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  1. Hello there Gymsey, I have same problems for years now and I was annoyed at the beginning by the fact that I need to stretch all over the car inside and open doors manually. After a while I got used and lately doesn't bother my anymore but I actually prefer that way as it is more safe! I had my Lexus is220d 08 for service in Lexus garage a few months back and I asked about this door locking issue to look into it. Seems to be issues with the actuators doors locking that does not respond anymore hence the 5-6 times sound and flashing you hear and see every time you open the driver door. Same happen with mine...so is not a setting trick as I also believed so for long time. If it was setting option it will not do this clicking for 5-6 times! It is definitely the door close actuators and could be at one or more doors! It is not big money to replace those actuators but my concern is that all do it panels needs to be opened and loads of plastic screws may get broken so solving one issue degenerate in others as you may fix door locking system but end up with door panels rattling while driving, after!! It'll be pity this to happen in such a quiet cabin environment that Lexus have 😋 Like I said it doesn't bother me anymore for long time now. If needs to open more than one door( driver) I'll just long press key fob for opening and wait for all windows to slide down in order to open the required doors needed beside the driver door. Hope this will help. Regards, CT
  2. koppatroppa2002

    Vsc Check / Traction Control / Engine Management

    Hi Josh, Turn off the engine and ask a 2nd person to to hold the cap tight by hand and restart. All the lights on your dashboard should come off and that means that needs to be fixed the issue. ...When you close it should feel some sort of click to be properly closed otherwise is not completely closed and sensor sense loosing of pressure in the system, hence the dashoard lighting like a Xmas tree 😁 Hope this will help. Happened to me also when I purchased my IS 220D and stoped to the garage for 1st time. Unfortunately I need it to figured by myself where the issue was as I panicked and expecting the worse 😥
  3. Had my car checked in Lexus garage and I've been told that the actual door actuators are gone and nedd to be replaced...on all 3 doors!? That seems to me a bit odd, to go all 3 actuators from all 3 doors and at the same time! Maybe what you said here makes more sense. However after using like this for the past 5 years now I kind of got used this way. I don' really want to fix this if that means to change all 3 door actuators. That' involving opening the door panels and may lead later in clanking and rattling later! Loads of plastic plugs( no screws )
  4. koppatroppa2002

    Vsc Check / Traction Control / Engine Management

    In my opinion the comment "rev ur engine up to the red light" it' crazy and you'l end up with engine issues. Yes hitting motorway is the answer to clean the system and by high revs should consider somewhere over 2500 and max 3200 revs !! Definitely not "red" !!! It' quite straight forward: RED means RED and you not supposed to be near to that place in any circumstances...but that' just my opinion also advise to whoever may read this. Best of luck
  5. koppatroppa2002

    Vsc Check / Traction Control / Engine Management

    Using Archoil that can be buy from eBay will keep your DPF out of troubles!! Just pasted 100k and never had any issues in past 5 years ! Not to mention that I do 90% of the time city short drives!!! Cleaning the EGR once a year. Using this Archoil additive every time when stopping at the garage for fuel it proofed to me personally the best choice after reading so many comments in here...What' happening is when the engine reach optimal temperature which is around 88-90° you'l notice white smoke coming out of your tail pipe which clearly it means that the system cleaning himself and that' thanks to this additive !! If not used additive to get this "self-clean" process you need to hit motorways quite often as many is220d drivers know very well. Hope this will help 😋
  6. koppatroppa2002

    Vsc Check / Traction Control / Engine Management

    Check this link below that appeared today (fresh) in DailyMail: http://blog.dailylifetech.com/Eyjr/cardoc/d/how-to-prevent-1000s-in-costly-car-repairs-mechanics-aren-t-happy-about-it-1111?a=M2Q80wCqxf7D Just read the article and your problem popped up in my mind suddenly. Could be a cheap solution to your blog. Best of luck
  7. Hi,

    Did you ever manage to resolve the IS220 central locking issue? I've an 08 model with the exact same issue, only driver's door opens and blinkers flash 5 times.




  8. From all i know the boot always stays close and you'll open from key fob or by pressing the button at the back while with key in ur pocket. Has norhing to to with doors, mine works that way.
  9. To be honest i never heard before this thing about pressing twice for different options on doors opening :-D
  10. Another weird think! When i purchase the car was locking automatically once i was start driving and for some reasons after a while i noticed also that this setting was gone. Never achieved back :-P
  11. Tried everything what was available here. Still no success. Only driver door opening. Some posts(links) above are for newer models which not apply to 08 model is220d. so no point guys to post it! This problem it's like i said above a factory settings and looks like more and more, it'll cost you to change it at ur local dealer! Hope there's still someone on this forum who can solve this issue whithout being ripped off by dealers. Strange how after 7 years model now, nobody spit how to sort this out. Keep the faith guys :-D
  12. I have the same problem with my is220d 08. I can open only the driver door from key fob while all 3 others doors can be open only manually from inside but can be all locked though from key fob. Heard its a manufacter settings and can be choosen freely to change on first 6months from the time of the purchase. Not free after. If i try to put my hand on the lever(keyless entry) its flashing and kicking 5 times but again only the driver door is opening. Any tips?
  13. As Normski said: Run away of that thing!! Doesn't sound healthy at all.
  14. Had same problem and was the expansion vas cap wich has a little gasket that fails under pressure therefore splashing out through the overflow pipe. I did wrapped with a blue very fine tape ( plumbers use it) a couple of rounds to make sure its from there/ before i throw 35 for a new one and success .
  15. And just popped out one more thing in my mind: Its not recommended to have any electrical on at cold start, especially AC. It's inefficient anyway as the engine it's cold so the whatever settings are for temperature, are equal to nill/zero. Even in the Lexus manual is specific stated to avoid short time switches of AC (less then 5min) + to not mention the battery also.Its obvious that at cold start the engine, fuel pump, senzors, computer, all pumps, alternator etc needs power!! By having autolights, radio, AC, navigation On, it will only do more bad for sure, then good. That's just me anyway.