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  1. Mines is the same, smokey at cold start up then nothing when warmed up. Blue/white smoke so i'm guessing oil being burnt. Ive tried changing the PCV valve but no change. Maybe valve stem seals. Is this really an issue i need to worry about though?
  2. Hi thanks for the info on the price. Thats basically the same then as over here from my local dealer, so I guess i'll just go there. I'm sure i read a couple of folks say they were only a couple of quid somewhere in the forums? Oh well Cheers anyway.
  3. HI, I'm looking to change my PCV valve(part #12204-70020 I think), and from looking through the forums have seen that this part should cost only a couple of pounds in the UK. However, having just called my local Lexus dealer over here (Ireland), they want 30 euros +VAT(21% here), so about 36 all in! I know things are generally more expensive over here but thats seems a ridiculous difference. Does anyone know for sure what the actual UK price of this part is, and where I can order one online from, because I cant seem to find anywhere that does them. Cheers David
  4. Hi, new to the IS myself but had the same issue recently, I'm one of the ones where it just started working again :) . One idea i had was maybe the door open/close switch might be iffy. I'm basing that on other cars i've had where the car wouldnt lock with the remote if the door wasn't cosed properly, so thought that maybe the car was thinking the door was open, and therefore refusing to lock, if you know what i mean. Dunno if the IS works this way, but might be worth checking.
  5. Ive just had a very similar issue, where it wouldnt work at all. It has now just started working again, but some of the suggestions i was given were around replacing the batteries in the keyfobs, seeing if its interference for example does it always hapen in one spot maybe somethings interefring with the signal. Maybe try checking those out and see if they help.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions folks. Heres the update, its just randomly started working again, :D which is puzzling. Still think i'll change the batteries in the remotes though, cant hurt and at least it rules them out for the sake of a couple of quid. Is it possible the door switch is iffy, I know some other cars i've had wouldnt lock/activate the alarm if one of the doors was open so was wondering if that could be the issue? As for the interference I'll keep an eye on that, but it wasnt working outside my house, then it is again so dont think its location related.
  7. Maybe i'll replace one of them then and see what happens. Doubt it'll work though, just too much of a coincidence for them both to fail at exactly the same time, but at least it'll rule it out.
  8. Suppose so right enough. So if i change the battery does the key lose its program, and have to be re-programmed, or is it just a straight swap over and away you go?
  9. Thanks lads, but its not the key, same issue on my spare key, both just stopped operating the system at the same time. Would be an unreal coincidence for it to be both batteries.
  10. Hi. Well I've had my IS200 about a month now, still loving it but have developed my first problem. Came home from work tonight and it took me a few presses on the key fob to lock the car. "thats wierd" I thought, so I tried unlocking it again, which didnt work. I had to unlock it with the key, which set off the alarm. Got that off when I started the car. So basically now the car starts ok but will not open/close the doors with the remote. The locks operate when I use the button on the drivers door ok. Its not the key, same issue with my spare key. I've checked all the 3 fuseboxes and can only find 2 fuses with "door" on them(theyre not really very well labeled are they), 1 in each footwell, and they're ok. Any ideas as to what my problem might be?
  11. Ok here we go, 1983 Nova 1.3SR (should never have sold it) 1987 Maestro 1.3 (should never have bought it) 1983 Capri 1.6 Laser 1987 AxGT 1.4 (carb, not GTi) 1992 Clio 1.4RT 1991 205 GTi (1.6) 1989 Cavalier 2.0 (wifes) 1983 Golf Mk1 1.3 Driver (briefly) 19?? Renault Fuego (very briefly) 1991 Audi Coupe 2.0E (Favourite car I ever owned) 1987 Renault 5 GT Turbo (phase 1) 1992 XR3i convertible (wifes) 1990 Nova 1.5D (new job, long commute) 1994 Rover 400 1.8TD 1993 Rover 600 1998 Freelander (wifes, closest we ever got to a brand new car at 3months old) Moved to Ireland then where cars are a lot more expensive to buy/tax/insure. 1995 Opel Omega estate. 1990 Suzuki swift (wifes, brilliant wee motor) 1998 Astra 1.4 (wifes) 1998 rover 400 1.4 1998 rover 200 1.4 (wifes) 2001 Focus estate 1.6 (wifes, later mine) 2003 Toyota Avensis D4d Tspirit (mine, later wifes) 2004 Citroen C4 1.4 (wifes) 2003 Lexus IS200 (mine, all mine, and a contender for my fave car along with the Audi) :D Thats at least most of them, might have missed afew, specially in the early years.
  12. Always wanted one of these. Fast and fun for not a lot of money these days.
  13. Thanks folks. Well, had it a few day now and so far loving it. First car i've had for years ive actually enjoyed driving, although that may well end up costing me a fortune :winky:
  14. Hi all. Never had a Lexus before, and Ive just bought a 2003 IS200, which I'm picking up in the morning, so thought i'd join up and say hello. I know the car pretty well(buying from a friend whos had it a few years)so I know its been well looked after, and I know they're genrally very reliable, but its still an 8 year old car, so i dont expect it to not have any niggles. Hoping to find some good advice here on anything that does crop up, and hopefully contribute anything I find out along the way as well. The first question I have is are there any Haynes/equivalent manuals for this model, I always like to have one of these for any car I get to help with the minor stuff that I can tackle myself. Cheers Davie