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  1. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

  2. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

  3. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

  4. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

    But i prefer this tire then the other ones cause when you go in a pothole you have a better chance at saving the rims and the tires from damages also the ride quality went up it feels more smooth the ride.
  5. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

    The front tires rub slightly when turning the wheels all the way they rub on the inner plastic fender.
  6. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

    Hey friends the thing is that i needed to replace my tires they where 225/40 r18 but the guys i buy the tires from only had 225/45 r18 i already bought them and they fit thabks friends
  7. jrsimon27

    225/45 R18 Fit?

    Hi friends will 225/45 r18 fit on a lexus is200? Thanks.
  8. jrsimon27

    Changing Timing Belt Couple Questions?

    Thanks friend i will look into it.
  9. jrsimon27

    Changing Timing Belt Couple Questions?

    Hey freind what o ring is that?
  10. Hi freinds i took my lexus is200 with 60,000miles to get the timing belt changed at the dealership the thing is that i bought the original kit from the dealer and now they are telling me that they need to change the o ring or sometime of seal from the camshaft and cranckshaft is this true? Thanks in advance.
  11. jrsimon27

    My First Lexus Is 200 2003

    All you guys ranting at what lexus says who cares? I just know the lexus is200 is a great car its super reliable and if you guys want real power buy a mitsu evolution and mod it and you will all see what true power there is behind a turbocharged engine.
  12. jrsimon27

    18" Is200 Alloys

    Yep no problem
  13. jrsimon27

    Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    here is mine lexus is200
  14. My car is a 2002 lexus is200 it has 87,000km on the odometer thats 54,273 miles i feel its a low mileage car for the 10 years it has. Havent done any expensive repairs and iam think on holding this car for a long time but i wanna see how many miles other have and what major repairs will i need to see in a future?
  15. My car has 87,000 km on the odometer and the only problems i have had with the car is a noise in the sunroof and the valve cover was leaking small amounts of engine oil, i myself and a friend changed the gasket which cost me only $20.00 and no more leaking oil but as for the sunroof the noise its still there.