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  1. Dean8788

    Headlights options

    Just to make sure I'm right with my lights I've attached pictures before I purchase the bulbs linked.
  2. The one I got is probably about 90% as good as the original. I would say it's slightly less focused at a certain angle. I have attached pictures to show. I think it's more of a plastic material than glass but overall I'm chuffed. The link is below.. Look at this on eBay There are some more expensive ones but unsure how different the quality is. If anyone needs any help please just let me know. If you rather not get to messy with it you could buy a screen with a digitalizer attached but they are anywhere from a few hundred. Secondly it's the integrated ribbon cable that fails so any other OEM one will quite possibly fail within time.
  3. It's fairly easy, once it's out you would remove both brackets from either side. Then fours screws holding the top half of the grey fascia on. Then you separate the screen unit from the fascia it's held also by a cable on the top right. Four screws hold the screen casing at the desired angle... when removing from this bit be careful it's half by a cable and really short ribbon cable be careful not to damage it. Lastly four more screws open the screen casing. To separate the screen from the old digitalizer I used a hairdryer to heat the bonding and a crafting knife. They do smash easy so beware, then bought some double side stick pads and attached the new ribbon cable. Just reverse to put together.
  4. I just want to say HOOOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!! My digitalizer went and the touchscreen would no longer respond only to the buttons. After having the bloody thing out 8 times and 3 new digitalizers it finally works!! If any of you attempt it beware of slicing your fingers left right and center. I didnt take any pictures but if anyone has the same issue don't fork out thousands for a new screen the digitalizer was £14 from Hong Kong and works perfectly.
  5. Dean8788

    Headlights options

    This thread is great, to clarify I have a IS250 SEL with the HID lights that have AFL and washer jets. I think they are ok... as standard but your telling me I can whip another bulb and have even better headlights? I thought you couldn't change them?
  6. Well i got the screen working again but broke the new digitalizer, so ordered another one. To be fair it seems daunting but actually if you take it slow its not too bad.
  7. Dean8788

    Calliper refurb

    Here is the link for the kit I used. Look at this on eBay
  8. I've never had these on any of my three I've owned, feeling short changed now!
  9. Ok brilliant, i had a connector missing in the middle at the bottom where the cd unit with all the AM/FM buttons are not sure if that was normal. And hopefully as I cant get the wiring on the back wrong maybe its a connection inside of the panel that has come loose.
  10. Dean8788

    Calliper refurb

    I got lucky, got one from a breakers and then bought a slide pin kit off ebay in total I spend £60, works perfectly.
  11. So my touchscreen became unresponsive, and narrowed it down to a faulty digitalizer which seems rather common issue especially in the US. I ordered a new one and took the system apart and replaced it. However now the whole screen is black which makes me think i have plugged something in wrong on the rear. Does any one have a picture or diagram where everything should go. Its a Mark Levinson system as well if that makes any difference.
  12. They were Sport Maxx, I think off the top of my head. They weren't cracked before I sorned and have been bracing the elements. To be honest they were A Avons before and wouldn't buy them again, didn't feel anywhere near as good as the Yokohama set on before.
  13. They have been replaced, the brakes were done 1st. The car had been Sorn for a while and that was the result. I managed to get some Dunlops brand new for 72 for the fronts and 83 for the rears. Didnt think that was too bad.
  14. I now have the F-Sport gear shifter fitted along with new discs and pads all round.
  15. Dean8788

    Who maintains their own Lexus?

    For example lets say over 4 years of ownership each minor service at Lexus is £250, and the major services around £400. Your car would be valued £1300 less because it didn't have a service history. I think after all the replies I will be doing my own oil changes, to be fair I work for a dealership and could have it done on the cheap but would like to do things myself and be confident in maintaining my own car.