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  1. jimjamjohnny

    PWR mode

    Just driven down to devon for a week, eco mode was fine whilst on the motorways but noticed a difference when negotiating the hills and tiny roads where my car seemed totally gutless. Switched to the power mode and seem to get a much better response. Can't see any discernable difference in consumption yet but I'll leave it on til I'm back on the motorways now I guess......😊
  2. I really really wanted a rx300/350, but just like you i couldn't find a really good one with low miles in the 4-5k bracket So I bought the is250se-l. I had a lovely is200, 7 years ago and should never have sold it.wanted another lexus ever since. You will find one And I will find that rx300.😊
  3. Keep looking, they are out there,I bought this 4 weeks ago for £4250. 65k on the clock
  4. It's already gone I think.not surprised at that price
  5. jimjamjohnny


    Right I've sorted the phone issue,but trying to use the voice tag is driving me mad,keeps telling me the voice tag is empty,but I can't see anywhere to put a number into it.😞
  6. jimjamjohnny

    New owner ... RX 400 09 plate

    Welcome to the madhouse sir.😜
  7. jimjamjohnny


    Thanks I will give it a bash.😊
  8. Sorry another topic for you guys and girls Have finally got around to trying to set up my phone. With the car,It seems I can recieve calls OK But calling someone is a no no....it just says network has disconnected Yet if I use my phone to call,it connects via the car Also I can't Bluetooth my contacts and I don't fancy entering 100 contacts one by one...... Am I being dim,?😳 My phone is a galaxy note 8.
  9. Well I've had my baby almost a month now,and have just finished a tank of petrol.the computer says average 27.6 mpg.and tank average of 35. Is this good/bad.?
  10. jimjamjohnny


    Welcome to the club 😊
  11. Finally got round to cleaning it and got rid of the snow and salt I've had it 10 days now, and still find little things in it that I never knew it had I think I like the interior,but I'm not sure.
  12. Maybe that is what I did this morning then........
  13. So are they just pressure fed.? Seems strange that it's just one.
  14. jimjamjohnny


    OK I'll give it a bash Thanks