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  1. A helpful person sent me some photos of how the rear fogs work, are yours the same?
  2. Well make sure you get the L of course but the 460 L with rear ac has a smaller boot than comparable cars.
  3. Hi guys with the 600 or 460 how do the rear fog lights work on our cars in Europe? I would like like to modify my US import to function in the same way or at the very least I can wire up a button to have the same effect on the back when there is actual fog. Is it both the reverse lights that go on or which lights is it on our cars, ? Pictures would help. Thanks !
  4. ive already posted there before I posted here, I'm posting everywhere to try and get some confirmation or information. 🙂 thanks
  5. Ah Ic USF41L-AEZGHA however I know what part is supposed to be in there but maybe the system you see might show if alternative part might fit
  6. Sorry but I don't understand how what you are saying is relevant to what I am asking, care to enlighten ?
  7. if i had i would not be posting here. but that is not the main point of the post, it is about the colour codes and the availability of multiple part numbers anyways someone needs to know something in depth about engines to answer the question.
  8. no seriously, i copied my own post from another forum and posted it here thats all.
  9. my own post? cmon seriously you have nothing else to do but to comment on something like that? how is it relevant or important?
  10. ok guys our direct injectors, if you look at lexuspartsnow.com shows you for example 23209-39155-B0, that is for "mark black" but they also list as being compatible, mark brown mark yellow etc.... what exactly does this mean? 1. Why is there this difference? 2. I assume I cannot mix and match? 3. But can I for example swap all my mark black for mark browns? 4. I read that different colours are different flow rates? 5. And also i was told that 23250-31020 and 23209-39055 are interchangeable with 23209-39155 how doI find out more about this? I need some definitive information before I purchase.
  11. Very clean job, I have a 460 thinking of getting it done or have someone do it. When you say pipe you mean tubes?