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  1. Is it needed on a Lexus?? Choose the cheapest or out the money aside, just in case..
  2. Have you actually tried the new battery in the fob and checked if the car still complains?
  3. Were you moving whilst attempting to view?
  4. Must be possible to route the charger wires or main lead up from under the car? Bonnet and boot seals tend to be quite compliant I managed to easily close the boot on my CLS with the mains lead trailing out.
  5. Come the colder weather no one will want to be sitting in a quickly cooling car, hardly able to see out the misting up windows, the barely big enough screen obscured by the driving rain.....
  6. I'm guessing the plastic panel is a skin over the metal boot lid, to make it easier (cheaper) to accommodate the various regional designs of registration plate?
  7. What a shame, sorry to read this but hopefully a simple repair. Just hope there's nothing untoward lurking behind the visible damage to the bumper, crumple boxes etc.. I also assumed the boot would be metal, interesting.. Please keep us updated how things work out.
  8. As above but I would use a dry PTFE lube spray (as used on MTB chains) WD40 is rather thin, more a water dispersant. Either way, looks like a strip-down required.
  9. Spanners and a hacksaw? Wouldn't this depend a lot on the type and size of cycle involved?
  10. After many years with Direct Line they suddenly upped the premium on my RC and by a significant amount! I'm now with SAGA at a similar cost to my original premium, whats more it's fixed for 3yrs, as long as I don't change anything or make a claim..
  11. Can't get two more different performances!?