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  2. Thanks fellas, some great points there, I think I will keep an eye out for Goodyears, checked my treads yesterday and I have 2 on 3mm and 2 4mm so I've probably got at least the summer before I need to sort them, thanks.
  3. Hi fellas, I'm soon going to need a new set, maybe over the summer sometime and thought I would ask for some suggestions please. I know its been asked a million times but with new tyres coming along etc I thought it would be ok me asking. My Is200 is currently on Potenza RE050 tyres, down to 3-4mm which I find very loud so would like something quieter if poss. I've got these 4 in mind so opinions welcome :-) Thanks
  4. I've got to say they look superb, not many styles go well on the IS imo but these are very smart!
  5. How is it since matey? still got a smooth pull away or has the judder returned?
  7. Theres one just gone on on Ebay, item number 300897992484
  8. Sorry I can't help your question but any idea how come the temp and mpg guages are switched around from how mine are?
  9. Not far mate, how much did they charge you . Erm again, I kind of knew the guy, worked with him in a way years ago, so I got a decent "trade" price. For the job he did though I would have paid whatever he asked and I was prepared to as well. Give him a buzz, his name is Ian, my name is Steve (with the Silver IS200, small dents in near side rear door) see what he says 07774715592, Goodluck.
  10. istanbul05 are you anywhere near St Helens, I had 3 knocked out of my door by The Dent Man there last week, really nice fella and the door now has no marks on what so ever
  11. I've only just had mine refurbed, even though they were only very slightly corroded, the fella showed me how the corrosion 'pits' the alloy, he had an air-powered sander to try and take the alloy down far enough past the corrosion but it wasn't easy, but got there after abit of patience. As I said my wheels were actually very decent, I'm just a bit fussy, worse wheels would need shot blasting and repairing which he reckoned could be done for around £200 a set.
  12. Well, got the dents done, when I got there, I knew the guy who owns The Dent Man franchise that I went to, I last saw him over 13 years ago and he remembered me! lol small world ay!. Nothing else got done as it was too windy :-)
  13. Wow I cant believe those pics are taken through a reflection! Thats like new again!