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  1. I seen a nice LS400 at the Breaffy Clasic and vintage car show Castlebar are you on this forum ?
  2. The car in wicklow owner never revealed it was a limousine 😡😡😡
  3. Good idea, my local Toyota garage siad they would carry out maintenance for me but for the transmission I will go to lexus , if I'm up your way I'll give you a shout.
  4. Cataclean twice a year or before a mot.any time I buy a new care a bottle goes in I find it great
  5. It works differently in Ireland the tax goes on registration not the owner
  6. I am basically buying the car for 2500 euro , owner swears the car runs perfectly, I will give it the good going over so yes worth a punt and I have a great mechanic for work I cant carry out myself.
  7. It's small money for a lot of car , I will book it in for a lexus inspection and take it from there plus a 3 hour drive home should tell me a lot .
  8. I am buying it 🤣it has a years tax and no warnings on the dash, plus I will scan it and give it a good look over but from conversions with owner I will buy it.
  9. Did you see the president LS on Done Deal , price from two sites was 8950 down to 4500 now 6500 with years tax but , the issue I have is no service history and info display no working the other is a 08 , rosd tax 2350 and that is a ***** take on a 10 year old car.were ste you based I would love to have a look at yours.
  10. I am in Mayo , I have had Two LS 400s and I am well aware of lexus priceing ,, but a good mechanic and a press can save you s fortune, just a pity road tax takes away the pleasure,, but 2008 is a eye watering 2350 totally uncalled for on a 11 year old car .
  11. This is possibly the best job description I have ever read , thank you .