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  1. NemesisUK

    2018 NX Luxury

    Congratulations, lovely looking car I'll second the service from Lexus Swindon, very attentive and never rushed.
  2. NemesisUK

    Tyre inflate for CT 200h CVT Advanced 1.8

    Best is subjective but I'd suggest starting with the recommended pressures as listed. See how the car feels ride wise, comfortable? Handling ok? Last metric is are the tyres wearing evenly?
  3. NemesisUK

    Reflection in windscreen.

    And driving position .. Should be fairly easy to make something suitable from a dark felt material?
  4. NemesisUK

    Reflection in windscreen.

    I do get a reflection from the binnacle part of the dash in my RC but never bad enough to worry me. Never had it in previous cars (Mercedes) The Americans are very keen on dash covers, if only to protect them from fading in the intense sunshine. Have you checked the market in the States. I used Amazon to buy a couple of easy-on Lexus seat covers only available in the US. As easy as buying from UK Amazon..
  5. The batteries can be replaced but it would be a DIY job as they are not designed for maintenance, Lexus will simply replace the complete sensor(s). IIRC they are ~£80 each The tyres will need to be removed and the new sensor will need to be registered to the car's system. There is a thread on the forum detailing the DIY replacement of the battery in the sensor. Battery is cheap less than £5 but requires soldering in place and re-potting to seal it in. The tyre will still need removing and re balancing in all cases.
  6. Does look like a duff batch of shocks then. Surely all Lexus can do is replace both under warranty?
  7. NemesisUK

    Is Future uncertain

    Yes the rear wheels have stored rotation energy but their contribution is insignificant. The physics and real world experience can be quite different... but no less real.
  8. NemesisUK

    Tyre inflate for CT 200h CVT Advanced 1.8

    Follow the pressures as listed on the door pillar label.
  9. NemesisUK

    Lexus IS300H energy monitor

    If the hybrid battery "goes bad" the ICE (internal combustion engine) will not function as all the electronics are powered via the hybrid (traction) battery.
  10. NemesisUK

    Effects of New Data Protection Legislation

    They don't need to destroy it but have to control how has access to it. Suppose it's simpler to just erase it.
  11. The Mercedes tech doc on replacing shock absorbers states only replace in pairs if the mileage is greater than 80,000 km unless the part number for the component has been superseded, in which case both must be replaced irrespective of mileage. Curiously ABC (the active body control system) suspension components are never replaced as pairs as the plungers work "wear free"! It'll be interesting how Lexus deal with such a low mileage failure. If it failed due to a manufacturing fault, surely the second unit is at similar risk (bad batch?)
  12. NemesisUK

    Is Future uncertain

    Actually I'm not 100% sure I'm correct in the above. Thinking more on it, the force is being applied at the tyre/road interface and in the direction towards the rear of the car, in the opposite direction to the car's motion. So, is that then more correctly termed a pulling force?
  13. NemesisUK

    Is Future uncertain

    The 'push' force you are feeling is being applied by the seat back, which in turn is being pulled forward by the only genuine motive force, that being applied to the front wheels. Those wheels are ahead of the observer, the driver (and his seat) and so commonly described as a pulling force. But of course as we all know a true 'pulling' force is one that is applied to an object in the opposite direction to that object's direction of motion. A true pushing force is one that is applied in the same direction of that object's motion. So, strictly speaking a FWD car is still being 'pushed' down the road.