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  1. Update. Arrived after 2 days in shipping. Re the reship, I think the service from strutmasters would have been better albeit more expensive. However after a lot of messing, 480 USD for shipping in total and 250 eur duty they are here and survived the journey. Installed today. About 90 mins each side. Pretty painless. DON'T FORGET TO TIE UP THE KNUCKLE. Re the ride. It's transformed. Much better than I had hoped. All knocks gone and I left the original lower bushings in place. Much more solid and connected to the road. As soft as standard air. That wonderful tyre noise you get from a tight suspension over bumps is evident for the first time in my ownership. Even the engine shut off is smoother as the vehicle isn't rocking on the bags. I thought the motor mounts were also gone. Turns out everything else seems quite tight after c. 95k miles. Backs are not done yet and compressor is not complaining or always on. Front is slightly higher than rear until I get them done. It's a totally different car. You'd have to do the upper arms as is did to realise the benefits I'd say. I'll update again once rears are in. I'm very happy.
  2. That's pretty good. Sterling helps. Sadly the euro isn't helping me as much. Do it 😉
  3. The world will keep turning.. Just hit go on shipping. 300 USD for 2 business day delivery.
  4. Update. I messed up the customs declaration and asked them to update. I've found with this company (reship) that they are slow to react, so if you have non standard items or require other assistance it can take considerable time. Happy with the service thus far though. I've declared 500 USD value and removed the invoice for emailing directly.. Hopefully shipped this week. I also got febest bushings for lower arms that I'll push in at same time.
  5. I'm in Laois. You're welcome to see mine. There's one for 6750 with a great maintenance record but one would wonder why it's gone through two recent owners and hop for sale after all that recent work. I just had a transmission oil change done by local Toyota and the botched it. Didn't do final measurements with engine idling or at correct temperature. Sorted now. Low transmission oil gives same symptoms as a stuck solenoid: slipping gears, hesitation, lumpy deceleration then limp mode. Luckily I brought it straight back and told them how to do it properly. I'll be double checking myself today after all that.
  6. About same - approaching 150k km. Irish roads are harsh on suspension. One would need to be driving on perfect surfaces in order to be running original suspension at 150k km imo.
  7. This is what I ordered from febest for lowers based on another post ARM BUSHING FRONT LOWER ARM TAB-484 2 €73.58 FRONT ARM BUSHING FRONT LOWER ARM TAB-483 2 €47.81 ARM BUSHING REAR LOWER ARM TAB-482 2 €68.50
  8. Hello there. I bought one in Ireland a few months back. Teriffic car. But beware, the adaptive suspension on early ones will possibly be shot on it. I have coilovers en route from USA. Control arm bushings go with age resulting in vague steering, speed vibrations and knocking. I've replaced the upper arms with pattern and will press in new febest ones that I got last week when I'm doing the shocks. All of the above let the car down and can render an otherwise fit motor as scrap if you consider lexus prices. I love mine however and I'm really looking forward to having her running like she should be. Mine is also 2007. I'm looking into reflashing transmission at dealer. The later software makes for a nicer driving experience apparently. Surprisingly noisy cabin at speed due to wind noise. This is a known and fixable issue. Check for slip in drivetrain on gear change. Motor, tranny and diff mounts can weaken. Mine are sound as far as I can tell. Pay attention when test driving. You can get carried away with its splendour if you're not used to one and miss all of the signs for above issues. Where are you based?
  9. They repackage in unmarked boxes, so fingers crossed. Battery died today. Had 2013 stamped on it which surprised me. 3 year warranty with new one from Toyota dealer.
  10. Update Reship received the package and sent me an email stating that the contents are deemed hazardous. They have given me some options, the preferred being DHL which is the only shipping option. I am not looking forward to seeing the quote. Will update.
  11. Update. They refunded my payment because they require transfer for international purchase. I must have missed that in the conditions. Making the wire transfer this week after some delay on my side. They also asked for my VIN to make sure that the wrong parts are not purchased. Will update in due course.
  12. Re simplicity. Good tools go a LONG way imo. My dewalt impact wrench, ball joint breakers, crows feet, breaker bar, ratchet spanners, trolley Jack's, hydraulic press etc etc that I've picked up over the years turn a potential disaster into the very achievable. Being brave and of course these forums and their contributors are the beating heart of DIY. Hooray for the Internet.