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  1. It's because they dim, they contain a photochromic layer. Must admit to not noticing a distinct band before, just a general blue hue across all but the very edges of the mirrors.
  2. I've found that SMS messaging won't work if the phone is acting as a hotspot or is tethered to the NAV system providing live weather/parking/fuel prices etc..
  3. I have used D:class in Cobham, they did a complete interior retrim in Nappa leather on my Mercedes. They can source original spec leathers. Excellent service and first class workmanship
  4. Any decent retrim shop should be able to replace the split panels with identical leather for significantly less than those quotes. Many such slits can be repaired in situ, virtually invisibly. Your location may be the biggest hurdle though...
  5. My RC does it during the colder days. Many marques do it, including Mercedes and Porsche....
  6. The website does state car parking is free
  7. Ditto.. My car is getting seriously grubby even on the shortest of trips! I am really amazed at how the front wheel fling up so much muck on to the sides, equally bad on the rear. My dealer has said there is no plans to provide mud flaps for the 2019 model. I still can't see why the flaps from a pre-fcelift can't be fitted to the fronts at least but no, dealer says they will not fit.
  8. Owner's and Infotainment manuals are now online download PDFs Register with the My Lexus website and you can access the manuals and also see the complete service history for the car Manuals can be access separately if you wish simply click on the icon top right of the home webpage
  9. Similar advice to that from Mercedes, replace singularly below 80km, unless there is obvious faults/failure both sides.
  10. So, 0.3 mile is 0.5 km (pedant mode would be 0.48 km!! ), I got my units wrong!
  11. Strange that such a new car has this missing Sure I read here that quite a few had fuse covers missing, something to do with accessories fitted and piggyback fuses meaning the cover wouldn't fit? Do you have a dashcam hard wired in?
  12. Anything on the US Lexus forums? They seem quite handy with the mods.