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  1. Happy Birthday ghandyt!

  2. Checked out your fb page, You've got some awesome pictures there dude. Im quite into photography myself, not that good but have a bit of fun. Going to Llandow in saterday to shoot a bike track day with a mate. How often are you out an about? Attend any cruses in cardiff I might see you at?
  3. Cheers for the welcome guys. They are RX8 rims yes, brought it with them already on, they just about fit only a few mm between the tyre and the steering knuckle part. Cameras always rolling, just incase...
  4. Afternoon LOC, Thought I'd intoduce myself as ive been on here a month and haven't said anything! Found the forum very useful when I was looking to buy a new car and when I cam accross my first few problems, all fixed now. Im Andy 22,I live in Penarth just ouside Cardiff. Im a laid back easy going guy, get on with pretty much anyone, hope to get to know some of you better as time goes on. I brought a Y reg IS200 a month ago and absolutly love it, my mates dont fight over who said shotgun first anymore aha. I had a 1.2 fiesta as my first car, have had a great laugh in it but it was time for a upgrade. I've been looking at IS200's for a while and was on the fence about weather to get one or go for something german, I finaly decied to just go for it and im glad I did. The cars a Y reg with 180000 on the clock but has had a reconed engine, Lowering springs, Powerflow exhaust not to loud but enough to put a smile on my face when I hit the GO pedle! I've had to replace the front bearings, and had the engine cut out on me the other day couldnt work out what was wont on the side of the road, got towed home on the back of a flat bed. But that turned out it just be a fuse, embarrassing much. Few pic'ys as I cant work out how to attach photos yet Oh and this happened sunday, Im so lucky I managed to keep it on the road and nothing was coming the other way.