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  1. Hi Dan and Jason Thanks for your replies. I don't know anyone with an Android phone that I can connect to the system, but note that Jason has the same issue. I've had different iPhones though, and they all do the same (oh, and you can't download your phonebook from the iPhone to the system either!).
  2. Hello I've had my RX400h for 3 years now, and have been generally pleased with it. It has been very reliable, but 2 things really annoy me, and I am wondering if anything can be done: iPhone connectivity via Bluetooth is very hit and miss. When the phone does actually connect to the system (it often fails to connect), there is something that I have not ever come across before - if dialling out, there is never a ring tone heard. The radio keeps playing until the phone at the other end is picked up, then the radio is muted and conversation begins. Is there any way to change this behaviour - it is very disconcerting! Secondly, is it possible to connect a Pure 300 DAB system to the Mark Levision system ? There is no aux input as such.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have recently purchased a 2006 Lexus RX400H from a Lexus main dealer. It is my first Lexus, and I am new to this Club. Whilst overall, I am very pleased, a few things disappoint me a lot: 1/ Even though I have 2010-11 maps, I cannot update my destination choice on the move. I have read through the forum postings here and others seem to be doing that via firmware update. How do I access the firmware update? The discs came from the supplying dealer, and are definitely genuine. I took the disc out, and reinserted it, but no firmware update option is visible anywhere 2/ On FM, whenever we switch on the rear window heater, there is a huge deterioration in the signal quality, with a lot of interference. Any thoughts? I tried uploading a video file to this site, but I am not allowed to do so. 3/ The Bluetooth implementation is just woeful. It seems that there is no way to manually type in names/numbers, and, as has been documented, the Bluetooth doesn't work with transferring data from iphone. According to the Lexus site, the Galaxy S 11 works perfectly, and I managed to borrow one, setup a Google account, backup all my vcf files from iPhone, transfer those to the galaxy S, connect to RX via Bluetooth, then after a struggle, managed to get the names into Phonebook 1. Alas, I soon realised that if a contact has more than 1 number, only the first number in the list is copied. eg, the home number, but not work or mobile. How useless is that? To discuss the above, I contacted Lexus Customer (non) service, who had no clue how to answer any of the above. They directed to a Premium Rate telephone number for Technical help (they initially declined to tell me that it cost £1.50 a minute, even though I asked). For a Premium Brand, I think that is disgusting. I did ring the supplying dealer who had promised to look into it for me previously, but, weeks later, I have yet to hear back from them. So, as I use the phone and sat nav a lot, it seems that paying a premium for the integrated systems has been a total waste of money. I am considering getting a Parrot fitted, can anyone confirm that I will need just the Parrot and the SOT lead. Do I need anything else? Will I retain the full functionality of the stereo steering wheel controls, as with other cars? I guess getting a Parrot with music playback will enable me to play music through the Mark Levinson stereo somehow - or will I need yet another interface? Thanks for your anticipated help.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums UKChris :)