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  1. Full Tank ?

    ur about rite i do about 35 mpg if on snowmode i probly get 40 mpg :) AND old threads still have life in them lol just like our sexy lexys jus need bringing back to life people not all but most come here for help its understandable but shud keep site alive too :) u the only one added me as a frend on site few i added but waiting for request aceptd back lol well its late imma go zzzzz talk to ya all tmrw :) :hohoho:
  2. Hi Hi Hi

    done ya ever do meetinngs in the teeside / northeast area Ians200 ? i been burton upon trent Ians200 few times thats in derby rite? hav fam there :)
  3. Hi Hi Hi

    HI and welcome mate :hohoho: i still need to post my pics gonna do them thisweek i got black lexus 2002 but looks immaculate i luv the leather cream interior best car ive had by far everyone shud buy a lexus for crimbo lolz :P
  4. Help ! Engine Stops

    SOLVED metal keyring i put on master key was causing it to misfire strange but tru and also radiator and overflow were dry as a stone filled them up and works all gud now :)
  5. Sort Of Newbie

    welcome back mate
  6. Newbie

    welcome to LOC mate nice looking car nice colour too :)
  7. Energy Drink For You Car....

    cool might order one online jus been actually looking at sum and reviews seem to be good too :zee: £9.95 on ebay free postage :)
  8. Full Tank ?

    i did 260 miles on snowmode used jus under 50quid had still about 25 quid left in is that good?? 260 miles for jus under 50 quid my old car was focus 1.6 and use to 260 miles in that teeside to wycombe and use to use 60 quid and me lexus is 2.0 did on snowmode less then use to do on focus was very impressd made me luv my baby-(LEXUS-) more lol :) :shruriken:
  9. Lexus Newbie Defecting From Saab

    i used 6th gear on motorway did 264 miles from teeside to highwycombe on snow mode out of full tank 75£ i used about 50 was very impressd give snowmode a try will save fuel mate ;):)
  10. Lexus Newbie Defecting From Saab

    i wanted that colour but got black instead coz guy who had that colour in blue sold it grrr but black is nice too has cream leather interior :) :) nice color mate enjoy ur lexus just look after it n it will look after u :)
  11. lol in the 5years ive been passd ive learned more about a car with the lexus in 3months just makes u think a car needs TLC too lol. :) lookafter it well and a lexus will last for years to come mines 2002 but drives better then my ex car which was a ford focus the ford had 40k on milage n was a 2009 and my lexus has 96k and is 2002 over all the lexus drives and looks and feels great if lookd after :) age is just a number lol.
  12. wud like to hear if this has helpd others workd for me i noticed alot people like meself who got a lexus first tyme will xperience this if not all , then definitely most will so hope my advice has helpd others :)
  13. Lexus Newbie Defecting From Saab

    welcome to LOC jonpete im sure u going to love ur lexus i got a lexus is200 in blk it got 96k on clock but drives like its new nice cars :) btw any prblems u have with it post on here theres a lot of great members who can help ya great site great ppl superb lexus lol :)
  14. did u read my post ive sortd the prblem i hope it helps other new lexus owners with same problem :) my lexus is driving smooth now n truble free :)
  15. Energy Drink For You Car....

    a full bottle is that allowed lol so i shud put full bottle redex then with 1/2 tank? it wudnt mess up car performance if put full bottle?