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  1. I switched from Main Dealers after the 100K cambelt change. Now use Nationwide Autocentres (there'll be one near you). Had 3 services from them; all fine, great prices. Computer database for all Lexus parts information and servicing and repair procedures. Recent intermediate service + MOT was £120 (+750 free Tesco Clubcard points!)
  2. Forgot to add of course...I've got the ERR3!!
  3. I've owned the car from new and had to replace nothing beyond general wear & tear (tyres, pads and discs, cambelt, etc.) Even the clutch is still original (mostly motorway miles). Looks like I've got the record mileage so far...turns 150,000 tomorrow.
  4. Interested to know who's running the Lex with the highest miles... Your starter for ten from me... 149250 W-reg (2000) :o
  5. Just gone through 139K - original clutch (mostly motorway miles) - and still smooth running :D
  6. A few months ago I was quoted £650 for a 120K service from Lexus Reading. With the car well out of warranty but running perfectly there was no way I could justify having it serviced by Lexus anymore.... with trepidation I booked it in last week to one of the Nationwide Autocentre chain backed by the AA. Full service with new plugs, oil, topped-up fluids, 60+ point health check... £168. Including MOT. And Tesco Clubcard points. Then... 20% off for AA membership then... a further 2% off for American Express. Independent makes sense once they're out of warranty. The guys had comp
  7. Got flashed on a dual carriageway recently and have now received my licence back with an SP60 endorsement on. Not sure why its SP60 and not SP30. It was a public road - legal limit 70 actual speed around 82. Insurers seem to be treating SP60 very differently from SP30 - some won't quote with an SP60!!
  8. When I had my 100K service (IS200SE W Reg) at Lexus Bracknell they told me when I collected the car they'd been unable to change the timing belt as the water pump had also failed... ...apart from being p***ed off they'd waited 'til I came to pick the car up what was more concerning was they'd stamped the book and recorded the mileage... It wasn't 'til I had the belt done at Lexuis Reading that I noticed the sticker they put on the right of the engine bonnet clasp in the engine bay recording the timing belt change and the mileage at the time of change. If you're buying over 100K don't trust
  9. Paid £310 at Lexus Reading last Summer for belt change alone. 100K service earlier in the year was around £300 from Lexus Bracknell. I'd recommend Reading but not Bracknell. Watch out for the "...your water pump needs changing as well and we shouldn't do the belt without the pump..." routine. Bracknell wanted an extra £250 for water pump and labour, when Reading did the belt a few months later they charged me an extra £9 for replacement of some water pump O-ring seals!!! I'd ask them to check the condition of not just brake pads (they'll do that for you in the service anyway) but disks
  10. Steve, I run a 2000 SE with 115000 miles on the clock. No squeaks, creaks or rattles and whilst the running gear is a little looser than when new the engine feels and sounds like it's just getting run in. These are strong cars so don't be put off by higher mileage examples than you might normally go for, particularly as you say you don't do a lot of miles let someone else take another 20K miles of depreciation. As long as they've got FLSH they should be sound. Check the inner edges of all the tyres, particularly the fronts, for wear. The outsides can have 3-4mm with inner edges bald and t
  11. Mainly motorway miles gets me 420 - 430 between fills. I've always wondered how low that needle would go once the light comes I know I'll try for 450+!!
  12. I'm about to need a 110,000 service on my 2000 (W) SE. Did you go with Lexus for the 120K? If so how much? How much was your 110K service with Lexus?
  13. Do Lexus offer a low cost filter and oil change service for high-milers? I can't justify the £100 - £150 inspection service they normally do but I'd like to keep their mechanics doing the work if possible as you never know what they might spot whilst changing the oil...!! If not its over to the independents and pray!!
  14. Drove a new IS200 on courtesy the other month. Much tighter gearbox and brakes but engine seemed a little less willing to spin round to red line. I guess the low down torque (what little there is on these) has dropped off a little...but she still flies on a good road spun up above 4500...
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