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  1. Dodgy:- Thanks mate, I will be popping in to see whats going on from time to time, will miss my Lex, but not the customer service! I have popped back to the Audi Stealer and they have marked it up £2k more than I got for it! She looked gorgeous too, maybe I would have got more money had I paid for a full valet on it? Anyway, thats by the by now, I have my TT and I am really chuffed with it! :zee: Metserve:- They replaced them under warranty as my arguement was: 1) They did not need replacing because they were worn out, but simply because of the lip that had formed. 2) When I bought the car, I was told "you wont need to replace a part in the first year of ownership sir, thats why we have it RAC inspected AND we perfom our own 100+ check". 3) The mechanic could not guarentee that it would cure the problem and I was NOT willing to fork out all that money for something that might not cure the problem. Also, I was rather angry and phoned Lexus GB to complain, they were going to foot the bill if the warranty company didnt! I will say though, this might have been offered as I have had ALOT of run-ins with the dealer, the problem was found just after a service and it was a MONTH before they even booked the car back in to look at it. One interesting fact I was told by the RAC, when I phoned the legal department for advice about how I had been dealt with by Lexus, I was informed that they could not offer me advice as "Lexus are part of the same group as us, we are owned by the same company, therefore we would be advising you on how to sue ourselves"... No wonder you get a RAC inspection done then :winky: Nick P.S. I also found out last week, from an Audi dealer (not the one I bought my new car from), that my Lexus had been in a crash! He spotted that the bumper was coming away on the passenger front wing and there was a VERY bad respray job carried out on the car! There was lots of over spray and clearly see that too much lacquer had been used! So much for the RAC inspection pointing these things out!!!! I would have taken this further, but I am fed up of fighting with Lexus and luckily for me, the Audi dealer I did buy my car from, didnt spot it!
  2. Chaps Thought I would pop on and let you know how I got on with the noises on the car. Well the right wheel was easy enough, it was the backing plate of the pad causing the problem, the mechanic packed it out with grease and the problem has gone! As for the front left wheel noise, the mechanic found it was there was a lip on the disc! Anyway, after arguing the point that the disc was a problem part and NOT due to wear and tear, the warranty company kindly agreed to both front discs being replaced! This was done today at Lexus Oxford, who I might add did a fantastic job, MUCH better customer service was received. Many thanks to Shelley, the service receptionist, she certainly seems to be whipping them into shape! As for the car, well I am trading it in this afternoon when I pick up my Audi TT-R. Many thanks to all who I have dealt with on here, have received lots of useful help with the car etc... Special mention to Altezza-Scott, for his help. Nick
  3. 2 Pac - Wonder Why They Call You B**ch "I guess he said he had a Lexxxus, what's next? You headin' to his car for some s*x" Top tune....
  4. Hello All Well I have found a TT-R that I know want to buy and I am looking for a quick turnaround on the selling of my car now. So, I am dropping the price to £11k, will consider sensible offers though. Thanks Nick
  5. Hi All Just noted the write up at the front of the forum, saying "Lexus best to sell aswell", would this be second hand any chance? The only reason I ask is that 9 months ago I bought my car for £14k and now the best offer I have had is £10k! No wonder they sell well... Nick
  6. On a recent visit to Lexus Oxford, I was informed that from now on you MUST retrun the car on a full tank of fuel or there is a penalty charge. Having said this, I always made sure that I left more fuel in it than I was given, always a git when you get given a loan car and have to run on fumes to the nearest petrol station. I dont think you have to use your own insurance, but they do make you sign a form showing your up for a £500 excess should anything happen to the car!
  7. Sounds dogey to me.... I know a nice W plate on 30,000 miles up for sale, bit more money, but genuine UK car with correct logbook details... I would'nt be biased of course... LOL.
  8. Hi All Thanks to those of you who have shown interest/made offers. Are some of you dealers by any chance? LoL I am holding out for the full asking price, as I know it is still a bargain at £11.5k. I am in no hurry at the moment, as the TT I was interested in has been sold. Thanks again. Nick P.S. Those of you put of by my recent problems and run-ins with a certain dealer, I have taken the car to Lexus Guildford for a second opinion and they also believe it is the wheel bearings. The car goes in next Monday for this to be done under warranty.
  9. Hi All Well I have decided its time to sell my car, have put details in the buy/sell section of the site. PM if you or anyone you know, might be interested. Thanks Nick
  10. ***** THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD, DUE TO LITTLE RESPONSE, THE AUDI STEALER HAS HIMSELF A BARGAIN!!!!!!!***** Hi I am looking to sell my W Reg Year 2000 IS200SE... Colour: Granite Sky Condition: Mint Mileage: 31,000 genuine miles Service History: Full Lexus History JUST had 4 year/40,000 mile service MOT & Tax: Nov 2004 Extra: The only add on extra to this already high spec'd car is a lip spoiler with brake light. Remainder of Lexus Warranty till Nov 2004 Priced to sell at £11,500 Reason for sale: Audi TT arriving soon! This is a bargain for the mileage and colour, I have looked through the Autotrader etc... at other prices, you would be hard pushed to find an IS in this conditon and low mileage. Please pm me if your SERIOUSLY interested.
  11. Sorry chaps.... I did put an advert for my car here, but I can't do it.... I can't part with it.
  12. Well I would give you guys an update, but as of yet I have STILL not heard back from Lexus Oxford, despite emailing them 4 times and the last straw was cc'ing the email to Lexus GB! Lexus GB called me the next day to talk things over, they infact contacted Oxford directly and told me that they would be ringing them again this week (Wednesday I believe), wanting to hear that my car had been fixed or at the very least booked in! I wonder what they are going to say/do, when they hear the centre hasn't even bothered to contact me??? I was tempted yesterday to just drive to Oxford, dump the car on them and say I dont want to see it till its fixed! But, there was the risk of them not having a loan car for me and also I want to know what Lexus GB are going to do about this whole situation. I am really very down on Lexus at the moment, I know its not the cars fault, but I am angry to think I bought into what I was lead to believe a "customer orientated" organisation, with all these awards they keep boasting about! Well I am neither seeing good customer service (saw better with Ford) and with all the niggly problems I read on this site, I don't think I have bought a car with value for money anymore... Sorry to say it guys, but I think a Boxster will be sat on my drive sooner rather than later....
  13. Hi All Quick update.... Having spoken to 2 ex Lexus employees at the Toyota dealership, unfortunately they are unable to do anything with the car, whilst it is warranty work. Having chatted things over with them, they had advised that seeing as the car JUST had a service that cost £300+, I should go back to the dealer and get them to sort the problems out. If I have no joy, they recommended I drop Guildford a line (where they used to work) and mention they sent me. So, against my better judgement I am having to go back chasing Lexus Oxford... I have written them another email and am waiting to hear what they say. It has been 26 days since I originally told them about the problems and as of yet, I have not heard from them! Hate to say it people, but I am beginning to regret buying this sodding car!
  14. Popped into the local Toyota dealership, on my way home from work yesterday. Unfortunately the fitters had finished for the day, but I spoke to a most helpful guy in sales. He has told me to pop in tomorrow and he is sure they can sort things out for me. All I have to do, is take my warranty paperwork with me, he will check it over and make sure they can cover the work (he seemed sure that they can) and they will fix the problems for me! At last, I am seeing customer care! And all in a local friendly Toyota Dealership! Wake up Lexus Dealers, your beginning to slack! Will keep you all informed, as to how I get on. Nick
  15. Hi The ball joints have not been checked, but this is something I was beginning to wonder, having seen other posts. I have already had dealings with the branch manager, infact whenever I email them I ALWAYS cc him on them now... Nick