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  1. I have an odd problem. Every few days, when I go to unlock the car with the keyfob, it doesn't work - the car doesn't seem to receive the signal. I then have to unlock it with the door lock, which sets the alarm off but relocking and unlocking again usually stops the alarm? I've tried a new battery in the keyfob, so: 1. Does anybody have an idea why it is losing sync with the keyfob? 2. If the alarm can be disabled by locking/unlocking with the key, why does unlocking it with key set it off in the first place? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. IS200 power door does not operate

    The central locking doesn't work off the key - only the fob and the switch on the drivers door handle. Sorry, that doesn't help your problem - it's a red herring. It caught me out too.
  3. Central locking intermittently forgets?

    So it's been a month now and it's been fine, although it still happened once *after* I replaced the battery... Maybe it was something causing interference?
  4. Central locking intermittently forgets?

    Scared the crap out of the binmen on Friday morning
  5. Central locking intermittently forgets?

    Interesting that somebody mentions it could be the car battery - mine has gone flat a few times recently, although when it refuses to unlock the car, it still starts OK. Maybe I should treat myself to a new car battery and see if that helps... Once the alarm is reset it seems to work fine again, so I don't think it's anything physical. I'll let you know if I get anywhere with it. At the moment I'm locking the car with the door button - it's too embarrassing when the alarm goes off at work!
  6. Increase Auto Light Sensitivity?

    Interestingly, in the handbook, it says that the sensitivity can be adjusted by a Lexus dealer...
  7. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    Ah - no 5th wheel?
  8. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    Could be - is it just wheels, or tyres too? Ie a straight swap?
  9. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    Have you got a picture of them?
  10. Jack it up, take the wheel off and have a good feel around to see if anything it loose...
  11. I noticed a nasty rubbing noise when I hit 70 this morning. Sounded like something rubbing against a tyre, but it turns out it was one of the plastic panels just in front of the exhaust had come loose at one end and was hanging down on the road. Does anybody know where I can get the nuts that hold this panel on? They are captive plastic nuts that grip onto studs on the underneath of the car.
  12. Underbody panel nuts?

    Thanks for the suggestion - I've used a couple of flanged nuts for now. Seems to be on OK - I guess they're likely to get rusted on after a while which is probably why they used plastic ones...
  13. Speaker upgrade

    Anyone know if these will fit?
  14. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement front nearside mud flap/guard from? I've always assumed they were OEM, but I guess they could be aftermarket ones. Were they an option?
  15. Front mud flaps/guards

    Thanks - I'll give them a try...
  16. On nearly every other car I've had when you wind down the side windows, it clears the rain and condensation off. Doesn't seem to happen on my IS - is it just that the rubber trim has gone hard or something, or is it the same for everybody?
  17. Cold Start

    Funny you should post this - I've noticed in the past few days that mine is doing something similar. It still starts fine, but sounds a little bit different... doesn't last a second though. Maybe it's just the weather?
  18. Glad to know I'm not alone then. I found a replacement rubber trim on eBay, but I don't think I'll bother... thanks for the replies!
  19. Is there any way to revert to the old style? Why do I have to keep clicking a button to 'load more activity'...
  20. Oh god, what have they done to the forums?

    The nearest thing I can find to return to the old style is to bookmark an individual forum, e.g This takes you straight to the IS200/IS300 forum displayed with good old fashioned pages.
  21. Warped Hubs?

    @Doody - give it a couple of thousand miles before you give up - I know it sounds bizarre, but mine began wobbling again after about 1000 miles, but after a few more it gradually stopped. I can't explain it, but it's no longer an issue...
  22. Best Hids For Is200

    I've just fitted a set of HID's from More expensive than eBay, but they came with everything needed to fit (took about 15 minutes) without needing to modify anything. It will take about 2 minutes to put the original bulbs back in for the MOT. They also have a 'shield' on the bulb to reduce the glare for oncoming drivers, which I believe they've patented so you can't get similar on eBay. The light is much better than the original halogens, although the beam is not very 'clean' - there are a few brighter patches. Probably what you would expect from HIDs in reflector lenses. Not too bothered though, because I can see more than I could before! Not had a single flash from an oncoming vehicle since fitting (mid December) so I'm very pleased. They didn't have the 55w kit available when I ordered, but they have got them on pre-order. I'm tempted to upgrade for even more light...
  23. Quick Question...

    What is the point of the 'valet' key without the boot release button, when the valet could just pull the boot release inside the car?
  24. Quick Question...

    Ah - so if you manually lock the boot, the inner release doesn't work! Now I understand. What was confusing was that the remote on the master key opens the boot even when it's manually locked - which I wasn't expecting. I can't quite work out why the valet key doesn't work the glove box or boot - is it just because the central bit is slightly thicker?
  25. Quick Question...

    I thought the valet key was the grey one without a boot release button on it? Does the grey one not work the glovebox?