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  1. NemesisUK

    2 questions: Leather cleaner/magnetised fastener -

    Use the water drop test to check if leather is sealed/coated. If the droplet is absorbed, unsealed. If the droplet just sits on the surface, sealed/coated. Oil or grease can stain even coated leather. It would be very unusual for automotive leather to be uncoated ....
  2. NemesisUK

    IS300h - mpg question

    Search on for real world mpg figures
  3. NemesisUK

    Caffeine and Machine meet - Sat 9th March

    Depending on date, I'm up for a burger ...
  4. NemesisUK

    2 questions: Leather cleaner/magnetised fastener -

    Mild (wool) soap solution in warm water applied with a damp (not wet) soft cloth will remove most contamination. Very grubby/ingrained dirt might need a little agitation with a soft nail brush. Wipe over with clean damp cloth, job done. Or you can buy the Lexus leather cleaner kit ...
  5. Fitting Hid lamps into halogen light units is an MoT fail and potentially dazzling to other drivers. You could try fitting upgraded halogen lamps from the likes of Phillips or Osram i.e. Nightbreaker +
  6. Tyre pressures ok? The colder weather will cause a drop in pressure
  7. NemesisUK

    RC as Cargo Carrier

    You obviously haven't been on holiday with my good lady, just a stay of a few days will involve a ridiculous amount of luggage! I thought the RC might necessitate a rationalisation in the number of outfits chosen but no, it all went in there. Ok, the car will never challenge an estate for load lugging but it's descriptively capacious! How did the car handle with what must have been quite a weight back there?
  8. NemesisUK

    Tyre pressure Display

    I don't believe the CT has the function to display individual pressures, nothing mentioned in the handbook accept the warning lamp.
  9. NemesisUK


    Amazing isn't it, how roads and junctions one drives every day suddenly become totally unfamiliar? Trying to judge the kerb even when walking isn't easy. Nearly came a cropper a couple of times!!
  10. NemesisUK


    Bad enough here the road edges have disappeared, still snowing hard too.. I'm going nowhere
  11. Yes, Autoglym suggest it's use to prevent door seals sticking in freezing weather.
  12. NemesisUK


    It's a limit, not a target.. Just how much time does one 'save'?
  13. NemesisUK

    Which Fuel For Isf

    Many modern engines can self adjust to make best use, or safest in the case of lower grade fuel. Takes one or two tank fulls but certainly noticed the difference in my AMG. For the small additional cost I always use V-Power, even now in the hybrid.
  14. NemesisUK

    Nice test drive today

    It creates a talking point, attention grabbing .. I will admit to quite liking the LC in that colour, it's the interior options I have trouble with.
  15. This is the version I use, have done for many years...