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  1. works fine for me, and I got info from this forum, that it works with bottom loader matey ;)
  2. I've smoked my rear lamps this way, and tried to do fog lamps as well, but they all cracked, so then I used sandpaper to get them all of. And Yes, I assumed, topicpaster meant smoked light film, not tinted window film
  3. I'm using Grom Audio, now thinking of adding a bluetooth to it as well, works a treat tbh :) don't need CD's ;)
  4. oh, and connectors for bottom and top loader are different, I have both of the connectors though, but dont have time to change am, as I have top loader in my boot, that seemed to work fine before taking it of the car
  5. who told you that grom doesn't work with bottom loaders? I have a bottom loader and a grom, and they do work together.
  6. wet-n-dry sandpaper, 1500 grit then 2000 grit, after that use clear coat or just a polish it off.
  7. my own ones were: Vauxhall Tigra RedTop Conversion Vauxhall Astra Mk4 SRi 2.0 Vauxhall Astra Mk4 DTi 2.0 Vauxhall Astra Mk4 SRi 2.2 Lexus IS200. The ones I was driving for a long time like parents cars or bought on halfers with my ex-missus etc were: Lada 2101 (Gift from Grandad) Lada 2105 (Parents car) Vauxhall Vectra (Cavalier) 4x4 Turbo Audi A6 (C4) 2.6 Smart ForTwo Brabus edition Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor W209
  8. see, from where I'm from, we have two insurance's one is Third Party ONLY which is obligatory, and you can go for fully comp if you want. The third party one depends on your NCB etc... and fully comp depends on the market price of the car ONLY. so as an example, my folks CLK Merc 06 plate cost them £120 (A YEAR) to insure third party, and additional £500 on top for fully comp (a year again) and only the car needs to be insured, so I can drive it, or whoever has the drivers license and our V5 of the car present (we have a small laminated V5 card) if you stopped by the plod, you are free to drive it. No need to be insured on it as a named driver or such. When I used-to have Smart ForTwo back home (Latvia I'm talking about, not what you thought) I used to pay £50 a year for third party insurance, and that was me. Now I'm paying smth like a grand for lexus here, which is still a lot, but i'm under 25. Hope to get better quote when I'm 25 though.
  9. you'll be lucky to get wing in this color, as they are pretty rare, plus the wings itself are hard to find. I was on the hunt for more then a month to find a decent one, either they're sold or someone wants £80-100 for one of breaking car.
  10. 1. Dinho- IS200, Manual, XE_03, Sport Style 2. Roger007uk- IS200, Manual, XE_03A, Sport Style 3. D6NGR- IS200, XE01 , Manual , Lexus/TRD Style 4. SpectraBlueMica- IS200, Auto, XE_02, Sport Style (yes i can ship finland mate ) 5. Kerja- IS200, Manual,XE01 ,Sport Style 6. Kerja- IS200, Manual, Xe01, Rising Sun (Yes I'll have two) 7. George - IS200, Manual, XE01, Lexus/TRD style 8. bigsteve200 - IS200,XE 03A Auto, lexus/trd style 9. thalystgv - IS200,XE01, Manual Sport style 10. Spiffy - IS200 Manual XE-01, Rising Sun 11. Fugu - IS200 Manual XE-01, Rising Sun (pref) or Sport 12. jacobshep - IS200, XE 03, Manual, Rising Sun 13. Bebby90 - IS200, XE-01, Manual Lexus/TRD style 14. Slimshady - IS200, XE03, Auto, Lexus/TRD style 15. DUB15///IS200,Manual,XE-01,Sport Style 16. is200_chi - IS200 Manual - XE-03A - Lexus/TRD style 17. Rich OB - IS200 XE-01 Auto - #2 Lexus Style 18. Alex Kay - Manual, Sport Style, IS200, XE-01 19. red-lex - XE-03 is200 auto #1 'sport' version 20. ONEloveFTP - IS300, Auto, Rising Sun style 21. buzzard2009 =is200 s Manual XE-01 22. J3NKO - Altezza Manaul (Dial doesn't say - pls PM if needed) Rising Sun Style
  11. will be getting supra brake setup on front soon, and some other mods I want to do to outside of the car as well
  12. not done much to it as of yet... Soon to go to bodyshop to sort out the hole in the sill, and some other plans for it. but here's a small photo update: xenons, sport grill, private plate led speedo my RX8 wheels
  13. Hi Ray, one more member from Scotland. Dave, ormi, we might already organize a mini-meet :)
  14. I have mintex drilled and grooved on front + mintex pads, they are dusty and noisy. and really pointless getting grooved on a lexus, unless you're getting Supra Upgrade brakes
  15. exactly, for the price you can get them, they're cheap and good mod to do, but don't think Lexus is the car for fitting cupra splitter. It looks ace on different french tosses, vauxhall's and loads of other crap, as I said, everyone has one these days...
  16. I've been to the car-show today, and if I had a pound for every cupra splitter i had not on a cupra's I'd ended up with few hundred quid more in my pocket... same relies on Colim McRae's words "If in doubt, flat out" and I really thought of MAYBE trying to fit one on to see how it looks, but after today, it will be a no-go for me, as EVERYONE has one. But I'd love to see the picture of one fitted...
  17. as we herd already, jason is a bit busy with moving houses, so just stay with us (I'm really wanting that kit as well) hopefully he'll get us sorted asap...
  18. oh well, thats really what I wanted to hear :) hope I will not break any of the clips or holders or screws whilst doing that ;) Or I'll be on the phone to Toyota garage :)
  19. Ok, where shall I start... been driving the other day, and noticed the engine was heating above normal, when stopped at trafic lights the steam came out from under the bonnet, but just for a wee while, I carried on, only noticed when car started to overheat (3/4 of the heater) so after inspection found out that radiator is leaking, gave it a wee while to cool down, topped the thing down and drove car home (with few 5l canisters of water inside) Ordered new radiator of ebay, so should be here tomorrow, now... I looked at it, two brackets on top, undo all the hoses (drain the coolant or whats left there) is it pretty easy to separate aircon rad with the coolant rad? or it'll be fiddly and tricky job? I'm not scared of spanners and such, just dont want to damage anything there... any tricky bits? Might actually do a manual, if the weather would be decent and not pouring with rain in here...
  20. any updates on theese? Jason hiding again? :)
  21. on ebay auction... thats where you can win some things as well... I know someone on here has them as well, they are 8J and ATM they have 225/45 tyres on them
  22. Won some nice 18 inch alloys of Mazda RX8, the 5 spoke 18-inch ones, just a quick question, what tyres are you's lot using on your IS200/300 with 18-inch alloys, without rubbing? Cheers
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