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  1. It's not one I'd be looking forward to I must admit. I was thinking to myself on the motorway lady night that I'll have to strip the front end down again to do the ball joints. There's a strange rumble or droning sound at speed from front that also happens coasting in neutral at speed.... Once the wind noise is sorted and I do the ball joints she'll be whisper quiet. Except of course for that lovely v8 hum.
  2. Gotcha, thanks. On the list. I had read about that and forgotten it.
  3. Hi Malc. Rad is all good thanks. I have an intermittent annoying squeak from a pulley. Think it's just the belt tensioner. It's on my list. Does anyone know of a guide to replacing the engine mounts ? I have a feeling that mine are a bit soft or broken. Cheers
  4. Hi there. Yes, I got the coilovers. I have a thread somewhere on here about the shipping options. Went with a shipping agency in the end. No complaint with the kit thus far. As you noted, I've got the front end only done at this stage. The ride quality is the same as 'normal' setting on air shock and therefore they are working very well with the rears still on air. No errors because the ride height sensors are still attached and working up front. I have the air lines tucked away at the front but no air is being delivered of course. I'm definitely happy that I swapped out the air shocks because I was worried that they would give up and leave me stranded. The rears sag every so slightly overnight so I will swap them out over the summer. ping me if you need more info. Regards, Ken.
  5. Hello all. I've owned my 2007 LS460 for approaching 2 years now (which is reasonably long for me) and my view is that it's a phenomenal vehicle. I owned an LS400 some years ago and I must confess that I missed it when I acquired the 460. My first experience of the 460 was one of awe but some of its weaknesses started to come to light as I got to know it and piled on the miles. It had a reported 80k miles on it when I took ownership. I'm glad to report though that she is running as sweet as a nut now. First, I swapped out the front upper control arms. Not having a press at the time and reading a lot of posts, I decided that aftermarket would be okay. I was trying to diagnose a front end knocking but ended up making the ride far superior after the control arm swap. Not having a sorted 460 to compare to when buying can give one a false sense of security! Next was a swap of the air shocks up front for the strutmasters equivalent. I have yet to swap out the rears. This made huge gains in the ride once again. Next was a rebuild of the lower suspension with febest bushings after I invested in a hydraulic press. This was as transformational as the first project. The car was no longer afraid to launch off the far side of a speed ramp without feeling like something waseft behind on the road. The weird thing about making all of these improvements is that while they obviously sort out the localised problem, they can make certain aspects of driving worse. For example, going over ramps and coming off the far side was never a problem until I tightened up everything aside form the lower bushings. Anyway, to the point. I recently shod my 460 with Bridgestone weather control A005 and immediately suffered from severe vibrations at various speeds. It was horrible and like most of you would do, paniced. Despite the fact that there was a direct correlation with the tyres in terms of timing I had read all the posts about vibration and even thought I'd have to strip the roof liner. I had it aligned. I had all wheels balanced 4 times. New dics. New pads. Prop shaft checked. Finally I was advised to seek out a Hunter Roadforce balancing shop. One wheel on the rear was out 10g at the wheel when force applied. Problem solved. She runs smoother then ever. I think after all my investigation that these motors are extremely sensitive to unbalanced wheels especially when other factors such as tired diff mounts (mine was seriously poor when I inspected it when lifted at the rear diff) and other perishables (pretty sure my motor mounts are a bit jelly too) are factored into the ride quality. These components can tolerate a certain amount of wear and still provide a smooth ride, but if your wheels and/or tyres are off in the slightest then prepare for a terrible ride!! I also think that the totality of a vehicle suspension such as this wears as one and should ideally be fixed as one in a perfect world.... A world in which of course we'd all roll in an LS 460. I hope this helps some of the many folk that search out this vibration related topic. 50 quid for 4 corners was a very welcome fix. Make sure your front bushings are sorted and that your wheels are 100%. That said, I have only 100k miles on mine and will no doubt run into other lexisms in time. BTW I still have a slight metallic knock over certain surfaces which I'm confident is due to the front lower ball joints which were a little bit loose when I dismantled the front end. I'll do them when everything else is so perfect that this annoys me enough to bump it up the list of priorities. Keep the faith.
  6. Update. Arrived after 2 days in shipping. Re the reship, I think the service from strutmasters would have been better albeit more expensive. However after a lot of messing, 480 USD for shipping in total and 250 eur duty they are here and survived the journey. Installed today. About 90 mins each side. Pretty painless. DON'T FORGET TO TIE UP THE KNUCKLE. Re the ride. It's transformed. Much better than I had hoped. All knocks gone and I left the original lower bushings in place. Much more solid and connected to the road. As soft as standard air. That wonderful tyre noise you get from a tight suspension over bumps is evident for the first time in my ownership. Even the engine shut off is smoother as the vehicle isn't rocking on the bags. I thought the motor mounts were also gone. Turns out everything else seems quite tight after c. 95k miles. Backs are not done yet and compressor is not complaining or always on. Front is slightly higher than rear until I get them done. It's a totally different car. You'd have to do the upper arms as is did to realise the benefits I'd say. I'll update again once rears are in. I'm very happy.
  7. That's pretty good. Sterling helps. Sadly the euro isn't helping me as much. Do it 😉
  8. The world will keep turning.. Just hit go on shipping. 300 USD for 2 business day delivery.
  9. Update. I messed up the customs declaration and asked them to update. I've found with this company (reship) that they are slow to react, so if you have non standard items or require other assistance it can take considerable time. Happy with the service thus far though. I've declared 500 USD value and removed the invoice for emailing directly.. Hopefully shipped this week. I also got febest bushings for lower arms that I'll push in at same time.
  10. I'm in Laois. You're welcome to see mine. There's one for 6750 with a great maintenance record but one would wonder why it's gone through two recent owners and hop for sale after all that recent work. I just had a transmission oil change done by local Toyota and the botched it. Didn't do final measurements with engine idling or at correct temperature. Sorted now. Low transmission oil gives same symptoms as a stuck solenoid: slipping gears, hesitation, lumpy deceleration then limp mode. Luckily I brought it straight back and told them how to do it properly. I'll be double checking myself today after all that.
  11. About same - approaching 150k km. Irish roads are harsh on suspension. One would need to be driving on perfect surfaces in order to be running original suspension at 150k km imo.
  12. This is what I ordered from febest for lowers based on another post ARM BUSHING FRONT LOWER ARM TAB-484 2 €73.58 FRONT ARM BUSHING FRONT LOWER ARM TAB-483 2 €47.81 ARM BUSHING REAR LOWER ARM TAB-482 2 €68.50