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  1. NemesisUK

    The Fisker Emotion

    Press suggests approx $130,000
  2. Over in the States there is a contention that pattern 'screens are thinner than Lexus OEM. No idea if that's backed up in any way. As 'screens are pretty much structural these days, so I can't see how that could be true. Unless the Lexus part is vastly over-specc'd
  3. NemesisUK

    The Fisker Emotion

    Boasting a 400 miles range and charge times of 1min or less! Still to be proven though.
  4. NemesisUK

    Acid leak in RC300h

    An interesting document from Lexus-Tech EU, just for info. Dismantling the RC300h_AVC10.pdf
  5. NemesisUK

    IS got side swiped!

    Do you have legal cover?
  6. Dealers don't fit windscreens .. Autoglass Is a franchise, so local fitters will vary. try and go to your local depot for fitting.
  7. Autoglass were able to calibrate all Mercedes cameras etc.. I'd imagine they could do any marque?
  8. NemesisUK

    Smell when AC turned off

    Check the a/c heat exchanger drain is clear? I've no idea where this would be on you model, guessing somewhere central, near the front of the transmission tunnel?
  9. NemesisUK

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    Manual gearboxes are open to misuse/abuse though. Misuse can labour the engine, far worse than high revs. Auto boxes will always have the engine in the optimal rev range. Unless using the car for track days, I can't see why one would want to stir the cogs manually.. e-CVT even better, when one feels the need to 'go manual' one is rewarded with near instant 'gear' changes, almost PlayStation like.
  10. NemesisUK

    Smell when AC turned off

    My advice is never turn the a/c off.. It adds an insignificant load and negligible mpg cost. Leaving the a/c on permanently ensures all the system seals are lubricated and ensures the air is dehumidified, bacteria can't grow in the dry environment in the heat exchanger and duct work.. There really is no downside to leaving it on, let the system operate as designed in Auto mode..
  11. NemesisUK

    NX SatNav Map updates

    I just updated my Premium Nav unit with a micro-SD card from Toyota-EU, part number PZ445-US335-0P I paid approx 3x the price in your link but felt more comfortable to have the card from Toyota, less chance of corrupted data, or possible missing/incomplete data. I simply removed the original card and replaced with the update. When powered up it automatically updated the maps and then updated the software. My dealer wanted £640 for the card and £30 labour to perform the update ....
  12. NemesisUK

    Acid leak in RC300h If the battery was leaking it would be pretty obvious with liquid or, now, caking on or around the battery? Has the interior been cleaned recently? it's a puzzle, please keep us updated?
  13. Any car can be a target for theft on demand. The C63 is particularly popular and relatively easily ringed as there are so many on the road. Get yourself a scrapyard dog .... a hungry one at that..
  14. NemesisUK

    Acid leak in RC300h

    How on earth did the battery acid get up there? Surely even AGM (gel) batteries are acidic?