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  1. TPMS is mandatory on cars registered from January 2015
  2. AGM batteries use sulphuric acid/water mix just as traditional wet or flooded batteries do. In fact I believe all batteries use sulphuric acid/water as the electrolyte
  3. Yes, I did this with my CLS55 and it's pretty much what the CTEK is designed for, permanent connection
  4. I used one of those on my CLS55, only problem was just opening the boot to check the connector indicators would always drop the light from green to amber! But very convenient for a quick connection, I left the leads permanently attached to the battery (well my MB dealership connected it all up for me!) and simply tucked the connector into the trim when not used.
  5. Definitely not true! TPMS is simply measuring the air pressure within the tyres. It makes no odd which tyres are fitted. When did you check the tyres pressures? To get the correct value the tyres must be cold, not driven for at least 4hrs and not in direct sunlight. Early morning is the best time to check.
  6. The traction battery will be fine for many weeks. The 12v battery could be hooked up to a maintenance charger, if you have access to mains supply? I have used and would recommend the CTEK mxs 5. Just connect to the 12v battery and leave connected for the duration.
  7. Can you change the resonant frequency of the exhaust by using worm drive hose clips around the pipe and/or silencer(s)?
  8. A clean car always drives better! That said it's just started peeing down here
  9. I've always believed that if one only uses a car infrequently one must ensure that when it is driven everything gets up to full working temperatures. That should also include the exhaust, making sure to drive out and dry out condensation, otherwise one could be accelerating corrosion in the exhaust.
  10. I believe the only mode in which the traction battery doesn't get charged is 'N' (neutral) I was also under the impression the accelerator is 'disabled' when the brake pedal is depressed?
  11. The groove isn't really that deep, I can feel it with my fingernail but it hasn't got deeper, it just looks more concentrated, if that makes sense?
  12. Perhaps not related, as there was no sound/screeching whatever but I had this in January Which has now gone to this after ~1k miles Dealership advised just to monitor the wear as they checked it over (in January) and found nothing amiss
  13. Buyers are always quick to complain, slow to praise. I have had an MXS 5 for 6yrs, no problems at all.
  14. Thanks Herbs, I was sort of right then but you explain it perfectly