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  1. In my RC if I set the base level to my preference when parked up, it's lost when on the move. Conversely set it when moving and it sounds like a Halfords special boombox when parked!! Unless the system can adjust automatically to compensate for ambient noise it's never going to be 'right' to my ears.
  2. NemesisUK

    RCF Tyres prices

    Do Lexus dealers match tyre shop prices? Mercedes used to, even online, just not special offers etc.. I always had MB fit new tyres. One of my pet hates/worries is how well and carefully the fitters remove the old balance weights.
  3. According to the website section for the RC (you are looking to change the speakers in the RC-F not an ML?) "An eco-friendly technology initiative, GreenEdge™ improves sonic performance while reducing power consumption, weight, and heat generation." It also states - "Mark Levinson engineers have spent thousands of man-hours collaborating with Lexus engineers to achieve the precise Mark Levinson Sonic Signature for each vehicle. That means determining the optimal system architecture and placing speakers so that each passenger hears the full concert—a three-dimensional orchestra from the front to the back of the car." Clearly if their solution doesn't fit with your ears you should embark on a journey of experimentation. I love auditioning source/pre-amp/power amp/speakers, usually in store first to narrow down the selection, then at home to hear how it interacts with my room. Hours of fun. Shame the number of retailers willing to indulge is rapidly declining ...
  4. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page I linked a above for a list of all Harmon group marques.
  5. All part of the Harman group.
  6. The link in mine and [Error]'s post above will detail the exact position and speaker type/size in the RC, just select the car from the links down the page.
  7. If it's similar to the screen in my RC300h it means energy recovered? I think it's every 5kW
  8. Yes, audio is very much a personal thing. That said I'd imagine ML have researched speakers to put together a matched in car system? I'd be more tempted to add sound deadening to the doors/panels before changing speakers. Give them to best opportunity to reproduce what's being fed to them? I don't have ML in my battery RC and find the sound perfectly adequate for listening to speech/music in a moving tin box... I saved the extra £1k it cost to spec in my car and added it to my home system budget, where I can control the room acoustics . Yes, as said, audio is very much a personal thing.
  9. NemesisUK

    Lexus smart cover and structural blue

    I imagine it's more a description of the type of paint rather than a positional reference?
  10. Speed camera alert. It's an undocumented function of the sat nav. It cannot be switched off as far as I'm aware.
  11. NemesisUK

    Do the headlights turn off automatically

    If headlights are on auto, they go off as soon as you switch off the ignition. If you have them on manual, then as one opens the driver's door the dash will ping at you. At least on my '16 hybrid.
  12. Don't do it too quickly. Allow a couple of seconds between touches and I find it works very consistently, a second flash of the indicators confirming deadlocking.
  13. "Suzannah Harvey It was only replaced 3 years ago- I’ll let you draw your own conclusions... the wind was gusting max 45 at the time."
  14. NemesisUK

    My 2nd RCF!!?

    Found this beauty on their website