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  1. Had both my RC300h cars done when new. Very easy to keep clean and always looks very glossy Wheels clean up with just a wipe with a damp cloth, brake dust doesn't adhere at all.
  2. Probably better starting your own thread? Do the handles come painted, Does the £412 include colour matching? Guess you could try a breakers Personally I don't think the price is extortionate ..
  3. Ditto, sun cream in the summer and hand cream in the winter. Oh, and glitter if I chauffeur on a girls night out!!! All comes off with leather cleaner or Meg's interior detailer. I'd try the latter on the vinyl or baby wipes or micellar water (fancy!)
  4. Get the dealer to do it! I normally have them changed at service time and my dealership has always done it FOC and has done so out of service also, obviously I buy the blades from them but they are not expensive. Last time I even got 50% off the purchase price!
  5. I had ceramic/glass coating applied to both my new RC300h cars. Definitely makes cleaning much easier and quicker. The car always looks very glossy. Is it worth it? IMHO yes, it's cost wasn't great relative to the total purchase price.
  6. Don't reset the TPMS system, adjust the tyre pressure back up. Tyre pressures drop in cooler weather
  7. I receive these emails on a fairly regular basis and I do respond by taking part in online surveys, some are very brief, some go on for many pages! I declined the discussion forum aspect That all said I don't recall having to create an account and password, although I do have a Lexus Link/My Lexus account, maybe that's why?
  8. But conversely one wouldn't need to trickle charge the 12v in the hybrid, simply put the car into the Ready state for 20-30 mins once a week and let the traction battery recharge the 12v. Should the traction battery charge drop too low the petrol engine will cut in and quickly bring the charge level back up. Personally, for a little used car I'd go for the V8 and permanently attach the CTEK....
  9. After 2 attempts to get my steering sorted, I had to take a technician out with me before Lexus would accept my (brand new) RC steering wheel wasn't horizontal when driving straight. So I know your frustration and also know the calibration procedure is complex and time consuming, which is presumably why service centres are reluctant to launch into it... Do keep us updated on how things go.
  10. Beautiful car and a great colour combo
  11. Either will excel at that. The RX, with the bigger power unit may be more relaxing to drive but the down side would be fewer miles per gallon. The RX will also be able to carry more luggage, depending on how many passengers there may be. My personal choice from the two models would be the RX but clearly I have chosen the RC300 as this best suits my requirements. As in any decision on car purchasing, test drive, test drive again and test drive as long as the vendor will allow.
  12. What is the main use you will put the car to? The GS and RX are quite different models. Best is a very subjective and without context or criteria difficult advise