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  1. Well it turns out the previous owners certainly didn't look after the braking systems so I now have to doubt how legit the cam belt and water pump showing in the service log is. The rac bloke said the belt looked reasonably new still having white writing on etc but I'm a little uneasy now.... Will ring the garage alleged to have done it in the morning and cross body parts they do indeed have a record of doing it.
  2. Haha, hi Mike, I told you I would be back one day lol. costing me a fortune this one, went in earlier today for new pads front and back, so far I've added new rear discs to that new shoes for parking brake and new parking brake cable ( not cheap lol) Still, at least it will be safe.
  3. Hi guys, I'm recently back in the fold. After selling my old LS (big mistake) I immediately missed that Lex feeling and now I find myself in this RX300 2001. She's old and needs some TLC which I've already started on: New alternator New tyres New brakes going on today Front Sidelights (who made them so bloody awkward!!) New wipers front and back. Oil and filter change next week. I need advice about gearbox oil change hopefully someone knows someone who is competent at doing them and understands the need for the correct tiv/3309 oil? Please drop me a line if anyone has suggestions. now I'm expecting something sarcastic from Bluesman! Im currently trying to source a clamp that secures the battery to the car, ie the bar that goes across the top of the battery and bolts to bodywork. If anyone is breaking an early 300 please let me know if you have the battery securing bits for sale 😊 Anyway it's good to be back and I hope I can help people when the opportunity arrives.
  4. Pardon my ignorance, do Lexus offer a retrofit DAB module or something for the 460 like BMW, (sorry for swearing!),do for older models? I am a fan of DAB for 5 Live and 4 Extra if nothing else and it seems a shame to have to stick an aftermarket unit on a reasonably modern car, even if it is nice quality like the Alpine. Cheers Pete
  5. I feel for you having just had to sell my own a week or so ago. I will definately be getting another one as soon as I can.
  6. It was nice to meet you tonight, I'm glad Lexie has gone to another LOC member. Let me know what that lpg niggle was when you've fixed it please. Cheers Pete
  7. Hi, I'm not supposed to advertise (wasn't my intention even though she is going to be sold) so I am not going to put a price on here as I don't wish to fall fowl of rules etc. Having said that I would rather someone from the club had it for parts or a cheap daily runner rather than ending up down the scrappy as she still runs nicely on petrol and a little lumpy on gas due to a duff injector so Im told which is allegedly easily fixed. I would still be using her had my circumstances not changed recently and I WILL have another at some point in the not too distant future. Paint colour code is 6NO I believe, cant remember what thats called but its a green metallic that looks more gun metal grey to me! She's a P reg. I not expecting to get more than a few hundred for her with DHP's on so someone will hopefully rescue her :)
  8. Yes I think your right, I'm just being sentimental and need to get a grip. Buy it now is a good idea, somebody would have her for a few hundred i hope. Engines all good with cambelt and water pump only done 30k ago. I will give her another wash over the weekend (damn birds) and some photos done. Cheers for the kick up the proverbial it is appreciated for perspective.
  9. I cant make my mind up if its even worth the bother of ebaying her, might just go down the scrap route to speed things along and sell the dhps separately as they have good tyres on.
  10. I'm afraid she does have to go otherwise SWMBO will lynch me but I can't put her on here until I've become a gold member, something I always intended to do but never got round to especially as I never intended to sell her. My insurance company insists my taxi is kept on the driveway so poor old Lexie is sat on a neighbours drive for the time being but I dont wish to take the mickey for much longer. I need to sorn her to keep within the law, but handing the tax back really niggles me it just means someone else has to retax again, what a racket!! I'm not after much, so I expect someone will take her off my hands, just trying to decide whether to keep the DHP's or not, seems a shame to take them off, she looks so much better sat on them. Thanks for all the comments, it means a lot coming from decent people such as yourselves. Pete
  11. Thanks Mike/Phil, hopefully someone might want her for spares etc although shes running fine and I might just stick another 12 months mot on her. The health scare was probably just what I needed to give me a kick up the jacksy and get my priorities sorted. These new insurance rules are a pain in the butt, it means I've got to cash in the tax in order to sorn the car! Yet another rip off! She's sat on DHP's and I've still got the originals so someone will have her, maybe a donor car for a project would be better than ending up a banger. I might keep the DHP's as they fit the MK4's and I spent so long looking for them. Like I said, its hopefully just temporary and I'm still going to hang around the forum for the witty banter etc.
  12. Seems like ages since I've been on and appologies to any one I may not have replied to. I had a bit of a health scare the other month and although I know now its not a major issue, it did tend to focus my mind somewhat on the future. As some of you may know I've been running my Lexie as a taxi, and the punters loved her but the time has come for me to retire her from the taxi game due to my refocussed mindset. SWMBO who is a florist has been moaning, sorry strike that, urging me to get a small van or a more practical taxi with larger carrying capacity for large floral displays and as her business is taking off and after my little health scare, I've capitulated on the proviso that another LS will be on the drive as soon as we have enough spare cash to get one. I've had to get another taxi, a Citroen Xsara Picasso diesel and although its alright, its just not the same relaxing experience that Lexie gave me. I did consider keeping Lexie on the drive and sorting out a nice exhaust and some coilovers but insurance requirements for the taxi not withstanding a withering look from SWMBO soon put pay to that fleeting notion! I'm in two minds where to advertise her as she is not going to fetch top dollar and I'm not expecting much plus I never got round to replacing that gas injector yet (might just do that if the weather holds). I will need to get gold membership to sell on here so it might just end up on fleabay but I would rather get less money and knowing it was going to a good home that to end up on a banger track! Every time I drive the Citroen I feel like I'm cheating on Lexie! It can't be healthy how much we all get attached to these cars!! Hopefully when things improve I will be getting another one and SWMBO anounced she liked the look of the car Doc Martin drives, and that was BEFORE she realised it was an LS.......Got her!!! Que evil laugh! Like I said I'm down for a while but not out. Any way I've got loads of reading to do, feels like I've been gone for ages. Kind Regards Pete
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