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  1. 1. I assume pre-calibration in terms of fixing position of the sensor body / internals and shape of the arm. 2. Yes, as I recall.
  2. It was a while ago, so some details are lost in the mist of time. I had the flashing AFS light for certain - I don't remember ever seeing a levelling warning, but after doing some research, I changed the levelling sensor and the flashing AFS light went away. My headlamps swivel on start-up, but I can't say as I ever see them moving...I'll have to check later!
  3. Yes, flashing AFS light in the R/H clock on the dash. Stopped flashing when I replaced the sensor with a second hand one for about £80 off eBay.
  4. Hi all, still trying to get rid of my flashing AFS light. Most folk seem to be talking about a broken rear linkage - mine seems to be fine. My lights move left & right and up & down when I start the car, so no problems at that end. I've belled out the AFS switch - fine. I suppose the potentiometer itself might be knackered or I guess the linkage might need an adjustment, but it looks nicely centralised...anyone aware of anything else I can try?
  5. The guys who cut mine are safe and security specialists, not specifically automotive, so you might get lucky if you try someone similar. I was told that you need to find someone with a laser or cavity cutter. Best of luck!
  6. That's a good plan and a kind offer, John. I'm only 5 miles from Slough, so if I find a suitable remote and work out how to private message, I'll take you up on it! Thanks again. Tim
  7. Hope you got it sorted. In case not, I also live near Heathrow but work in Wimbledon - I found a fantastic locksmith in Merton Road, Wandsworth who cut me two new keys from my own blanks for £7.50 each. www.MLSsecurity.com, tel 020 8870 1887. Good luck, buddy.
  8. Ditto - wind the spring up a bit and it's all good. Not too many national chain key cutters will cut your own blank though (I mean you, Timpsons!), so you'll need to find a friendly local place like I did today to do it for you. By the way, I've bought a flippy one and standard ones - the flippy one is quite a lump...I've gone back to a standard key. Tim
  9. Hi all, I've just bought a 2005 RX400h SE-L and I will be attempting to remove the DVD player this weekend, just to see if it can be replaced...I'll let you know how I get on. However, my reason for replacing is a lack of a remote - none was supplied with the car. If either of you two guys wants to flog me a remote since you'll be chopping your players in anyway, I'd be very grateful! ;-) Tim
  10. Can anyone tell me exactly where this sensor and linkage would be on my RX400h 2005? I'm getting a couple of new tyres fitted later and would like to take a look under the car at the same time. Thanks all.
  11. Hi there. Same car, same problem for me - 2005 RX400h SE-L, flashing AFS light. Found a YouTube video showing the linkage on a different Lexus model, but haven't yet tried to find it on mine. Useful info on the Derby company - thanks!