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  1. I recently found myself browsing through the internet looking at tires. It blows my mind to look at the way things have changed over the past 100 years in relation to tires. To think that they once began as a wooden circle and have developed to the point that they are capable of carrying a vehicle at over 200 miles per hours. It's really neat to look at it all. On Wikipedia at they state that Formula 1 race cars use a total of 6 different types of tires. It's crazy to think that they need that many just to race around a track. At one time tires were nothing more than a rubber shell with a rubber air filled tube in it. Similar to bicycle tires today. Now we have a tire for every possible driving condition available to us. There are tires specifically designed for driving in the rain or snow. Others are available for off road driving. There are tires that will resist bullets, and others that will instantly re-inflate if a bullet manages to puncture its surface. Tires for motorcycles, and tires for heavy duty construction vehicles. Vehicles are even able to provide live feedback on how inflated a tire is and when it needs air. So anyway, enough of the history of tires and what they can do. I found myself stumbling upon websites online that allow for the purchasing of tires. I found this website at and they also have a discount page which can be found at, They offer access to every name brand possible and basically every type of tire those companies offer. Has anyone else ever purchased tires from the internet? It would seem that they would be challenging and expensive to mail. I haven't taken the time to see what the shipping would be, but I was wondering if it really is as simple as order and receive like it is for other products purchased online. I pity the mail person who has to carry those things to my front door. I was hoping some of you have ordered tires online and could give me some feedback on your experiences with doing so. I understand I will have to take the tires and have them mounted, but if I can save a significant amount of money on purchasing the tires it would be worth it. Mounting doesn't cost very much at all and can be done in about 20 minutes. So any feedback on your experiences?
  2. Do You Think Cars Effect Attraction

    I personally think that a car is just a car. If you put value in your own self image based on your car then the truth is that it probably does effect how attractive you are. I personally depend on my personality to gain friends and influence people. What I have is not who I am, and I have been sure to keep that in mind most of my life. If you think that who you are is based on what you have or your job or degrees, then you are destined to depend on external factors to make and keep you happy.
  3. What Would You Do If

    I don't mean to be confrontational or anything, but I don't get this about people. I wouldn't do anything if I saw someone hit my car with the door of their vehicle. First of all, how many of us have done this ourselves to another persons vehicle accidentally? If someone did this to my vehicle it's not like they said “I guess I will just mess this car up next to me, watch this!” Accidents happen and screaming and yelling at someone doesn't fix anything. You will still have a dent or scratch, but getting angry about it will only make you angry, as well. It won't accomplish anything else. After all, it is just a car anyway. A car can be replaced.
  4. Why Did You Leave Lexus?

    I originally chose Lexus because I had sold Toyota vehicles at one time. I gained a major respect for both Toyota and Lexus. When I moved onto another job and started earning more money I decided to purchase a Lexus. Over the years I don't believe that the company has managed to keep up with the changes that have happened over the past decade in the automotive industry. I don't know what happened that they haven't been able to keep up. I now own a Ford Focus. The changes that Ford has made over the past decade are impressive. It is one company that has really managed to move to the front of the pack and deserves the reputation it has developed within the past 10 years or so.
  5. What Do You Do?

    I would love a rich wife also. If any of you have one to share or I can have, just send her my way. To the point of it all though. I am an online writer and I personally love it. It does have its moments like any profession and job. I would be very curious to see what if there is a specific profession or job that most Lexus owners have in common. Anyone have an idea if there is a typical profession that matches Lexus owners? I am sure that many of us have jobs with slighter higher than average incomes considering the expenses related to purchasing and owning a Lexus.