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  1. Finally think I have found the problem after spending 2.85 on a voltage checker, I have found that the alternator fuse (120 amp) has blown even tho it doesn't look like it has gone there is a slight break in it, I put the tester over the break for a slight second and every thing has came back on perfect, the fuse is a pain to track down no body seams to stock them even lexus have to order them in, I know 2 scrap yards have got some is200s in so I will be down there tomorrow to scavenge a fuse or 2
  2. Just a quick up date, I have fitted new battery, the anti theft box, the body ecu (in the fuse box in drivers side kick panel) replaced fuses under bonnet that had blown, car is running fine now engine wise but still the dash and all electronics are not working still, I don't know if this would cause it but the scum who took it had locked the car with the fob and left so I have had to have a locksmith open the car so only drivers door is open the rest is on lock down, I'm close to just spending £5 of fuel and a few pence on some good matches ha has anyone got any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, long story short, my car got stolen with the keys from by house by some little scum bags, my car has been recoverd but the keys haven't, I have replaced ecu (matching number to my cars one) along with key chip and transponder I have also got the anti theft box to replace (haven't fitted yet), my car is running with a jump start but it feels like it's in some sort of limp mode ( no power in it at all ) also nothing electrical is working ie lights front and rear, speedo, locking system absolutely nothing is working, would this be down to the battery being dead ( just on way out to replace now) or could it be something else?? Thanks in advance guys Paul
  4. Andy yeah I have looked into them and are on my to do list I want to get a new set of wheels first then get spacers As I want wide wheels so want to get the fitment correct
  5. Cheers mate, Im not sure I'm mm or inch but it's about 4-5 turns from bottom on the back and about 5-6 on the front, it looks a good stance but the camber on the rear is a bit too much and there's a few speed bumps by my home that the plastic under tray scrapes as I go over them (still doing 10-15mph) so I just want to higher it slightly so it's got the looks and is still practical if you get me, all I done with mine was lower it to the max the work my way back up to get the perfect look it took a few days to get every thing matching and looking right
  6. There is only one temp switch at the bottom of the rad, I meant is the replacement the same as the one that got replaced?
  7. The car will sit a little higher as I said above as it's a tad too low, and believe it or not but that's not even on the lowest setting and the car is dirty so please don't judge me haha
  8. A few cheeky pics as it stands now
  9. the expansion tank is attached to the fan housing it's a complete unit so carnt be separated, for the 2nd question are you sure the switch is the correct one?, is the AC on? That's 2 places I would start looking
  10. I have tein street advanced full hight adjustable and the shocks are fully adjustable so you can have it so soft it wobbles or so stiff it wobbles you I have mine set at medium so the ride is slightly stiffer than standard but it's still nice and comfortable to ride in
  11. Just a little update :) coil overs drop links and top/bottom ball joints done :) the day I finished fitting it all my radiator decide to pop so another 120 out my pocket haha, the car is sitting quite low so my plan in the next few days is higher it a bit more and fit my freshly order tyres and it's booked in for a wheel alignment next week, the week after I'm going to replace all disks and pads and refurbish the front/rear calipers as one is starting to stick so may as well do them all, has any body any tips on this I.e how hard it is to replace the seals and re grease the pistons? Then next on the hit list the week after that hopefully is a new (ish) engine, my valve stem seals are starting to go so instead of forking out to repair I might as well get and engine with more than half the miles mine has for cheaper than what it costs to repair then after that's sorted it's a new heater matrix/blower box, my matrix pooed a few weeks ago so iv just by passed it for the moment, then I won't spend money on it for a little bit as I value my male parts and the misses would gladly chop them off haha once all that's done it's then onto the fun things I want like new wheels trd splitter kit etc just got to get important stuff over and done with 1st, by looking at this list it looks like I have won the lottery or started becoming a big time drug Lord (both of witch I wouldn't mind) I'm just working my man parts off doing 8 shifts over 5 days just to fund my IS obsession haha, if any one has tips on the caliper repair kit it would be much appreciated and of course pics to follow
  12. just go to a motor store and buy some rubber bungs far better than tape