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  1. Happy Birthday is250 lad!

  2. I fitted bc racing an streets they are a lovely ride
  3. Sadly for some unknown reason I didn't take Any when it was being done I will get some tomorrow after I have washed it :)
  4. Hey I recently got a new stainless system made up for my is250 made at Infiniti exhaust just outside bath right besides the M4 £330 with a lifetime warranty an now my car sounds awesome :)
  5. Hey guys who do we have to talk to to get a place on the LOC stand ? Many thanks
  6. I had the whole front end matching and they are brilliant in the fog
  7. This would be a big job to do could help noticing you are a fellow airsoft player :)
  8. I didn't plan to take that long! Lol Off the top of my head I think the whole front end is 6000k. But one down fall is where dipped beam are projector it changes the colour a little I also added led side lights so all blends in :)
  9. Should I go to air ride ?hmmmmmmm

  10. I have changed the whole front end of my is250 to HID bulbs the high an dipped beams were ok if you don't have giant hands took about 45 mins but the fog lights where a nightmare started at 6:30 finished about 11:30 their is a trick to doing the front left but only for small hands their is a little cap underneath the bumper you can move an get your hand in don't know if anyone has seen this but it is how I done my left hand side it means guessing with your hands but saves taking arch out but the right hands side was a nightmare.
  11. An my dp is an old pic I had the wheels put on before lowering that's a pic from when they where just fitted
  12. Hey I have put my is250 on 19s with 225 on the front and 255 on the rear I have no problem on the back but have slight rubbing on the front I have worn threw the arch liner mine is lowered about 50-60 so with your car being on 17's it should be ok but I haven't applied spacers yet but be careful I can't go over half the speed bumps lol
  13. I have finally found some a company called climate do them not cheap mind
  14. Hi my car has recently been entered into a competition to win a professional photo shoot an sadly I am the only Lexus an the only jap car for that matter :( this is not good I am in the lead at the moment but I'm desperate for more likes PLEASE help me make Lexus number 1. My competition is a b&w mk1 an we can't let the Germans beat us please help. All you have to do is go on FACEBOOK an search for the page. Xyz photography an like my pic (the black Lexus ). Please help I will be ever so grateful for you help thankyou very much for your time This is the link Brad Is250 lad