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  1. If cornering lights you'll need the engine running and steering turned sufficiently to trigger them. Should also come on with the indicator, below a certain speed. That's who they've worked on my cars in the past, admittedly not Lexus though.
  2. Yes
  3. Wow, that looks good.. Must resist, must resist...
  4. Had a pleasant little gift arrive today It's the little things that make the difference Happy Easter
  5. Yes, tether either as WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot. The e-store doesn't function yet, if it ever will.
  6. Tacky.. Doesn't your GS come with a clock?
  7. Well, you've just described my new car, arriving end of June (hopefully!) Azure Blue F-Sport with red leather and Takumi pack. Will also be getting it ceramic coated (again, current car is coated, works well), apparently Lexus have broken from Williams and now have their own branded product. It's a long wait ....
  8. Check the stats from to see what others get from the same models in real world driving.
  9. What you see through polarised glasses is the stress patterns in the glass caused by the toughening process. In the old days before windscreens became laminated one just couldn't wear polarised sunglasses when driving!!
  10. Glass naturally absorbs UVA and the plastic film between the layers (that creates the laminated screen) absorbs the UVB Side windows do absorb UVA but unless especially coated allow cancer causing UVB through. There is a much higher incidence of freckles and skin cancers on left arms (in the US) and right arms (in the UK)
  11. Any hire car can hit 60 in under 4sec, it's a well know fact. Closely followed by any rep mobile, then a white van ....