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  1. Was wondering what alarm you were going to fit as wiring might be different to what I’ve done, to start with there’s a thread on here which explains how to alter the body control module, you need to follow that. Pin 10 is unlock - R+W, 9 is lock + G+Y. Then wire up as a reverse polarity set up. Basically using the control module as a switch.
  2. Got it, still playing around with it at the moment, but can get it to lock and unlock on the Clifford remote, also have still got the door master switch lock unlock as well. Haven’t got deadlocks to work yet that’s my next on my list. Will write down what I’ve done in the next day or so when got a spare hour. Not overly complicated just takes a bit of time.
  3. Will be having another go at it the weekend, will let you know how I got on. just been playing round with relays and diodes, problem was only using 1 relay last time and was getting it to lock, planing on using 2 relays this time, 1 to lock, 1 to unlock, and some trick wiring, see what happens, probably blow another body control module, but hey, need to get this sorted.
  4. Did you get any further in this, had the same problem for 3 months now, been going thru ebays supply of body control ecu’s. Tried everything, can get doors to lock but not unlock, then control module blows,
  5. Stay away from TDI, they did some work on my is200, shockingly bad work,they fitted a exhaust manifold which I asked them to clean up, 70 miles down the road, exhaust is blowing from cylinder head where there was old gasket stuck to exhaust manifold, and also from the pipe itself, where there was an exhaust temp probe fitted at one point, they put a screw or something in it, which fell out almost straight away, only another couple hundred miles to get home with car cutting out and sounding like a tank. My own fault really, I read posts on here with people slating them and thought they can't be that bad. Don't make the mistake I made. And anyone else that may read this in the future. Stay well away.
  6. I have recently changed the diff on my 04, is200 se with man transmission, with a Limited slip diff from an altezza rs200. Fits fine,better performance, only problem is the speedo is out by about 12mph. Is there any way i can fix the problem,i know there is a speed sensor on the gear box would replacing this fix the problem or will i just have to live with it.
  7. just fitted manifold, fits ok but getting rattling sound when accelerating sometimes, think lambda sensor is catching. should be able to fix problem by putting rubber gromit around the top of it . also looking for a decent hi-flo 200 cel sports cat, anybody got any recommendations.
  8. Thanks for your reply's, Thought I might aswell give one a try, contacted three different companys about a fabricating a new manifold and all i got was we dont do them. I'll see what happens when it arrives if it dosn't fit then it will go back. got bigger problems at the moment. took my car for a service and mot last week, car was running fine before i brought it in. since then its been running flat, mpg has taken a hit and need to drop down a few more gears to get up hills. I've since taken it back to lexus , who did a diagnostic on it this morning, and they cant find anything wrong with it, they said it was running fine. When I hit 4200 rpm you could feel the power "kick" in. Now you can't feel anything. there are no engine managment lights on. Its probably just bad luck, I cant see that anything they did on the service could effect it like it has. The lexus tech said it could be an O2 sensor on its way out . Any suggestions anyone?
  9. Thats the thing with ebay, its either good or very bad. Thought they had been made in china or somewhere like that.Like most things nowadays.So i think i will give one of those a try, can't really complain for that price .
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first post on LOC, so Hello all. I have a 2004 is200 se, apart from uprated brakes and a few cosmetic bits and pieces nothing has been done to her. I plan on doing some engine mods, so i'm going to start with a new exhaust manifold , but my problem is all i can seem to find are the same back boxes ect. All the manifolds seem to be discontinued , apart from those ones on ebay, which i'm not too sure about? The only other option is to get one made but i can see that being very expensive. Any help would be appreicated. Cheers
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums dan7773 :)