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  1. I am interested in this topic, can anyone say how easy/difficult this is to do? Is it as simple as plug and play?
  2. I can see the merits of this if your vehicle has done 180k, but as I’m only at 27k I don’t see any advantage, apparently Honda advices against the practice of engine flushing
  3. Hi Newbie, my car is very similar, ie 2008 with 27k, I am interested in your comment about flushing the engine at oil change and was wondering what opinions were on this subject, is there any evidence that this is actually any benefit?
  4. I was wondering if other members use this all the time, I have been using this quite a bit lately and I find the car much more responsive, I have noticed though that you lose a bit of the cars smoothness during gear changes.
  5. Be careful, I use Castrol RRG and mine still seized after a little more than 12 months
  6. Texas, one had actually seized, technician said rear calipers are more likely to seize, so will be doing every 6 months from now on.
  7. I was wondering how often other members did this job, the reason I ask is my car was in for some work a Lexus and as part of their service they always do a quick check around the car, they flagged up that one of the rear calipers had seized, I usually do this job once a year but had overlooked it by a couple of months, just managed to free it though, so will be doing it more frequently from now on.
  8. The website says Battery £78.78 inc VAT Delivery £7.98 inc VAT That is a total of £86.76 all inc if these figures are correct, and these are the figures from their up to date website this is probably the best current deal on the Bosch in my opinion, unless that is, someone can come up with a better price.
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