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  1. Ensure the screen is very clean inside. A dirt film attracts water vapour and allows it to condense on the surface. Check the condition of the cabin filter(s), check the underlying floor sound deadening is dry. Keep the a/c switched on permanently, this dehumidifies the air.
  2. Various VIN decoder sites are giving the build date as 01-08-2017 So, this car has been doing the rounds for a couple of years, or stored somewhere Lexus-Tech eu. biuld sheets shows the car has AVS
  3. You could use one of the 'up-rated' halogen offerings?
  4. Can't say I've noticed that it is any worse than before. I always dry the door shuts and in doing so encourage the drips from the mirrors, ready for the final wipe.
  5. I believe that's for service and tech docs, rather than the connected services account required to link to the car's multimedia unit?
  6. Try -
  7. Doesn't the a/c direct more cooled air to the floor when the ventilated seat function is selected? In the RC there is a synergy between the two functions, with the a/c controlling the seat fan speed under certain conditions. The swap may well be physically possible but there may be numerous control factors and coding required. Without 'official' Lexus retro-fit support I doubt it would be fully functioning..
  8. Built on special request would have to mean it's been assembled from spares and that would be hugely expensive (never mind the labour costs)!! My guess is they were unsold 2016 models that have been doing the rounds in Japan dealerships and finally shipped over here, quite possibly "on special request". Looking at the spec, did the GSF have 12.3" touch audio/nav display back in 2016? Maybe some (expensive) retro-fits?
  9. Have you tried pressing and holding for 5sec? I'd suggest taking it back to the garage for them to sort, if they caused the problem..
  10. From the above mentioned handbook .. "Switching to EV drive mode when the gasoline engine is cold If the hybrid system is started while the gasoline engine is cold, the gasoline engine will start automatically in order to warm up. In this case, you will become unable to switch to EV drive mode To prevent gasoline engine warm up in order to reduce noises, start the hybrid system without starting the gasoline engine, pressing the power switch with fully depressing the brake pedal and pressing the EV drive mode switch." This is slightly different from the process in my RC, where one puts the car into the Ready state and then presses the EV mode switch. This 2019 RC model waits a considerably longer period of time before starting the gasoline engine compared with the 2016 model
  11. According to the 2014 GS (the OP's model year) handbook the car does have an EV mode switch (page 260) which works in the same way as the mode in the 2019 RC..
  12. You changed the oil and filter but has the level been re-checked? Does the RX have a dipstick, or maybe just the tube?
  13. Two of the speakers are double cones i.e. two speakers in one unit. Each end of the dashboard..
  14. One can force the car into EV mode even on a cold start if one presses the EV button before the ICE starts (at least one can on the RC), usually within 5sec of the Ready light illuminating..