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  1. @Tango. Take a picture of them both parked in the garage front ways! @Prolex - Another, ive got this ive got that situation!
  2. I know someone who has a GS450H, and returns, on average 29MPG over the tank. This, of course could be more if it wasnt driven hard at all, but, to say how fast it is, they are still some impressive fuel figures - when my IS200AUTO gets about 22mpg over the tank!
  3. I think they have done a bad job of the IS250. The interior is a "Mini Lexus GS". Even the IS250 SR dosnt look that sporty from the front as the front headlamps just make it look like a reps car. Also, someone has a IS300 who was thinking about buying one, and swayed away from it, as the IS300 felt quicker. When i get rid of my IS200 (i may keep and add a small turbo or something) i may try and get an IS300. Its still a great looking car 10 years on!
  4. £60 gets me around 260 miles Thats town driving in an Auto
  5. Why would you change for a more expensive, slower model? The 250 CC does look quite a nice car, but too slow and expensive!
  6. I know they have changed the rear lights - just saying i really dont like the silver bits in the lights. Ive seen many on the road. And if people are saying the oil burner is rubbish, then thats there opinion!!!! And it depends how you drive to get the better return than petrol!!
  7. Ive just cut the second airbox bit off my OEM, and left open for now. Going to see if its better sealed or open with a k&n - Been told you have experimented with this Mat??
  8. ive just cut my airbox down, and going to add a k&n filter. Induction kits fitted to the left (as your looking at the engine) drag in hot air from the manifold. The standard OEM airbox seams to do a very good job at bringing in cold air
  9. Yep. Look at this picture IS250 No silver bits in the lights. And why would i be jelous when i have one of the last IS200's to be built, in quite a rare colour? Dosnt make scense?
  10. I dont like these. My car came fitted with one of these spoilers, but with a brake light in. Looks better i think with a brake light
  11. Wheels look nice but thats it. For some reason, i really dont like these IS220D's or IS250's. They dont look aggresive, they just look sales man kind of car, but they are quite quick!! Also, change those rear light, the silver bits look bad!!
  12. Thats because its lexus owners club!! Im guessing around £3k?? Ive seen a 54 reg, sat nav, parking sensors, full leather, 12500 miles @ stockport and that was up at £8700.
  13. Its look like gone are the days where they were cheeper than the rivals, and better specd.
  14. I would destory my box if i tried to set off @ 5000RPM, its an Automatic!
  15. right. So in a way i was correct about pulling out of juntions, as there is less power being produced lower down the revs
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