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  1. New owner ... RX 400 09 plate

    Welcome to the madhouse sir.😜
  2. Telephone

    Thanks I will give it a bash.😊
  3. Sorry another topic for you guys and girls Have finally got around to trying to set up my phone. With the car,It seems I can recieve calls OK But calling someone is a no no....it just says network has disconnected Yet if I use my phone to call,it connects via the car Also I can't Bluetooth my contacts and I don't fancy entering 100 contacts one by one...... Am I being dim,?😳 My phone is a galaxy note 8.
  4. Well I've had my baby almost a month now,and have just finished a tank of petrol.the computer says average 27.6 mpg.and tank average of 35. Is this good/bad.?
  5. Newbie

    Welcome to the club 😊
  6. Finally got round to cleaning it and got rid of the snow and salt I've had it 10 days now, and still find little things in it that I never knew it had I think I like the interior,but I'm not sure.
  7. Maybe that is what I did this morning then........
  8. Hi Used my car for the first time in three days And when I got home I noticed one of my head light washers has remained in the up/on position.? I don't remember even using them or turning them on!!!!! I've pushed the dash button but nothing happens. Any ideas guys and girls Many Thanks Johnboy
  9. So are they just pressure fed.? Seems strange that it's just one.
  10. Music

    OK I'll give it a bash Thanks
  11. Could any of you clever chaps help me out,as what / how is the best way to stream music from my phone to the stereo system in my car.? Or is there a link on how to.? Many Thanks Johnboy
  12. Real opinions

    I've just bought a 250SE-L,only 5 days ago. Like you I looked at loads of 3 series, A4'S, even Volvo's....... Thought I wanted a diesel too, but I don't do much more than 8/10k in miles So really wasn't worth it Found this beauty this time last week,and two days later she was mine, All the toys, 65k on the clock. You trawl about a bit,they are out there And you won't go far wrong, just a shame the snow is keeping me from getting in it
  13. Music

    Thank-you muchlies
  14. Music

    Where would I buy one of those please.😊
  15. What's this.?

    I changed the fuse today as it had blown,but still no joy with the lighter.🤔
  16. What's this.?

    Found this in the cubby hole where my cigarette lighter is. Does anyone know what it is.😊
  17. What's this.?

    OK thanks,would that explain why my cigarette lighter doesn't work then.?
  18. I just bought one after months looking at BMW's,audi's,and Volvo's........ It's 12 years old mind,but it's the SE-L with 65k on the clock Paid just over £4000 And it's bloody gorgeous....😊😊😊😊😊 Do it,do it,do it,do it,
  19. Picked up my new toy yesterday.very happy Can't seem to pair my contacts to the car,and have found a cable next to the cigarette lighter but I don't know what it does . Here's some pics
  20. Lexus is250

    Go for it Paul,to conform is to lose ones originality.......😁
  21. Lexus is250

    Hello everyone Just bought an is250 se-l 65000 miles,beautiful nick On an 06 plate Paid 4k Which I thought was OK Anything I should be looking out for,or advice would be appreciated Johnboy
  22. Lexus is250

    No Paul not standard.they are the colour that Porsche do their wheels.the guy I bought it from has a Porsche and thought the colour would go well on the Lexus.
  23. Lexus is250

    Here's my alloys........
  24. Lexus is250

    Will post some pics of the alloys later