet, in fact we may not see snow this year in the south. So as I say early days, but so far so good.
  11. In fact the correct speed rating is W (104) 225/60 R18 W (104)
  12. Agreed. My son lives just a few miles away from me and always puts on winter tyres as he has a job that makes it imperative he can get to work. Being retired it is not so important to me. I think Cross Climates will cope well enough in most snow for me, but if it is really heavy snow then winter tyres are still the best option. I have another mate who lives in the highlands so always uses winter tyres, and has always been able to get to work even in quite heavy snow falls. his biggest problem is getting around stranded cars on summer tyres, LOL. The trouble is summer tyres cannot cope with even a small layer of snow, we all know this, but for most UK drivers it is such a rare event they stick to what works best for 95% of the year. I think the manufacturers realise that most UK drivers may be prepared to buy all season tyres but not both summer and winter ones. So I expect to see improved all season tyres and a larger choice become available in the coming years. Of course if we have a real bad winter (which is overdue) then maybe things will change more quickly.