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  1. BenIS - yeah it is just the bathroom lights that go off. I think it must be th switch to do that but not entirely sure why. I am near Grantham.
  2. Cheers for the replies guys. It is just a normal on/off fan, nothing special just bog standard. It only has two wires coming out of the fan. I would think it would just be controlled by an on off switch connected to the lights or a seperate switch if possible. I have got an electrician friend but he is not about at the minute. I have got a question connected to this though, currently when we have a hot shower or bath and alot of steam is made if we dont open the window wide and make sure the steam disappears quick it sometimes stops the light in the bathroom from working. Whats weird is that it doesnt short anything or trip anything. It just seems to stop it working and then after a bit of time it works again. Any ideas? We have a light on the ceiling which is a ball and then a light above the mirror which is also connected to the mains and both of these stop working. This makes me think it is something to do with the light switch but i just dont know why it would stop working and then start working without tripping anything. Any ideas appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I hope everyone is well. I have an extractor fan in the bathroom but it hasnt worked since we moved in and the steam after a while is causing the lights to stop working for a short period of time. I had a look yesterday and the extractor is not connected to anything (that explains why it isnt working). I have been in the loft but there doesnt seem to be anything to connect it to and I think it has neve been done. Can anyone (in simple terms) tell me how an extractor is supposed to be wired to the mains and the light switch. There are only two cables coming from the extractor which i'm assuming would be a live and a neutral. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Rik
  4. Hello all, I still miss the lex but the festa is saving me some money. I hope everyone is well and all the cars are running well. I need some help in diagnosing a possible problem please. When I am driving along the car feels fine but when I get to about 47 it seems to make more engine noise, it doesnt do anything else but it just gets louder. Then when you get to about 52 in quiet downs again but is still probably slightly noiser than it should be. I have had the car serviced every year or 10000 miles since I have had it and it has passed 2 mot's without any problems. Does anyone have any ideas of what this may be? It is a 1.4 LX Ford Fiesta with 78000 miles. Thanks guys and gals.
  5. Hello all, I hope everyone is well. I was wondering if anyone could do me a massive favour. I am moving into my first house with the missus in Friday in Great Gonerby, near Grantham and I am in need of someone with a van. I cant hire a van as I am 24 and cant fit the drawers, bed and mattress in the car. I only need to do one trip from Uppingham to Great Gonerby and I should be able to fit everything else in my car. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Rik
  6. Alright Chris, hope your well. I have reappeared also after time away Good to see your looking after the car ... as always.
  7. The diesels still not doing very well?
  8. Hi mate, I havent been on for a while either but i know rig pig works on a rig (clues in the name ) I think ther was quite a few guys on here that used to do off shore work or still do. I think if you havent got a missus that minds and the money is good then why not? It isnt forever, unless you choose too.
  9. Family ...... thats next on my list after marriage We will be buying down east midlands way as thats where most of our friends and family, just got to save the rest of a deposit up and then hopefully get a mortgage. Glad your lex is doing well, they are great cars. I think i'll definately be back, wouldnt mind an IS250 or diesel but am tempted by a hybrid GS.
  10. Hello all, As some of you will remember i had to sell my lex a while ago, i just wondered if anyone had it on here? Just so i know its ok and being looked after. IS200 2001 Y677 CAY Blue Sport I do miss it Rik
  11. It all depends what you want out of the car for the missus. Do you want cheap to run, mpg, speed etc etc There are loads of options for £2000 but obviosuly some better than others. As previously said you can get a better car for that money even a lex with lower mileage.
  12. I knew i couldnt escape my past I'm good thanks guys, yeah sold the IS ........ reluctantly. Am doing too many miles so a week so needed something cheaper to run, just got a 1.4 Fiesta 02 plate but i must admit it has been spot on for the last year and a half. Cost me nothing on MOT's and a wheel bearing for £50. Do miss the lex though, mainly the sound of the engine Apart from that, i am buying a house this year hopefully and also got engaged last September, getting married next June so it's all go ha ha How's things with you two? You still in the UK Parthiban?
  13. Hello all, Just wondered if anyone else is taking part in The Beast race this weekend. It is a 5/10 Mile cross country obstacle course near Melton Mowbray. I did it last year and doing it again this year. Rik
  14. Hi guys thank you for the replies, yes it was the regional settings on the computer!! Bloody thing but all sorted now thank you. Although i did have to redo lot's of postings because it didnt turn the dates around that i'd already posted and so where wrong.....doh!
  15. Hello all, Long time no speak. I hope everyone is well and still enjoying their motors. I still miss mine I need some help with a problem on Sage Instant Accounts. For some reason the date format has changed to MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY. Does anyone know how to change this, i cant seem to find anywhere to alter and have tried help and manual. Thank you Rik
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