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  1. Do you have auto-wipers? If so check they correctly set-up the new screen and sensor.
  2. On my RC it does this when I haven't tethered my phone as I have set the Nav to automatically download routes from the portal.
  3. NemesisUK

    Floor mats

    Looking at the spec here, they are included - "Textile carpet mats" (Follow the link to Compare Grades - INTERIOR COMFORT & CONVENIENCE )
  4. Don't know if these docs help at all? Tyre Pressure ID Registration.pdf Tyre Pressure Warning System Description.pdf
  5. AFAIK one must replace the UK spec lamps with Continental spec to pass the Spanish 'MoT'
  6. Captured this morning Yes, sad I know ...
  7. Give your dealership a call, you never know, might be a quick turnaround possible.
  8. The fact the background is moving would suggest it is the F-Sport software. Something else is not programmed correctly, to move the physical ring.
  9. Search out Rocket Bunny
  10. Wear in the mechanism may allow the glass to move out of correct alignment. I had this on my Merc. Needed a new winder mech and readjustment of the glass alignment. Might be possible to cure just by careful adjustment of the glass, you need to find an experienced independent ..