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  1. Touch screen can be fixed DIY plenty of videos youtube, it is the suspension and transmission I would be more concerned about
  2. Ok I am strongly thinking of buying a 2007 LS460 president , 166000 miles , but no history and a frozen touch screen , owner say car drives 100% , but I have been warned against it by fellow Lexus enthusiasts, I could get the car for under 4k and have 2 k to fix any mechanical issues, or buy a 450h with fsh for the same money, I just feel I would be missing out on the Ls , your thoughts people would be highly appreciated.
  3. Best of luck , I had to do the same , saab 95 ,estate, loved it but back in a lexus now and contemplating a LS460 hmm
  4. Hi I have seen a couple of president lS460s what does this offer over a normal 460?
  5. Ok chap as LS 600Hs are hard to come by in Ireland my alternative is the LS460 2007/ what are this issues if any with this car .
  6. I have been going back and forth with the LS and the GS450H, I like big cars and the awd on the LS appeals to me , the GS cheaper to run ?
  7. My in laws, and some family including the wife hated me buying big cars , so I did , then I bought a LS400, the wife loved it so we bought another , you only live once .enjoy you ride
  8. I was looking at a LS600h .70000 miles on the clock fsh and hybrid check 3 previous owners 11 grand euros , is this to much ?.car is pristine
  9. My next car so very interested in this tread I have a 2007 GS300 love it , but road tax 1499 euro GS450H 2008 on 750 euro.our car taxation is a disgrace a 2006/7 GS450H will set you back 1809 euro in tax go figure .