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  1. Whereas Maclaren, Porsche ...?
  2. Can't say I've found it an issue. When driving 'enthusiastically' (the only time I really use the paddles) I rarely remove my hands from the wheel, the positioning at 9/3 o'clock is just perfect IMHO. Any 'gear' changes would be done well before negotiating any corners requiring more steering lock.
  3. NemesisUK

    Who's going to admit it?

    Ouch! Didn't appear to be much damage?
  4. NemesisUK

    New RCF owner

    Metaphorically speaking hopefully!! Look forward to meeting you at one of our GTGs
  5. NemesisUK

    New RCF owner

    Very nice What's the interior colour?
  6. I've found that if one has the phone tethering, providing live traffic, parking etc, the text function doesn't work. On my Pixel 2 android.
  7. Are there two types of headlamp control? One, as in my RC, that simply dips the main beam and a second that (I think) rayaans describes, that modifies the beam pattern of the high beam?
  8. NemesisUK

    affichage GPS

    Avez-vous essayé de sélectionner l'icône boussole. (sorry, simple Google translation) Edit - beaten to it ...
  9. Unfortunately TPMS of some description is now a requirement on all new cars (from 2010?) The ABS indirect system s probably the least costly but also the least accurate, version.
  10. NemesisUK

    Non start

    Gear selector in P?
  11. If you use the paddles you will use engine braking not regenerative braking. I've found it less effective in recharging the battery. The engine will come on to provide the retardation. If you simply apply the brakes you can push the regen to max quite easily. Using the paddles whilst in D will limit the gear range, great if negotiating hills.
  12. No button at the 5 o'clock position under the speedometer?
  13. NemesisUK

    New RCF owner

    Welcome ... Great cars but....
  14. Averages calculated from brim to brim fill ups are the only meaningful figures. OBC readouts are heavily influenced by when it was reset and read